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15 Historical Therapeutic Non secular Symbols Everybody Ought to Know About

Therapeutic symbols have been used all through the ages throughout a number of cultures and religions. Regardless of their completely different beliefs and appearances, all these symbols are recognized for his or her therapeutic qualities and skill to revive bodily, emotional, or non secular equilibrium.

Nonetheless, therapeutic non secular symbols are usually not solely historic artwork utilized in Shamanic traditions; many are nonetheless used at this time in practices resembling meditation, yoga, and Reiki. Let’s uncover a number of the most potent therapeutic symbols and their meanings.

What Is A Therapeutic Image?

A therapeutic image is a picture, signal, or phrase with a non secular illustration of therapeutic. Therapeutic symbols are present in all cultures and religions worldwide, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Historical Egyptian and Greek mythologies.

Therapeutic symbols are sometimes utilized in rituals and ceremonies to advertise therapeutic and non secular safety for the receivers. Every non secular signal has distinctive therapeutic powers. For instance, some are believed to help within the therapeutic technique of wounds, some could assist to treatment illness, and others are therapeutic for psychological and emotional circumstances.

10 Highly effective Therapeutic Symbols And Their Meanings

Listed here are ten of the most typical therapeutic non secular symbols and their meanings. Some you’ll absolutely acknowledge as they proceed for use at this time, whereas others are lesser recognized within the trendy world however are simply as vital.

Yin Yang

The yin-yang image might be essentially the most well-known non secular image world wide. It represents the stability between the opposing energies; masculine and lively(yang) and female and passive (yin).

The idea of yin and yang originates from the traditional Chinese language faith of Taoism, courting again to 1400 BC. Yin and yang relate not simply to our private lives however to the entire of creation and are sometimes seen in nature, resembling night time and day.

You can not have one with out the opposite, and an equal stability between these two energies leads to harmonic equilibrium. That is proven within the yin-yang image by the right match of either side and the small circles containing the opposing vitality. This union is important as an imbalance between the 2 is alleged to be the foundation of a lot trauma, illness, and struggling.


The Om image graces the partitions of each yoga studio in all components of the world, however many yoga practitioners have no idea what it represents. In Hinduism, Om is taken into account the very first sound of the universe, representing the union of the thoughts, physique, and spirit.

There’s a deep that means across the image for Om. The curves and features signify the 5 states of consciousness taught within the yogic custom. It additionally had roots in Buddhism, referring to compassion.

Because of this, this historic therapeutic image comprises a lot non secular knowledge that even at this time, yogis and meditators select to chant the phrase and hold the symbol of their private house. Om is alleged to raise consciousness, deepen your focus, and make it easier to develop into extra compassionate.

Abracadabra / Magical Alchemy

Like many others, it’s possible you’ll affiliate Abracadabra with wands and magic spells. Nonetheless, the phrase represents an historic alchemy image for a therapeutic treatment, believed to assist folks heal from illnesses and severe sicknesses.

The Abracadabra image consists of an inverted triangle with a number of strains of the slowly diminishing Abracadabra phrase. Healers would draw the mark on an amulet for his or her sufferers to put on. As well as, some folks say the phrase Abracadabra originates from the Hebrew initials for father, son, and the holy spirit.

Spiral Solar / The First Healer

The Spiral Solar is one other of historical past’s most important therapeutic symbols. Additionally known as The First Healer, the Spiral Solar originates from the traditional native American tradition Anasazi, courting again to 1500 B.C.

It’s understood that many Shamanic tribes, together with the Anasazi, believed the solar to be the primary shaman. The Spiral Solar image was discovered through Petroglyphs (rock carvings), purported to signify life’s pure actions and rhythms. As well as, the Spiral Solar comprises distinctive therapeutic functions, serving to you recuperate from sudden setbacks and challenges that disrupt your life’s pure circulation and rhythm.

Asclepius Wand / The Rod of Asclepius

Asclepius Wand, also referred to as the Rod of Asclepius, is a Greek therapeutic image representing the legendary Greek god Asclepius, recognized for his powers and experience in drugs and bodily therapeutic. It’s usually confused with the Caduceus wand because it appears related however has a distinct that means.

The image consists of a snake coiled round a wand, referring to the legend of his afterlife. In keeping with Greek mythology, after being killed by Zeus, Asclepius returned as a serpent-bearing ghost who visited folks of their desires and healed them. Furthermore, in honor of Asclepius, Greek healers started utilizing sure snake venoms to heal wounds because it was believed the poison may cease clots.

Sri Yantra / The Final Fractal of Therapeutic

The Sri Yantra image is a mystical diagram used within the Shri Vidya college of Hinduism. The symbol options 9 interlocking triangles representing the cosmos and the human physique. 4 triangles face upwards, representing Shiva, and 5 face downwards, representing Shakti.

The story of how this image happened is fascinating. As a substitute of being created, it apparently got here up as a imaginative and prescient to a yogi in deep meditation. Since then, it has been known as ‘The Final Fractal of Therapeutic’ because it carries properties to heal the guts and the thoughts.

Eye Of Horus

This Historical Egyptian Image represents therapeutic via safety and restoration of well being. The image derives from Egyptian mythology, the place the god Horus, who had misplaced his left eye in battle, miraculously regained it.

The traditional image options six strains/curves, representing the six senses. Up to now, the Eye Of Horus has been utilized in varied methods for defense. For instance, fishermen would paint it on their boats, and households drew it on the coffins of their family members for non secular safety within the afterlife.

Shaman’s Hand / Hopi Therapeutic Hand

The Shaman’s Hand (additionally known as Hopi Hand) is a well-known therapeutic image that’s nonetheless generally seen at this time. The straightforward mark consists of a spiral inside a hand, created by First Nations peoples of the southwestern United States.

The hand represents therapeutic and safety, whereas the spiral pertains to common vitality and eternity. Thus, it’s believed to present ever-lasting safety. Within the previous days, warriors would carve it into their shields for defense from the enemy, and at this time it’s a widespread non secular tattoo.


Antahkarana is a non secular therapeutic image with Buddhist and Hindu origins. It’s recognized for its energy for bodily and emotional therapeutic, notably its capability to thrust back destructive vitality.

Antahkarana is a Sanskrit phrase that interprets to “inside organ” or “interior trigger.” In Hindu philosophy, Antahkarana refers back to the thoughts’s colleges, such because the sense of self, mind, pondering, and judgment.

This emotional therapeutic image can also be a visible assist in Tibetan meditation therapeutic rituals. The meditator gazes on the form to focus their thoughts and cleanse the physique and thoughts of destructive vitality.

The multi-dimensional image comprises three quantity 7’s, referring to the seven chakras and non secular realms.

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is an emblem of purity and resurrection. It represents the character of the pure lotus flower, rising from the filth with out harm or impurities and blossoming into a ravishing flower. It additionally pertains to how the flower “resurrects” every morning; it opens its petals to the rays of daylight and closes them once more when the solar units.

Thus, many individuals use this image as a reminder that irrespective of how unhealthy the day has been, there’s all the time tomorrow. Furthermore, as an emblem of power and resilience, it suggests you may stand up and develop into higher and stronger no matter what you have got been via. That’s why it’s some of the widespread non secular symbols for tattoos.

The 5 Reiki Symbols

5 symbols are generally used within the Japanese vitality therapeutic follow of Reiki. Mikao Usui, a Japanese medical practitioner, created these therapeutic symbols, and every has a novel objective, as defined beneath.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the gap therapeutic Reiki image. The image represents ‘having no current, previous, or future, which pertains to Reiki’s capability to switch vitality throughout any time, house, or distance.

The image is usually used for emotional therapeutic from previous traumatic occasions. As well as, it will probably assist to take away future obstacles and has the distinctive therapeutic energy of sending optimistic vitality to family members distant.

Sei He Ki

TThe Reiki image Sei He Ki means “God and Man Turn out to be One,” representing the union of earth and sky. It is likely one of the hottest Reiki symbols for emotional and psychological well-being. It’s mentioned to interrupt up energetic blockages and free folks from their previous traumatic experiences.

The Sei He Ki image appears like a wave crashing on the seashore, but it represents the left and proper sides of the mind and the mix of every aspect’s yin and yang energies. The left aspect of the mind has yang vitality, controlling logical and rational pondering. The suitable aspect of the mind has a yin high quality, managing feelings and creativeness.

Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is likely one of the strongest therapeutic symbols as it will probably improve or lower one’s energy. This energy activation can increase no matter space of your life is required, resembling relationships, therapeutic, and even your profession. As well as, Cho Ku Rei can take away any destructive vitality standing in your approach, provide safety, and purify the vitality techniques.

This Reiki image contains a spiral representing the seven chakras, a vertical line displaying vitality circulation, and a horizontal line reflecting Reiki vitality.

Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo is called ‘the grasp’ because it has the best vibration amongst all Reiki symbols. The time period interprets to ‘vibrant shining mild,’ and it has the facility to activate optimistic vitality, cleanse the aura, and heal chakras.

This Reiki image is related to mild, readability, intention, understanding, and presence. It may well enhance your self-awareness and assist your non secular path, serving to you progress in the direction of enlightenment.


Raku, additionally known as the Fireplace Serpent, is the completion image used on the grasp degree or remaining stage in Reiki follow. Its major objective is that can assist you reground after reiki therapeutic, nevertheless it can be used for detoxifying or redirecting destructive vitality.

This Reiki image has a easy look of a zig-zagged line, just like a lightning bolt. Reiki masters recreate the form within the air in entrance of their sufferers. Drawing it from head to the bottom permits the physique and the chakras to settle and regulate the vitality change from the follow and assist it keep put.

Remaining Ideas On Non secular Therapeutic Symbols

Therapeutic symbols from historic non secular traditions could provide a extra holistic method to therapeutic and, thus, can be utilized along with western drugs. Though there isn’t a scientific proof to show therapeutic symbols do something, therapeutic rituals containing the above shapes and indicators are nonetheless practiced in lots of components of the world at this time. Thus, there may effectively be some sacred vitality behind these intriguing symbols.


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