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Weight Loss Hypnosis with Skilled Hypnotist Pam Leno


On this episode of Dwelling Hypnotically, we join with skilled hypnotist and writer Pam Leno.

Pam shares how she grew to become taken with hypnotherapy.

She began at a weight reduction clinic that was profitable in getting individuals off medicines and right into a more healthy life-style, however most individuals would slide again into outdated habits after a yr. Pam realized that she wanted to do one thing to assist individuals keep on the correct path, and after making an attempt life teaching, she discovered hypnotherapy. She determined to get licensed as knowledgeable hypnotist, which helped her achieve success with shoppers instantly. Pam believes that hypnotherapy is a present that enables her to assist individuals in a strong approach by tapping into the unconscious thoughts. She loves that shoppers can proceed to learn from hypnotherapy even after the primary few classes.

The influence of limiting beliefs.

Pam and Erika talk about the influence of limiting beliefs on shoppers and the way hypnosis can be utilized to assist them overcome these beliefs. They point out that limiting beliefs typically stem from previous experiences which will have been forgotten or discounted by the consumer’s aware thoughts. In addition they talk about how hypnosis can be utilized to assist shoppers set boundaries and train individuals tips on how to navigate their feelings in a wholesome approach. Pam shares a narrative a couple of consumer who got here to her for weight reduction however was additionally struggling in her marriage. By means of setting boundaries and utilizing hypnosis, the consumer was in a position to overcome her limiting beliefs and enhance her relationship together with her husband.

How destructive self-talk impacts the thoughts and physique.

Erika and Pam talk about methods to take care of destructive ideas. Pam explains how ideas are a blueprint for the physique and psyche to observe, so it’s important to toss out destructive ideas and re-frame them positively. She suggests utilizing a bodily gesture of throwing the thought away and changing it with a constructive re-frame. Erika Flint emphasizes that destructive self-talk can result in blaming others and avoiding accountability. Taking accountability empowers an individual to repair their issues. Each Pam and Erika share methods for destructive self-talk which can be straightforward however require consistency.

The ability of hypnosis.

Pam shares the significance of respiration methods, heart-mind connection, gratitude, and self-love. Pam additionally talks concerning the energy of hypnosis in serving to shoppers rework and alter their lives. She  shares her experiences in working with shoppers and the way hypnosis has helped them overcome varied points. Pam additionally discusses the seventh Path Self-Hypnosis® method and the way it has helped her begin her day.

Pam shares a narrative about her expertise as a hypnotist and the way she helps her shoppers gentle up and are available alive.

Discovering the correct hypnotherapist.

Pam and Erika talk about hypnosis and the significance of discovering a heart-centered hypnotist who makes use of a loving method. They stress the significance of researching and connecting with a hypnotist earlier than hiring them. For this reason they typically supply free consultations in order that the consumer has time to be taught concerning the course of and join with them earlier than making any commitments.

Getting in contact with Pam Leno.

Pam talks about her ebook Weight-Loss Hypnosis, which takes a holistic method to weight reduction and contains dietary data and recommendations on self-hypnosis. You’ll be able to go to Pam’s web site which provides free items, recordings, and details about her companies.

You can also grow to be a profitable and heart-centered hypnotherapist.

Go to for a free masterclass or get a replica of my ebook Can You Be A Hypnotist?




Full video transcription:

Erika Flint: Hello everybody. I am Erika Flint, skilled Hypnotherapist, and that is Dwelling Hypnotically the place we discover the advantages and software of hypnosis from skilled hypnotists.
And at present I’ve the beautiful Pam Leno with us and she or he’s simply an incredible hypnotherapist. She’s been serving to individuals in Olympia, Washington. She has a ebook, she has packages. So welcome to the present, Pam. Nice to have you ever right here at present. 
Pam Leno: Thanks. It’s nice to be right here and good to see you once more too. That is superior.
Erika Flint: Yeah. Good good, So can I ask you, what first made you wanna be a hypnotherapist? Are you able to inform us only a brief origin story? I like to listen to how Completely. Get 
Pam Leno: into this. I had been within the health trade for 30 plus years and the recession hit actual rapidly, misplaced my job, misplaced my dwelling, was homeless.
Got here right down to Olympia to work with Dr. Nuni, who’s now my important different. And we began a weight reduction clinic utilizing a partial meal alternative program. And it was actually nice. Folks have been dropping pounds. It was superior. The one downside was we have been getting, even getting individuals off medicines, like hypertension medicines and ldl cholesterol medicines, and diabetic medicines.
So it was very, highly effective nutritionally, nonetheless it ended up that for no matter purpose, they’d slide again into their outdated habits and. , we’d see ’em once more with the identical downside, similar medicines a yr later. So my thoughts began considering what’s going on right here? Why is that not sticking with them?
What’s it that is not altering for them to have the ability to keep inside a wholesome parameter for his or her life-style? I made a decision that life teaching was the factor as a result of that was what everyone was speaking about, proper? Okay, life coach, and you’ll assist, everyone. So I did that and it was useful, but it surely required a number of work on behalf of our shoppers, and most of them weren’t keen to do the work.
They wished one thing that was somewhat bit less complicated. So I do not even bear in mind how hypnosis got here throughout my, radar. I imagine it is divine intervention. Nevertheless, it actually triggered me once I noticed this. Alternative to do one thing, initially with the Lab of Attraction Christie Whitman’s program, and it was all on-line, however we nonetheless did, we met on telephone at the moment, zoom was not a factor.
So we met on, the telephone. I do know, proper? After which as I used to be doing this follow in our clinic, it was working okay, however I felt like there’s wanted some extra construction. And it was so fascinating, Erica, as a result of I received on-line to search for a hypnotic headset. Okay. And once I put that in your clinic your, schooling popped up and I used to be like, Oh my God, I gotta do that.
She, and I am an Olympia, you are in Bellingham. That is driving distance. I can do this. I got here up and was licensed with you in 5 Path and 7 Path and that is been what, 4 years in the past now, I feel. Wow. And it has been simply an ongoing exploration since then. Simply positive tuning issues actually opening as much as new concepts, but it surely has construction and I feel that was the, actually engaging a part of 5 Path for me anyway.
No, that is how I agree. 
Erika Flint: Yeah. Yeah, I agree. The construction helps our grads achieve success instantly. You get success along with your shoppers instantly. You are not sitting there considering, what scripts ought to I exploit? What ought to I do subsequent? And so it builds confidence instantly and I do know I took coaching earlier than I grew to become a 5 path hypnotist and earlier than I grew to become a coach, and I do know you probably did too.
Yeah. And I liked and appreciated hypnosis from my first helped me fall in love with hypnosis, however I did not really feel ready to see shoppers. So I am with you. 5 Path is de facto structured in a approach that helps our shoppers get. Instantly, 
Pam Leno: proper? Yep. Yep. Inside the first session after which it simply builds on that and I’ve individuals who come again for extra classes after the very fact, just because they wanna keep inside that form of tuned zone that they are in to the place they are surely feeling good about their life their, well being, every part that they are engaged on, it simply enhances it.
And I feel that is so highly effective to offer individuals that chance. 
Erika Flint: For positive. Completely. Yeah. And I like that we will get our shoppers aid in 5 – 6 weeks, or 5 – 6 classes, however a few of them do select to proceed working with us as a result of they get such, it is grow to be such technique for them.
They begin fixing form of different issues of their life by first doing their hypnosis on it and utilizing a few of the methods that we train them. After which we will proceed working with our consumer. I’ve some shoppers that I’ve labored with for years. On non secular issues and private development and so they’re getting new jobs and all types of cool stuff, proper?
Pam Leno: Completely. It is simply, it is such a present. It truly is a present to have the ability to, assist individuals within the method that we do. And I do not understand how else we may do it. It is simply, it is so superior. I like 
Erika Flint: it. We get to unconscious, proper? Yeah. And we get to that underneath that layer, beneath that a part of us that the place we’re dreaming and that sort of factor.
So we actually get to faucet into completely different data that our shoppers aren’t at all times consciously conscious of. So it is simply 
Pam Leno: tremendous highly effective. Yeah. I name that their onerous drive. That is the place Ah yeah, Their onerous drive. It is just like the onerous drive of a pc, every part is saved there, however you do not, you are not conscious that there is a file in that tough drive that may have a virus.
And so that is what we will go discover in that hypnotic trance. We, they’ll discover that themselves after which we can assist ’em work by that in order that now not impacts the opposite recordsdata which can be on their onerous drive 
Erika Flint: To assist. Stunning. Yeah. And people, viruses are automated packages which can be working with out our consumer’s consent.
Pam Leno: And so they not even understanding that is what’s, that is what’s so fascinating. Yeah. It is, simply so revealing, I feel, too, for individuals to assist them perceive. And I’ve had individuals, I’ve had shoppers go, oh my God, I, I would forgot all about that, however have a look at what it is performed. It is simply uncovering these, recordsdata which can be disrupting what they’re doing of their 
Erika Flint: life at the moment.
Yeah, precisely. Precisely. . And one factor I like to say about that is typically, no less than in my follow shoppers, it isn’t that it’s one thing they’ve completely forgotten about. Moderately it is one thing they’ve discounted. For instance, no less than, and I will, allow you to share if it is the identical for you, however a number of shoppers are, oh, I did not notice that was nonetheless impacting me.
Or, oh, I did not assume that was a giant deal. It is one thing perhaps they’d handled or they’ve a limiting perception round that, so they do not assume they should change it. And. So it isn’t like we’re uncovering repressed reminiscences and persons are having experiences the place they do not even recollect it.
That is simply probably not what we do. 
Pam Leno: No, under no circumstances. Yeah it is, there. They simply have forgotten that it was impacting them the, within the method that it has. 
Erika Flint: Yeah. The aware thoughts will do this. The aware thoughts will low cost one thing if it is illogical. As a result of the aware thoughts needs to see logic.
Now after we get in there with hypnosis and do actually highly effective age aggression or forgiveness work, elements, remedy, these kinds of issues, we notice that a few of these issues that really feel irrational as a result of why they’re emotional, they’re rational when we have now the right understanding, and so then the aware thoughts can get on board with that, 
Pam Leno: proper?
Certain. Yeah. Yeah. And unravel it. Yeah. It is, 
Erika Flint: superior. . Yeah. Now you’ve gotten a cool story about one among your shoppers. Are you able to share 
Pam Leno: that with. Yeah, completely. And it is in my ebook too. If, you guys ever wanna inform us about your ebook. Oh wait. Because of Erika and her writing her ebook, it impressed me to write down one as effectively with the identical group that we publish it with.
However this was truly a narrative that’s in my ebook and Gina is the topic and she or he gave me permission to place it in there. And I talk about it on a regular basis as a result of it was such a all encompassing individuals come to us for, one thing and we give them what they really want, which is what’s actually cool about this too.
So she got here to me for weight reduction and she or he was within the partial meal alternative program that I supply. And, that is a very highly effective factor to do collectively is we’re getting you nutritionally sound, we’re educating you about vitamin and the way your physique responds hormonally, after which we will get into the unconscious thoughts and start that will help you change the packages which can be holding you again and insert new ones that may enable you to to achieve success long run with no matter it’s that you just’re engaged on or, going by.
Good. Her deal was she was obese. She was in a job she appreciated, however she did not adore it. And her husband, their marriage was not going effectively in any respect. He put her down he talked to her in a approach that was demeaning and she or he simply was not in area. We name that within the ditch so the place she simply was not loving her life in any respect.
So we began her on the burden loss program and she or he was doing extraordinarily effectively. Stunning lady. And in and out, actually. And he or she was coming in saying, her husband simply stored saying, why are you doing this? It is not gonna work. Placing her down. And I stated, so what sort of boundaries are you setting with him?
Are you telling him it isn’t okay so that you can speak to me like that? And I truly, one among her issues that I had her do for her program was to place an outfit out that she actually wished to put on that she couldn’t put on anymore as a result of her weight was so excessive, okay. And he or she had performed that, and he had the audacity to take that down and put it again in her closet and say, why are you doing this?
You are by no means going to get in that outfit in any respect. Oh my, my goodness. 
Erika Flint: I do know unsupportive and unsupportive partner, we frequently get shoppers which have very supportive spouses. Sure. But it surely’s not at all times true, 
Pam Leno: is it? Nope. Nope. And they also should set the boundaries and ask for what they need as a result of in the event that they proceed to take that form of therapy, they’re educating individuals tips on how to deal with them.
So we, we determined that she would begin to say to him at any time when he did these items, I stated, get that outfit again out , and dangle it the place you’ll be able to see him and also you inform him, this isn’t yours. That is mine, and you don’t get to take it away from me. That is mine. And so we set boundaries and apparently sufficient, lengthy story brief, six months goes by.
She’s misplaced the burden she wished to lose. She got here to 5 classes with me and her husband and her are actually doing wonderful. It is fascinating. Wow. I simply noticed her not too long ago and he completely shifted as a result of she shift. Yeah. Her self-development received to the purpose to the place she stood up for herself and she or he demanded that he deal with her in a fashion that she wished, and he did.
And he did. Simply giving, empowering individuals to, belief themselves sufficient to talk up and to belief themselves sufficient from the within with the hypnosis that we give them, the arrogance that we give them, it helps them to have the ability to create the life, not solely with themselves, however does. Maryanne Williamson says while you let your personal gentle shine, you give permission for others to do the identical.
Oh, that was such quote, adore it. And I, oh gosh, I received to fulfill her final weekend in particular person, which was completely wonderful. Yeah. So I truly spoke together with her. Anyway, that lengthy story brief on the entire completely different tangent there. However yeah that is the stuff that we can assist individuals with.
So with, Gina, we have been in a position to get to these limiting beliefs that she had about herself that was enabling her to nearly be mistreated in a trend. And lots of people say that is gonna be actually tough. And I prefer to shift their mindset from, it isn’t tough, it is completely different. Dance tells your thoughts that you are able to do it.
Tough says, guess what it will likely be so simply saying these phrases, adore it. Saying these phrases, love to alter their self. Discuss to that. It is hopeful and I can do it, versus beating themselves up. And in order that’s toss the thought. That is one of many issues I train individuals since you taught me that when your proper hand’s transferring, it is the left facet of your mind.
You shift sides, the mind flips. Yep. Curiously sufficient, once I began working with individuals with that, there’s somewhat teeny hole after they do that. And then why not train us that proper now? Are you able to train us that proper now? Certain. Completely. Okay, let’s simply say so many individuals that come to my clinic which can be coming for weight reduction I, work with a number of different issues too, however let’s simply use weight reduction for instance.
Okay? They’ve this self-talk is that they are fats, they’re ugly, they do not be ok with themselves. So while you do this, it truly creates. a bodily mobile response within the cells of your physique. So when your self-talk is destructive, you’ll be able to truly really feel it. So initially, I’ve ’em do this. I say, I would like you to say what you say to your self on a regular basis.
Yeah. How does that really feel inside your physique? And you are like, not excellent. And I stated, okay, so is that what you need? Do you need to be fats? Do you need to be ugly? If the reply is at all times no, in fact, 
Erika Flint: proper? In fact they’re gonna say No. No person needs that, 
Pam Leno: proper? No. However but they’re telling themself that over and over.
And I will let you know each thought that you just assume is a blueprint to your physique and your psyche to observe. So in the event you’re considering these issues, your physique’s gonna go, you are proper. You might be fats, you might be ugly and, you’re feeling horrible. And so that you proceed to eat to attempt to make your self really feel higher. That is, normally the way it goes.
So what I’ve ’em do, and I can simply name, toss the thought, it is on my YouTube channel, I feel. Okay. Anyway, they really fake that the thought is written in a field and so they seize it with their hand and so they throw it away. And as quickly as they do this, I will say, what have been you considering? and so they cannot get it.
Oh, cannot entertain it. They can not carry that thought again. And it is a very brief pause. However they’re like, cuz they did one thing bodily that made their mind flip. So there was a bodily centered consideration on one thing that isn’t the thought that they have been considering. Wow. 
Erika Flint: Hallelujah. The mind works in so many wonderful methods and after we perceive tips on how to hack the mind, as a result of the identical factor will be true about a few of our shoppers who’re experiencing anxiousness, proper?
They don’t seem to be selecting essentially one thing and it feels prefer it occurs to them, proper? So we will use a few of these methods the place the mind is gonna routinely flip to our benefit after we train it to ’em, proper? Yep. Superior. Okay, so the thought comes up. Now, does it matter if as a result of I do know you stated the correct and left.
So for me, if I am considering of a. I am simply gonna consider, ugh, I am drained. Okay. That is a thought that I do not wanna be considering like, oh, I am drained. It has been such an extended day. Now once I think about that thought, it is nearly proper right here. It is nearly on high of me, and that is most likely why I am feeling it. It is nearly like I am experiencing it, actually.
So it is okay if I simply seize it wherever it is I understand it occurring in my consciousness. I am simply gonna seize it. Yeah. And 
Pam Leno: roll it. Throw it away. Yep. Okay. After which what you must do although, is you must hem up with a reframe after that. Okay. So we’re, actually placing new packages into our thoughts.
Okay. Yeah. And that occurs by the phrases that we communicate to ourselves. So which means I am educating my shoppers and to come back again throughout the physique with an open receiving hand, and so they have to begin this sentence with, what I really need is, okay. Okay. So what I really need is, 
Erika Flint: Exhausted, throw it 
Pam Leno: away, come again 
Erika Flint: throughout.
What I really need is the power to do all of the issues that I care about at present. 
Pam Leno: Now, discover how that feels in your physique. 
Erika Flint: Feels nice. I am already imagining it, proper? 
Pam Leno: Precisely. So, good. It is simply, and it is really easy it is really easy as a result of it is simply merely a, motion of your physique and, it offers you the chance to reframe that thought to what you need, as a result of as soon as once more, that thought turns into in a blueprint to your physique and your psyche to observe.
Yeah. So while you, so that you, lovely reframe is, actually vital. You aren’t getting, simply get to throw it away and depart it there. You gotta 
Erika Flint: come again with one thing, you gotta do some bit of labor there. And that may be a little bit of labor and, yep. . One factor that I feel is de facto vital about destructive self-talk for individuals to appreciate is that, and this is identical with blame, why can we blame individuals?
Why can we routinely have a look at the sidewalk to see why we tripped? To see whose fault it was, that we tripped, proper? Once we say one thing dangerous about ourselves, after we’re wanting on the sidewalk, after we wanna form of blame who left the dishes out sort of a factor, oh, it was me, proper?
It, offers the mind, it, it is placing the onus on someone else to repair it. It is oh, I am ugly. Why repair it? Oh, it is his fault. Or, oh, I tripped on the sidewalk as a result of it isn’t my fault. So in that second, it isn’t my fault. We, take away any accountability for us to repair or energy that we have now.
You, deeply the identical factor, proper? Accountability equals energy. However in that second, it is simpler for the mind simply to say, in a number of circumstances, it is simpler simply to say, oh, it is be, I am by no means gonna repair it. It is as a result of I am ugly. It is as a result of I am fats. Whereas it is somewhat bit extra 
Pam Leno: work for us to blow and, then it is, we will create the victimhood for your self and that approach it, and it makes you escape occurring to be accountable or do any effort.
Erika Flint: Precisely. Yeah. So this, is why it is empowering however, it additionally does not imply it is essentially straightforward. It is simple to do, however you must be according to it. And the re such as you stated, reframe, proper? Yeah. So there’s that little little bit of pause and shifting, proper? And that may occur all day lengthy and Wow.
So how quickly are your shoppers getting outcomes from that? 
Pam Leno: Oh gosh, normally. In order that’s one of many issues I train them within the very first session. I’ve, like on the highest of my consumption type, I’ve all these little tips and instruments and issues that I train ’em. I examine ’em up. I do not train it to ’em three or 4 instances, generally I do, generally they overlook however there’s coronary heart respiration. There’s all these completely different methods that we use inside our classes which can be instruments that our shoppers have at all times with them. And, the self-hypnosis, similar factor, yeah. Empowering them to have the ability to follow this capacity to relax their system sufficient in order that they’ll hear that small voice that is coming from their coronary heart.
Curiously sufficient on this final convention that I used to be simply in, which was wonderful science is lastly catching up with the truth that the center has neurons on the highest of it. Yeah. The place the blood is available in and proper the place it goes out, these neurons are re, are mirrored in your mind. So if you may get your mind and your coronary heart to truly talk, it is like superpower.
It, permits you to have the ability to actually transfer your self ahead in a fashion that they are truly speaking to one another and your coronary heart. Thinks it has a reminiscence and it has every kind of issues. And you do not love out of your mind. You’re keen on out of your coronary heart. And do not we’d like extra of that?
So getting individuals to focus extra on the center is once more, one thing that I train them too, as a result of it is, simply superior. So vital. Yeah. And also you do this I agree. 
Erika Flint: Respiratory methods, yeah. Yeah. And it is one thing that I’ve actually centered on within the final couple of years with the alpha sequence.
It is the fifth step of the alpha sequence is to drop. Think about dropping your consciousness in your coronary heart. And at first lots of people like drop my consciousness into my coronary heart. And also you, give it some thought, individuals give it some thought in several methods. I’ve a buddy who thinks about it stepping down a staircase from her head mind to her coronary heart, mind.
I’ve at all times imagined browsing down on this rainbow into my coronary heart. However that bridging the center thoughts connection, I feel actually. Is the best way ahead for us in h Agree, hypnosis agree in a number of methods, proper? Yeah. And the follow of coronary heart thoughts connection in a wide range of codecs. Like I do love the alpha sequence, however individuals have nice you’ll be able to simply give it some thought, proper?
And, think about that and get outcomes. So thanks, Pam. That is unbelievable. 
Pam Leno: Yeah. Yeah. It is, one among my favourite issues. And actually in the event you can create that feeling while you’re actually focusing in your coronary heart of gratitude, the subsequent step will likely be love, as a result of gratitude and love work on the similar vibrational scale.
So in the event you simply start to consider one thing, you are grateful for somebody, even a spot, it would not should be an individual or it may be your pet, would not matter, however that gratitude, and it normally brings up a tier or two as a result of it actually begins to get you linked along with your coronary heart, after which you’ll be able to actually start to really feel that love.
And everyone knows that self-love is, one of the best factor you’ll be able to ever 
shared_screen_with_gallery_view: do 
Erika Flint: for your self. Yeah. Stunning. Stunning. So how about you, Pam, have used, have you ever used hypnosis? Has it served you? 
Pam Leno: Oh my god. Day by day? Yeah. . Oh yeah I begin my morning off earlier than I even get away from bed utilizing the recognitions that we be taught with Seven Path, which is the self-hypnosis method that almost all of us use.
I’ve added some issues in with that too. And a part of that’s getting individuals heart-centered earlier than they start their, self-hypnosis follow, as a result of that is that direct line to no matter you contemplate your increased energy to be. It makes no distinction to me. However all of us have the sensation that there is one thing larger than us on the market, even when it is the ocean or the moon, would not matter, proper?
However that capacity to really feel such as you’re not alone on this course of, that you’re liked and that you’re cared for, and which you can actually be the manifestor in your life that you just need to have occur since you’re in management. It merely is a matter of getting in contact with what it’s that basically lights you up.
Which actually turns to the interior gentle on, and then you definitely really feel in another way. And, that is the attractive factor. Hypnosis works from the within out and that is, 
Erika Flint: what we’d like. Stunning. Yeah. You are, yeah. I adore it. Find it irresistible. So let’s have a look at. There’s one thing I wished to ask you. How has hypnosis modified for you through the years?
You have been a hypnosis now for 4 years. Is there one thing that surprises you now, or one thing that you’ve got realized during the last 4 years about being knowledgeable hypnotist? It is, 
Pam Leno: an incredible profession path, that is for positive. The power to truly and, it is so cool as a result of when, I see I to work with individuals normally somewhat bit extra one-on-one than I do on-line, simply just because I can sense their, vibration somewhat bit extra after they’re in my eyes.
Yeah. But it surely’s straightforward to do on-line too, so long as I can have a visible and it is a connection. You, join along with your consumer in a approach that I do not assume is feasible in some other type of remedy, actually, as a result of there is a completely different approach that we’re coming about it. And the power to observe somebody rework.
Actually facially. You’ll be able to see it within the Sure. Being, yeah. As in as little as an hour and a half. How highly effective, wonderful is that and, it, and I profit from working with individuals too. It is not simply them. I actually get pleasure. I really feel pleasure when somebody actually will get an ideal shift in, of their perspective and their considering and started to alter their life is, there’s nothing extra rewarding than that.
I, cannot even think about. Yeah, it has been, I feel it has been nearly seven years cuz I had that different certification earlier than. Oh okay. So I practiced with that for a little bit of time and so it received me aware of tips on how to work with individuals. However such as you stated, it was so what do you wanna work on at present?
Proper now we have now this glorious construction. Yeah. This construction. And having the ability to simply actually belief your self as a hypnotherapist to have the ability to assist a consumer. And we at all times do. There’s not been a single one which I have never been in a position to hypnotize into, to no less than get them to get some aid.
Get some aid or one other Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 
Erika Flint: Oh, that is unbelievable. What would you and I inform a narrative in, I feel in reprogramming your approach, and perhaps even are you able to be a hypnotist about seeing my consumer for the primary time. Which means you you get linked to that gentle in them.
You assist them get linked to that and so they gentle up and now you see your consumer come alive. Yeah. So that you get to fulfill them the actual them for the primary time. Yeah. 
Pam Leno: And it is, so fascinating. They will are available and, they’re wired and so they’re on this scale of 10, that they don’t seem to be comfy and after they depart your workplace, they’re fully a unique particular person, and so they really feel fully completely different. And that is the entire concept hypnotherapy has so much to do with how you’re feeling. Yeah. And so many individuals have negated feeling for a very long time as a result of there’s been a lot ache related to it. And we can assist them to see that there are different issues to be ok with inside their life.
It adjustments them from the within. Even at a mobile stage, science is proving this now very strongly that we will change our bodily beingness primarily based on what we’re considering and the way we’re relating our lives. It may possibly change your well being, your longevity your agelessness. Why would not 
Erika Flint: you
Why would not you do this? It is not the tablet. It is one thing that you are able to do for your self very simply. It will get simpler over time. So what would you wanna say to anyone on the market interested by doing hypnosis? 
Pam Leno: Oh, do it. Completely. Watch out with what sort of hypnosis that you just, go into although.
I feel that there is some that do not come from that non secular side that we come from that loving side that we come from. It is, actually vital that you just, are linked while you, once I, meet with my individuals for a session at, no feed. Simply to really feel them to allow them to really feel me too.
I see. they, can belief me. I would like them to essentially know that I am coming at this for his or her profit and the way, to assist them and clarify what hypnosis is as a result of there’s so many misconceptions on the market. They have the Scooby-Doo model simply remember, actually do your analysis on what sort of hypnotherapy you may be transferring into.
I feel that ours is, in fact, one of the best that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve skilled a, couple of various issues. We go to conference, there’s every kind of various hypnotherapy methods there and as Cal says, ours is one of the best . 
Erika Flint: There are lots of people and a number of curiosity in hypnosis proper now, and we wanna do a coronary heart centered method, not avenue hypnosis, proper?
Not essentially stage hypnosis, though I feel stage hypnosis performs an vital and highly effective function. Particularly we have now a number of colleagues which can be wonderful stage hypnotists who do clear and highly effective reveals serving to to sh show the ability of the thoughts. After which in addition they have what we’d name a medical follow as effectively.
However yeah. And I like the way you stated to attach along with your hypnotist and that is why we frequently and nearly all will supply a free or some sort of session in order that our shoppers really feel secure and cozy with us. So yeah, I extremely advocate that. Discuss to your hypnotist first earlier than you earlier than you rent someone.
Pam Leno: Anything you wanna share with? No, this was simply superior and simply at any time when we discuss what we do, I feel it simply empowers me to essentially joyfully do what I do. And I do. I like what I do. It is The opposite yesterday, a gal left my left my clinic, and it was like I simply, I went again in my workplace and regarded somewhat leap up and downs as a result of I used to be simply so excited for her as a result of there was such a shift in her life and she or he simply is rising as this glorious, assured, lovely lady.
And when she got here in, that is not who she was. So it, excited me to have the ability to do what we do and alter individuals at that mobile stage that we will most emotionally and spiritually and, the bodily type 
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Erika Flint: That is proper. Superior. Yeah. And after we assist a consumer, it isn’t nearly that one person who particular person reveals up as a greater mother, a greater father, a greater colleague.
So it is extremely rewarding to see the contribution that we will make by loving individuals and educating them tips on how to, how their thoughts works and, tips on how to higher stay on the planet proper now. Peacefully and concord. Yeah. 
Pam Leno: Have a look at Gina. It, saved her marriage, modified her husband. 
Erika Flint: Superior.
Superior. Pam’s been so pretty. You are doing such nice work. Maintain up your ebook another time 
Pam Leno: so we will check out it. Completely. It is on weight, in fact, weight reduction, hypnosis, and it isn’t nearly hypnosis. There’s much more on this than that. It is a simple learn, most likely about two hours. There’s a part on, tips on how to start to do self hypnosis your self.
Okay. But in addition there’s some dietary data in there too. I feel it is actually vital that folks perceive what the meals that they are consuming do to them on a hormonal foundation and why a few of these packages which can be on the market do not concentrate on that and so they do not see the connection between the 2, and it is actually vital so that you can perceive how that works.
And there is a number of that in there too. So it isn’t nearly. Hypnosis and weight reduction. It is not, it 
Erika Flint: sounds extra holistic. There’s hypnosis and after we make hypnosis sensible, that is the place we will actually shine. Yeah. So issues in, I, what I discover with my shoppers in weight reduction, they may be doing issues already to contribute to a wholesome life-style or weight reduction, however after we add and pair hypnosis, these issues that used to form of work are actually working very well.
Pam Leno: Yeah. It is like placing 
Erika Flint: them on steroids, . Yeah, precisely. Precisely. Inform us the place individuals can discover you. 
Pam Leno: What’s your web site? It is simply pam It is very easy. It is my, tag is Pamela j Leno hypnotherapy. However pam is very easy. All of my data to contact me is there, there’s some free items there.
There is a recording there, there is a copy of the book in the event you wanna go there. Oh, good. Okay. Yeah. Superb. So you’ll be able to, simply go get these issues. There’s some movies on there that simply have some little snippets explaining what I do and the way these items work and a few testimonials I imagine as effectively.
Plenty of data there it will provide you with every part that you’ll want to know. So simply pam Very 
Erika Flint: straightforward. Good, And what would you say to anyone on the market considering of perhaps changing into a hypnotherapist? Is it job? 
Pam Leno: Job, ? Completely. And, go to Erikafor coaching. truthful, , the State Hypnosis Heart.
That is the place I went and it was superior. I’ve, by no means regarded again. It has been one thing that continues to maneuver me ahead in addition to my shoppers. And it is about studying increasingly. And I feel you have, developed in these years of educating too and coaching to essentially have simply honed in on what the significance is and, tips on how to actually create your self as being a profitable hypnotherapist.
It is, an ideal 
Erika Flint: profession. I agree. I agree. Thanks, Pam. Thanks a lot. I am ErikaFlint. You will discover me at I am additionally the writer of Can You Be a Hypnotist? And I’ll embrace data on that. I hope that you just guys live hypnotically and incorporating hypnosis into your on a regular basis to guide a greater life.
Bye for now. Thanks, Pam, for becoming a member of us. Thanks. It was superior. 


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