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Understanding Narcissism and Narcissistic Traits with Dr. Craig Malkin

Right this moment Forrest is joined by Dr. Craig Malkin to discover narcissism and narcissistic traits. They discuss concerning the completely different varieties narcissism takes, the distinction between narcissistic traits and narcissistic character dysfunction (NPD), pink flags, coping with narcissists, therapy choices, and discovering the “correct amount” of feeling particular.

About our Visitor: Craig is a Lecturer in Psychology for Harvard Medical Faculty, a licensed psychologist with a number of many years of medical expertise, and the creator of Rethinking Narcissism: The Secret to Recognizing and Dealing with Narcissists. He additionally has a nice YouTube channel.

0:00: Introduction

1:35: Narcissism as a pervasive common trait

4:10: What differentiates wholesome narcissism vs. disordered narcissism?

5:45: “Triple E” – exploitation, entitlement, empathy impairments

6:45: Incapable of empathy, or unmotivated?

9:10: What distinguishes having narcissistic traits from having NPD?

13:05: Extraverted, covert, and communal narcissism

23:10: Wholesome and unhealthy narcissistic traits typically go collectively

25:20: Insecure attachment

28:30: Emotional scorching potato

32:10: Social and cultural energy dynamics 

36:25: What does therapeutic narcissism appear like?

42:55: What modalities do you employ in remedy?

45:20: Tough relationships, communal activation, empathy prompts

50:35: Extinction bursts and utilizing nervousness responses in remedy

53:25: How do you restore together with your accomplice? 

57:05: Recap


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