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This Mind Complement Delivers Day by day Energy & Lifelong Assist

Hero neuronutrient citicoline helps wholesome ranges of vital neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine.* These neurotransmitters are identified to assist psychological processes reminiscent of readability and focus. 

Citicoline has additionally been proven through analysis to assist consideration, processing pace, and psychological vitality by rising ATP within the mind (i.e., supporting mind vitality reserves).*

Complementing citicoline, antioxidant phytonutrient resveratrol has vasoactive properties and is clinically proven to assist blood stream to the mind and cerebrovascular well being.* Enhanced cerebral blood stream means optimized supply of oxygen and vitamins to my mind, supporting a transparent head and total cognitive perform. (Sure, please.) 

The readability and psychological vitality that mind guard+ delivers assist me fight pesky psychological fogginess that crops up every so often and keep on prime of my productiveness and activity efficiency.* 

Together with the spectacular multidimensional cognitive efficiency assist, I’ve observed that my temper stability has by no means been higher. 

These constructive temper assist advantages are due to kanna, an enchanting nootropic botanical sourced from South Africa. Kanna delivers synergistic twin motion on the central nervous system, supporting cognitive perform (together with cognitive flexibility and govt perform) and emotional processes within the mind.* 

I discover myself noticeably extra relaxed and grounded all through the day, but I nonetheless really feel mentally sharp. I’ll take some zen with my psychological readability any day. 


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