Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Storz & Bickel Launch Restricted Peace Version Volcano Vaporizer

To not harp on Storz & Bickel as what they’re doing is a really constructive and great point for the world. They’re including extra worth to the world than we might ever hope to. Nevertheless this marketing campaign, whereas good hearted and benefiting humanity,  nonetheless looks like a South Park spoof of kinds. The peace version Volcano launch might have foregone a dwell streamed occasion that bought many vaporizer fanatics excited for  what was anticipated to be a brand new product (that wasn’t only a white Volcano). Even the dwell stream was random. It gave the impression of a UN speech. Then Jurgen Bickel peeled again the curtains after speaking about European Geography, cohesion and European battle to a white Volcano Vaporizer.


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