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New Jazz Etude-Diminished Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs Over Dom 7

This etude features as a simplified “encyclopedia” for demonstrating how the diminished scale might be organized into main and minor triad pairs, in addition to to point out you ways these pairs match over their respective dominant chords.

The purpose right here is to not solely perceive how these triads match over the dominant seventh chords, but in addition that can assist you “hear” (aurally think about) how they sound in distinction/relationship to the dominant chord. Should you’re pretty new to the diminished scale, this may even show the harmonic relationship between the 4 dominant seventh chords that share the identical diminished scale.

Check out the instance above. Within the first two measures I’ve a C7 chord. Within the first measure is the chord itself, inverted from the third. Within the second measure I apply the diminished scale organized into two triad pairs extracted from the dimensions: Eb minor and A serious. The third and 4th measures have an Eb7 in root place adopted by A minor and Eb main triads.

Measures 5 and 6 have an F#7 chord inverted from the seventh adopted by F# minor and C minor triads. Measures 7 and eight have an A7 chord inverted from the fifth adopted by A minor and F# main triads.

As you’ll be able to see, every of the dominant 7ths begin on a special diploma of the chord.

All 4 of those dominant seventh chords are associated to the identical diminished scale: C, Db/C#, Eb, E pure, F#/Gb, G pure, A, A#/Bb. Therefore, all of the triad pairs are associated to every of those dominant chords. I put this eight measure train in all 12 keys as a playable reference. As you apply it you’ll discover numerous patterns and relationships between triads pairs and dominant chords, and listen to how they sound in numerous inversions.

Should you’d prefer to discover this idea in depth, studying to use these triad pairs as they transfer from dominant to tonic, please take into account my book, Diminished Scale Diatonic Triad Pairs. To get a free pdf copy of this etude, click on the hyperlink beneath:


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