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Kundalini Syndrome: Risks of Kundalini Awakening (Signs & Therapy)

After we speak about spirituality, meditation, and divine power, kundalini is the one phrase that makes a frequent point out in discussions.

Kundalini is a dormant serpent-like divine power that sits coiled on the base of your backbone, i.e. the Muladhara Chakra. It’s stated that when this power is woke up, it travels alongside your backbone, piercing by means of main 7 chakras to succeed in the crown of your head, the place Sahasrara Chakra is current. It’s the union of Kundalini Shakti with Shiva.

When kundalini awakening occurs, you are inclined to unleash a hidden energy inside your self. With this energy, you may faucet into the upper realms of your consciousness, could set up a reference to the cosmos, and expertise all the things in a brand new mild. Total, it’s a remarkably highly effective non secular expertise.

Nonetheless, being a robust power, kundalini awakening additionally comes with risks and warnings. It may possibly show to be harmful when correct precautions and tips should not adhered to.

When kundalini awakening occurs in an individual who isn’t but ready for it, with out warning, the individual could expertise uncommon and detrimental signs that are collectively termed Kundalini Syndrome.

Allow us to discover the kundalini syndrome signs intimately and likewise see how it may be handled. 

What’s Kundalini Syndrome?

Kundalini syndrome is the title given to the set of disagreeable, detrimental experiences one undergoes when kundalini isn’t correctly dealt with or it will get woke up immediately. It’s additionally known as the “Kundalini disaster” or “non secular emergency”.

An individual who’s experiencing kundalini syndrome signs could be stated unprepared (bodily, emotionally, or spiritually) for the large energy kundalini awakening brings, but their kundalini has woke up.

Nonetheless, awakening occurred to spiritually superior folks solely, generally it might occur to anybody. In case it occurred immediately to anybody, kundalini power rises unintentionally abruptly at the next charge and the individual’s physique can not deal with the sudden surge of this power. This ends in harmful results of kundalini awakening.

Kundalini syndrome could result in a plethora of bodily, psychological, and sexual issues which have an effect on your day by day life. It may be tremendously tough, traumatic and chaotic for people.

However why does it occur?

There’s a correct technique of kundalini awakening through which 4 levels of awakening are described.

If you don’t observe the protocols of the kundalini awakening course of and carry out them with out correct steerage of a grasp, the power could get caught within the decrease chakras or shoot up prematurely. This won’t be in your favor and the experiences you’ll have could also be detrimental, drastic, and excessive.

To awaken kundalini successfully, first you must open your chakras and work in the direction of purifying the Sushumna Nadi. The chakras and Sushumna Nadi lie on the backbone by means of which the kundalini rises. Mantra chanting, pranayama, Kundalini Yoga and meditation, and particular mudras are a number of methods by means of which you’ll obtain this opening and cleaning.

What causes Kundalini Syndrome?

Kundalini syndrome is a results of the inaccurate, sudden, and unintentional rise of the kundalini power. 

It may possibly occur on account of sure triggers or surprising and worrying life occasions such because the loss of life of a liked one, a deadly accident, or receiving heartbreaking information. The shock of such occasions could result in an abrupt awakening of the kundalini.

Another causes could be overactivation of the decrease chakras, lack of correct steerage, blocked feelings, leisure drug use, or sheer unhealthy luck.

What are the signs of Kundalini Syndrome?

The perils of unintentional and untimely kundalini awakening are what make up the signs of kundalini syndrome. As said beforehand, the signs could be bodily or psychological which come up as a result of your physique is unable to regulate to the sudden shift.

The signs of Kundalini Syndrome can range in severity and embrace quite a lot of bodily, sensory, perceptual, and psychological issues.

The signs of kundalini syndrome could be broadly categorized into the next 4 classes:

1. Motor signs – are these kundalini syndrome signs which seem within the bodily physique and could be observed by anyone. It consists of;

  • Muscle spasms and cramps
  • Involuntary physique actions resembling jerks, tremors, shaking
  • Unexplaininbale adjustments in respiratory patterns

2. Somatosensory signs – are these kundalini syndrome signs which you’re feeling bodily or mentally by means of the aware notion of contact, strain, ache, temperature, and vibration. It consists of;

  • A sudden rush of power or a sense of electrical energy pulsating all through the physique or in some a part of the physique
  • Itching, prickling, tinglings on the pores and skin
  • Feeling cold and hot extremities
  • Overly delicate sense organs
  • Numbness and ache in limbs
  • Strain within the cranium, intense headache

3. Audiovisual signs – Kundalini syndrome could end in one hearken to surprising sounds. Signs embrace;

  • Listening to inner appears like whistling, chirping, hissing
  • Listening to inner voices
  • The ringing of the ears

4. Psychological signs

  • Sudden dashing up, slowing down or stopping of ideas
  • Feeling bigger than the physique
  • Detachment from the fact
  • Astral, psychic and out-of-body experiences 
  • Psychological fog, chaos, confusion, panic, lack of focus
  • Elevated emotions of affection, compassion, pleasure, devotion, pleasure, peace, bliss
  • Elevated emotions of hatred, melancholy, worry, anxiousness
  • Elevated sense of creativity, self-expression, and understanding
  • Sudden adjustments in temper, uncontrollable laughing or crying
  • Enhanced consciousness, recollections of previous life, therapeutic powers

Another anecdotal signs are:

  • Excessive hyperactivity or fatigue
  • Modifications in consuming and sleeping habits
  • Digestive issues

It isn’t obligatory that you simply may expertise each symptom talked about above. Whereas some signs could also be extra profound than others, know that they come up on account of sudden and excessive energetic shifts.

How lengthy does kundalini syndrome final?

The length of kundalini syndrome differs for every individual. For some, it might final only some days or perhaps weeks, whereas for others, the syndrome could go on for months and generally years at an finish.

There isn’t any particular timeline for the way lengthy an individual could expertise kundalini syndrome. Nonetheless, in case you take the precise steps and carry out some chakra cleaning methods and grounding meditations, you might discover a gradual decline within the signs.

Is Kundalini Syndrome actually harmful?

The reply to this isn’t definitive.

Kundalini awakening has been hailed as a magical expertise that adjustments your notion and takes you ahead in your journey to enlightenment. However that is solely when the kundalini awakening occurs in the precise method. 

When you might have carried out the kundalini awakening course of below the steerage of a kundalini trainer and made certain to observe the precise path, the awakening shall be a stroll within the park for you.

Quite the opposite, you probably have been following a course of based mostly solely on information gained from different sources and sought no steerage from a guru, there’s a excessive likelihood you might encounter kundalini syndrome. 

Sadly, there’s a massive inhabitants who get affected by this and report unusual and drastic adjustments of their habits, psyche, feelings, sensations, physique, and relations.  Individuals usually are inclined to get depressed, have hallucinations, or venture a habits akin to extreme psychological sickness.

However, it’s not one thing to be terrified of. The Kundalini course of could be arduous for the thoughts and physique to get well from, even for people who commonly carry out meditative observe and have a gradual temperament.

Learn how to deal with kundalini syndrome?

Initially, you must cease with any energy-generating workouts and instantly work in the direction of grounding your self. You don’t want to additional propel the rise of the kundalini power to irritate the kundalini syndrome signs.

Grounding your self will assist in gently bringing the uncoiled serpent power again to its resting place.

Secondly, don’t search out superfluous and hardcore options resembling alcohol or medicine as these will additional deepen the kundalini syndrome signs.

Other than the above, a number of extra ideas you must consider:

  • Make adjustments in your weight loss program by following a vata-pacifying regime
  • Keep away from consuming any type of meat
  • Eat full and heavy meals to maintain your physique settled, nourished, and grounded
  • Use chakra-balancing herbs that possess earth energies and qualities
  • Deal with staying away from worrying conditions and the surroundings
  • Stroll barefoot in your backyard, hug a tree or spend time within the lap of nature to attach with the earth
  • Take salt-water baths
  • Begin doing bodily workouts and stretches to take away extra power, stress, and anxiousness
  • Quickly cease with mantra chanting, particularly for chakras
  • Break free from all or any non secular practices for some time
  • Keep away from stimulants resembling espresso and tea 
  • Ensure you get loads of restful sleep
  • Abstain from sexual actions quickly 

Even after these steps, in case you discover that the kundalini syndrome signs should not lowering or are getting worse, you must search out knowledgeable healer, kundalini trainer, or a guru for particular person steerage.


All stated and executed, you shouldn’t be terrified of the kundalini awakening course of basically. Should you observe the rules, make sure that your chakras are absolutely activated and all power channels are cleansed, you’ll not have to fret about experiencing kundalini syndrome. 

Ensure you are properly educated and perceive the method completely earlier than taking on workouts and practices for kundalini awakening.


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