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Consciousness Increasing Meditation – Dwell MORE

The Daily Meditation with Paul Harrison

The Each day Meditation with Paul Harrison

Consciousness Increasing Meditation – Dwell MORE


On this information, I’ll share a robust consciousness-expanding meditation and focus on the science behind each consciousness and meditation.

However first, the all-important (and perhaps not possible) query: What precisely is consciousness?

Consciousness is every part. It’s that feeling you get while you hug a beloved one. It’s the style of chocolate. It’s the sound of water… every part that we expertise, we expertise through our consciousness. Therefore, if solely we may develop our consciousness we might expertise extra.  Certainly, that is one motive why lots of my meditation college students take classes with me, for the straightforward need to reside extra.

Sadly, many individuals spend a lot of their lives barely aware in any respect, misplaced within the tidal wave of data and stimuli, mindlessly watching TV or scrolling by way of social media. And so their consciousness ranges are low. However that may be modified.

Certainly, it’s regular for our ranges of consciousness to ebb and stream. For example, while you’re asleep or inebriated, your consciousness will probably be decreased, and when you find yourself totally awake and, sure, while you meditate, your consciousness will improve.

However perhaps you’re not content material with the common ranges of consciousness. Possibly you wish to be extra alive, extra conscious, and sure, extra aware. If that’s the case, what are you able to do?  Some individuals flip to psychedelics, others to meditation. It seems each work. However for me personally, I’ll go along with the meditation.


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The Hyperlink Between Meditation And Consciousness

Name me biased as a meditation instructor, however for my cash, meditation is the primary option to increase consciousness ranges. And each science and spirituality agree with this.

Science tells us that meditation raises our ranges of consciousness as a result of it will increase cortical thickness within the prefrontal posterior occipital cortices and the claustrum, that are two areas that scientists have decided are chargeable for consciousness, though in fact scientists are nonetheless principally baffled by the miracle of consciousness and are ever making an attempt to find what they name the Neuronal Correlates of Consciousness.

Whereas scientists attempt to lead us into the way forward for consciousness, spiritualists have been exploring consciousness for hundreds of years, and certainly, meditation has been one of many foremost ways in which they’ve executed so.

Spiritualists state that meditation opens the thoughts and heightens our consciousness—and since an open and conscious thoughts is the core of a aware one… nicely, you get the drift.

As most skilled meditators will inform you, meditation does certainly result in adjustments in consciousness and that is very true for sure types of meditation. For example, after we shut our eyes and do a meditation corresponding to Anapanasati or Vipassana, we turn into extra internally aware. Once we concentrate on exterior stimuli, corresponding to by performing Open Meditation, we turn into extra externally aware. And after we apply strategies like Physique Scan, Zazen, and types of Built-in Physique Thoughts Coaching, we turn into extra aware of the physique.

Maybe the commonest state of consciousness that meditators expertise is Easy Presence. That is an extremely enjoyable state to be in, one through which we’re extra aware than regular but in addition in a state of absolute ease. It’s like we’re having fun with the pure state of consciousness for its personal sake, and it’s extremely therapeutic.

One other meditation for consciousness is the yogic meditation samyama, which is the mixed simultaneous apply of Dhāraṇā (focus), Dhyāna (meditation) and Samādhi (union). This methodology mainly seems like a state of full oneness with no matter object you might be meditating on.

These strategies are fairly technical. And in fact, you don’t essentially have to go to such lengths to expertise a change in consciousness. Easy mindfulness actions may also improve our consciousness. Certainly, mindfulness actually is the apply of being aware. It’s a apply through which we hone our consciousness. And consciousness, in fact, is basically consciousness. Plus, not solely does mindfulness improve consciousness on the time that we’re being aware, however it additionally trains the mind to regularly turn into increasingly aware, which it does by regularly creating new neuronal tracks within the prefrontal cortex in addition to within the mid-insular areas of the mind.

And so, as you possibly can see, there’s an inherent hyperlink between meditation and consciousness. However what’s the best possible meditation for increasing consciousness? Properly, for me I believe it must be a way that progressively made us aware of every part, maybe beginning with inside consciousness, then physique consciousness, then exterior consciousness.

Attempt the meditation beneath.

Greatest Meditation For Consciousness

  1. Sit comfortably with good posture. You possibly can lie down when you desire, however sitting is more practical. Be sure your again is straight however relaxed. Barely low your chin to elongate your neck.
  2. Breathe in by way of your nostril, watching your breath because it enters your physique. Permit your breath to stream deeply into your physique
  3. Focus your thoughts on the feeling of your breath transferring by way of your physique. Particularly, pay attention to the sensation of vitality that’s created by your breath transferring by way of your physique. Deal with that vitality for a couple of breaths.
  4. While you’re focusing in your respiration, inevitably some ideas and emotions will come up. Once they do, merely observe them for what they’re (pay attention to the sensory notion of thought and feeing).
  5. Discover how throughout you there’s a delicate vitality (chi). Discover how this vitality wraps round your whole being, touching each a part of your physique. Deal with that vitality. This can improve inside consciousness.
  6. Now, think about that you’re taking a slight step again in your thoughts and examine your physique as if you’re looking at it from the skin. Focus in your whole physique for 5 to 10 breaths.
  7. Now start to tune in to the sounds round you. Focus in your soundscape for 5 breaths.
  8. Persevering with, discover if there’s a scent in your setting, and if that’s the case, take a second to watch it.
  9. Are you able to style something? Take heed to any style you might be experiencing.
  10. Whereas being aware, slowly open your eyes and observe the world round you thru your sense of imaginative and prescient.Lastly, discover how you might be conscious of a way of area that extends to infinity in all instructions.
  11. You have got now full explored your consciousness.


Meditation is the last word option to increase our aware consciousness, and certainly it has been for millennia. By meditating, and notably by making an attempt various kinds of meditation that target various things, you’ll regularly develop your consciousness. And while you try this, you’ll expertise extra of life itself.

If you want my assist exploring and growing your consciousness, e book a web based meditation lesson with me immediately.


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