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Advantages of Lotus Oil in Aromatherapy

The advantages of lotus oil in aromatherapy embody perfume-making, leisure, and skincare.

Three sorts of lotus oil can be found: pink, white, and blue. Though you typically see them referred to as lotus important oil, that is technically incorrect as they’re all absolutes solvent-extracted from the recent flowers of the plant. A high-quality absolute oil incorporates no traces of solvent, which means it is necessary to purchase your oils from a trusted supply.

Photo of a pink lotus flower with the words Pink, White, and Blue Lotus Absolutes and Their Uses in Aromatherapy

The white and pink oils come from the Nelumbo nucifera plant, an aquatic perennial within the plant household Nelumbonaceae that may have both white or pink flowers.

The blue oil is from Nymphaea caerulea, additionally referred to as blue water lily or Egyptian lotus. This plant is scientifically not a lotus however a water lily within the household Nymphaeaceae.

Nelumbo lutea is the American lotus with yellow flowers, however you are unlikely to seek out an oil comprised of the plant.

article appears on the three lotus oils individually. Most absolutes have a
viscous consistency at room temperature. They’re simpler to work with
for those who first liquefy the oil by putting the bottle in heat water of about 95 levels
Fahrenheit (35 levels Celsius).

Cautions: All
absolutes are concentrated and greatest used sparingly. Seek the advice of a
skilled earlier than utilizing them throughout being pregnant and breastfeeding or with
younger youngsters.

Pink Lotus Absolute

The pink lotus flower symbolizes persistence, calm, and transcendence.

The commonest use of the oil is in perfumes. The aroma is a center observe with a floral scent that has wealthy, candy traits with subsidiary fruity, herbaceous, leathery, medicated, muddy, powdery, and spicy notes and nuances, in keeping with Listening to Scent by aromatherapist Jennifer Peace Rhind.

Typical constituents of pink lotus oil embody caryophyllene oxide, β-caryophyllene, cis-jasmone, and 1, 4-dimethoxybenzene, in keeping with Listening to Scent.

The Encyclopedia of Important Oils (up to date version) lists the advantages of lotus oil as nourishing broken, delicate, and mature pores and skin, supporting the immune system, and serving to relieve nervousness, despair, concern, insomnia, nervous debility and pressure, temper swings, poor libido, and stress.

New Instructions Aromatics states lotus pink absolute helps rejuvenate pores and skin, scale back wrinkles and positive traces, soothe pimples, and scale back blemishes, whereas leaving pores and skin wanting deeply moisturized. In therapeutic massage oils, absolutely the helps relieve physique aches and ache. The oil additionally relaxes the thoughts and has spiritually uplifting qualities that assist scale back negativity, nervousness, and stress whereas selling a way of concord. Use pink lotus in meditation to encourage interior peace and tranquility. The oil blends effectively with all oils, although it appears to work greatest with different floral oils.

Aromatherapy Mixing suggests the next important oils to mix with pink lotus oil:

  • To assist scale back stress and nervousness: angelica
  • For leisure and well-being: clove
  • For nervousness, despair, low temper, insecurity, poor vanity: jasmine
  • For nervousness, despair, leisure, stress discount: patchouli
  • For apprehension, despair, nervousness: turmeric
  • For nervousness, despair, insomnia: vetiver

Advantages of Lotus Oil (White Lotus Absolute)

White lotus oil has a wealthy, candy, floral aroma balanced by herbaceous notes. The oil is often utilized in perfumery and likewise in anointing oils. The aroma is a center observe.

Principal constituents of white lotus absolute are linalool, linalyl acetate, and hydroxycitronellal, in keeping with DBR Exports India.

Nature in a Bottle states white lotus oil brings freshness and vitality to pores and skin, serving to shrink pores and leaving the face feeling extra recent and vibrant. You should utilize the oil in facial toners for pimples administration and basic pores and skin rejuvenation. In therapeutic massage oils, white lotus might assist scale back muscle aches and pains and the signs of rheumatism. Energetically and emotionally, white lotus absolute calms and soothes. You should utilize the diluted absolute throughout meditation to anoint the crown and third eye chakras, selling heightened non secular progress. The oil can be a potent aphrodisiac.

LG Botanicals says the aroma of white lotus oil enhances love, relationship and non secular progress. The oil is beneficial throughout meditation to encourage non secular progress, open the thoughts, soothe and calm, and promote kindness, understanding, and forgiveness.

Important Oils in Religious Follow explains white lotus stimulates all of the chakras and has an affinity for all the weather. The oil is a strong trainer and information with the final word purpose of bringing you right into a state of enlightenment. White lotus oil first stimulates your unconscious, creating the will to develop into self-actualized, after which helps this path as your budding unconsciousness learns the teachings provided from every chakra. This oil is a superb alternative whenever you can’t fairly title what has you caught, however you realize you want aid.

Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) has a fragile, floral scent
that may be a center observe. Absolutely the is utilized in perfumes, anointing
blends, tub oils, bathe gels, potpourri, hair remedies or masks,
room fresheners, and different fragrant merchandise.

Blue lotus flower

The principle constituents of blue lotus oil are apomorphine and nuciferine, in keeping with Important Oil Wizardry. That website states blue lotus oil is an aphrodisiac that promotes sexual want, ecstasy, and euphoria. The oil additionally serves as a meditation assist, opening chakras (particularly the guts and third eye) and supporting interior knowledge. The calming, unifying, and centering aroma enhances temper, clears the thoughts, and strengths connection to supply, dispelling unfavorable feelings and ideas.

Important Oil Bulk explains that blue lotus oil advantages embody soothing physique and thoughts and serving to relieve stress, nervousness, absent-mindedness, and psychological tiredness. Absolutely the stimulates vitality circulation and helps non secular meditation and temper upliftment. You can even use the oil as an aphrodisiac and in therapeutic massage oils to alleviate muscle cramps.

Nature in a Bottle says blue lotus absolute opens the third eye chakra and dispels unfavorable feelings and ideas throughout meditation. The oil can be an aphrodisiac which will promote sexual want, ecstasy, and euphoria. Different advantages of lotus oil embody selling pores and skin well being, helping with wound administration and therapeutic scars, and serving to scale back minor ache and irritation.

LG Botanicals states blue lotus might assist promote sleep, relieve nervousness and stress, and calm muscle spasms. The oil additionally acts as an aphrodisiac. In skincare, blue lotus might assist relieve dry, flaky, and infected pores and skin, moisturizing whereas balancing sebum.

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Photograph Credit: Pink lotus by Apanasevich Maxim, CC BY 4.0, by way of Wikimedia Commons. Blue lotus by Reinhold Möller, CC BY-SA 4.0, by way of Wikimedia Commons


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