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Autumn Tai Chi actions | The Tai Chi Pocket book

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As we’re shifting into Autumn, there’s brilliant solar and a little bit of a chilly chunk within the morning air throughout Tai Chi observe. I discover a change within the climate is an efficient time to mirror on the issues I’ve discovered to this point and to alter the main target of my observe again in direction of the basics.

I really feel like summer season was a time to be extra lively and energetic in my observe and Autumn is a time to be extra reflective, so I’m choosing up the observe of elementary single-arm silk reeling once more. Refocusing my Tai Chi on the thought of 1) sinking my weight down into the decrease physique and a pair of) producing motion from the legs, hips and toes whereas attempting to remain as relaxed within the higher physique as I can. I desire to concentrate on these two tangible issues somewhat than to speak an excessive amount of about dantien and qi.

So, let your self do the actions of a Tai Chi kind, however bear in mind, you’re not allowed to maneuver your arms in any respect! And by that I imply, you can’t transfer from your arms all. Your arms transfer, after all, however they transfer due to the decrease physique. And don’t simply pay lip service to this concept. Actually do it. Ban your self from arm actions and see the place it takes you. Actions that could possibly be seen as superficial tackle entire new layers of that means when practiced this manner.


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