Yiquan #8:  8 static postures


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The Yiquan set that I current within the posts about Yiquan consists of 8 static postures. On this final put up I’ll current the seventh and eighth place.

Seventh place

This place strongly develops the vitality which we emanate by way of our eyes. This train helps to lift Qi and stream of vitality to all components of mind. It additionally helps to lift Qi over the crown to the border of subtler energetic physique or etheric physique, with respect.

On this place we will have palms turned in direction of the physique or away. In variation, the place palms are going through the physique, we’re opening the third eye. In each variations we’re enhancing blood circulation and Qi stream within the head. In accordance with the idea of Conventional Chinese language drugs Qi follows the blood and so they go hand in hand.

With this train we improve our psychological capabilities and focus. When the palms are turned away from physique, we open up in direction of the heaven, we open our crown, vertex or Baihui, Du-20 space, which opens the trail in direction of sky. It connects you with heavenly Qi.

This place helps practitioner to construct robust interior energy in arms for carrying heavy burden, or in martial arts for punching excessive kicks above the center. This may be very helpful for smaller individuals in self protection conditions, when being attacked.

If the palms are turned away from the physique, we’re growing robust capacity for assault. However, when palms are going through the physique, we’re growing robust functionality for defence.

Each of those positions can be utilized for attaining higher focus and for heightening of the vitality degree of your mind. For instance after an exhausting day in entrance of laptop, however your  work continues to be not completed. Nonetheless I don’t encourage you to take action. It is best to keep away from it, if attainable. Relaxation and do your work in a traditional tempo. We are inclined to overwork and drain ourselves, turning into slaves to the tempo of contemporary life.

Eighth place

On this place now we have our palms going through downwards. Our palms are someplace between the diaphragm and calmly above our shoulders. It relies on your structure, motive for follow and your situation, leisure, and so forth. Within the context of martial arts this train develops vitality of robust strain downwards. In Taijiquan that is referred to as push downward. This place develops interior energy of the arms, from frontal place to aspect positions. This place could be very helpful for  kidneys, liver and spleen. It additionally strengthens shoulder blades.

This place will generate robust stream of vitality downwards, in direction of the bottom. In earlier positions you have been constructing the vitality degree and main the vitality Qi upward in direction of the pinnacle. Now, you’re grounding this vitality and main it down. This may produce robust present from above your head or Heavenly Qi downward. This downward present will even activate the Earth Qi which is able to begin ascending upwards by way of your legs and begin mixing within the degree of Huangting cavity or simply under your diaphragm.

It’s stated that Man’s Qi is comprised of Heaven’s and Earth’s Qi. His Qi is a steadiness of each. We’re nevertheless the vessel through which these two needs to be blended, fused collectively or balanced. Our meridians and doorways/acupoints needs to be opened so the Qi can enter and exit freely. We should always pay attention to these processes and assist them occur incessantly and naturally. One of the simplest ways for that’s to do Qigong and meditate.

Common advantages of this set of workouts

All advantages of Yiquan are straight linked to strengthening and growing the decrease Dantien and functionality of storing and producing of Qi, which might be lead wherever within the physique, when it’s needed. This is essential for well being, longevity and improvement of particular performances. It provides to practitioner the energetic energy to beat stress, damage or sickness. »And all of this results in longevity and longevity is prerequisite for enlightenment«, as outdated Daoist students stated.

Could the Qi be with You! Petar

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