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Yiquan #7:  8 static postures

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The Yiquan set that I current within the posts about Yiquan consists of 8 static postures. See earlier posts for the primary 5 postures. On this put up I current the sixth posture.

In all eight or ten positions you’re standing seemingly nonetheless, however the reality is much extra complicated. For instance your breath needs to be synchronized together with your internal extension of fascia and tendons. When you inhale, your stomach and entire physique expands and so ought to your legs and arms observe that enlargement outward. If you exhale your physique ought to contract again in regular place. I must say that this enlargement/contraction is true for these practitioners who perceive the entire physique respiratory and are aware of deeper rest methods. Additionally, respiratory talked about right here is regular stomach respiratory.

Nonetheless if these circumstances aren’t representing you, don’t quit. Proceed studying and training. New insights are ready for you sooner or later.

Sixth place

On this place elbows are dealing with downwards which causes strain on organs and diaphragm. It additionally allows the practitioner to construct up robust internal explosive energy helpful in martial arts, known as Fa Jin (Fajin). Jin (pronounced as »gin«) or inner energy additionally strengthens coronary heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, liver, diaphragm and organs of digestion.


A shallow observer may discover this place to be much like the earlier one however the similarity is simply obvious. . If you place your arms right here, elbows dealing with downwards make some unbelievable distinction to the standard of power movement and to the energy you’re constructing. One other distinction is that your palms are a bit larger within the degree of your chin or mouth, however not larger. This can even open up your joints in a different way, which implies you’ll have to discover totally different answer so that you can be relaxed.


You may wish to have a look at this static Qigong set as discovering answer for each place day after day. Each time you do it, you can begin trying to find higher, extra comfy and relaxed method to stand. Physique will lead you, internal wave or the power elevating will appropriate you and you’ll simply must let it do the job on the finish. It’s all very intuitive, when you realize what is going on and what to anticipate. When you’ve got sufficient Qi, when your channels are opened and you’ll be able to let the physique chill out and discover its greatest place, you’ll be able to stand in a single place for hours. However do you wish to? Why do you have to? I do know that Yiquan is simply a part of my coaching and it’ll by no means have my principal focus. Nonetheless I’ll proceed to follow it, since in my follow it actually has proved to be useful for a lot of issues that different approaches weren’t, or had been solely partially.

I had nice expertise with Damo’s muscle tendon change coaching with marrow mind washing, which I discovered to bear related ideas as Yiquan, however not the identical. I can now clearly distinguish between the standard of the power construct with one and the opposite. My expertise is that it is a extra of water high quality and the earlier than talked about muscle tendon change and marrow mind washing coaching are of extra fiery high quality, although they need to have been water like of their nature. Why? Effectively  I suppose very first thing is that it’s meant to vary your internal atmosphere, second, their title is partly related to water. Which aspect cleans and washes? Water, precisely.

The Damo’s or Bodhidarma’s static units and ideas demand extra work together with your thoughts and might get you into blind alley if you’re additionally not cultivating your thoughts. Right here I imply meditating, since it’s the easiest way to domesticate your thoughts. Additionally what must be thought of is massaging and patting of limbs and physique after coaching which is required. Damo or Bodidharma is an Indian prince and legendary Buddhist patriarch who began Chen meditation in China, introduced martial arts into Shaolin temple and introduced some revolutionary concepts into Chinese language society.

Yiquan is extra intuitive. Much less thoughts is required, although, title consists of thoughts (Yi – knowledge thoughts, intention) and fist (Quan). This thoughts is extra intuitive when left and never managed. Yiquan is in all points extra watery in its nature. It’s Daoist in its nature. That may be felt and skilled.

To be continued with the final half….

Might the Qi be with you! Petar

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