Yiquan #4: a historic background and idea


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What would Qigong be like with out the power, Qi? It will be solely a Gong. So, solely a time and an effort which is the literal that means of the phrase »Gong« in Chinese language. In our context, it might imply solely bodily workouts, executed with out the aim of cultivation of  the entire being together with the power side.

We’re coping with an artwork

Qigong is an artwork and due to this fact has its vibrational potential. Artwork must vibrate. It must transcend or transmute and convey one of the best out of us within the type of concord, virtues, contentment and so on. Qigong does that and due to this qualities has additionally a therapeutic potential and solely due to that it is usually helpful in martial arts, which wouldn’t be arts if there have been no Qi cultivation concerned in coaching.

You may suppose that martial abilities like »fashionable« Combined Martial Arts are arts, however are precisely the alternative from the humanities, if I’m addressing earlier than talked about qualities of true arts. That is nevertheless not true for Chinese language martial arts, if educated correctly. Classical coaching places Qi cultivation in the identical place if not even larger with all the opposite points. Functions coaching is just one of them, particularly if we’re speaking about inside martial arts.

Inner martial arts are Baguazhang, Xinyiquan, Liuhebafa and Tajiquan, respectfully. I may additionally point out others which don’t fall on this particular class, however have additionally their roots in Daoist or Bodhidharma’s custom and domesticate these different points talked about earlier than.

Yiquan is comparatively new and is part of the Wang Xiang Zhai’s faculty of Xinyiquan. Regardless that he simplified this standing coaching, it nonetheless has roots, respects the processes that particular person must undergo and is inside Gong or Neigong in its authentic type.

Have your eyes opened

What we are inclined to do whereas we’re training Qigong is shut our eyes. Regardless that this can be a good concept generally for bringing the eye from the skin world in direction of the inner, in Yiquan you want to have your eyes open. Your consideration and consciousness want to remain right here and now. It’s essential heighten your notion with the opened eyes and you want to lead the Qi like nothing is occurring round you. It’s essential lead the Qi it doesn’t matter what is occurring round you. And you want to be ready for the whole lot. In any case this can be a Qigong coaching for martial artist who’s training Xinyiquan which is often known as »Type-intention-fist«. This is likely one of the most deadly arts in Chinese language custom. And it gained this status completely due to the coaching of thoughts, spirit and can of practitioner, that additionally comes from decided coaching of Yiquan. Standing nonetheless shouldn’t be simple!

So, in the course of the observe you must look ahead, not downwards. I point out this solely as a result of that is additionally one of many issues we are inclined to do throughout our Qigong observe usually.

Vitality circulation and understanding of meridians in Daoist system

Throughout the coaching power will and will fill, in time, your power meridians that are usually not talked about in medical neighborhood. This contains extraordinary meridians and collaterals.

Try to be conscious of extraordinary meridians, particularly of Chong Mai extraordinary vessel, since this one is of our nice concern in main the Qi. Our notion, whether it is based mostly upon a idea of meridians of Conventional Chinese language Drugs, will assist us to the diploma that we all know what’s the place and the way the channels run. Nonetheless, Daoist uderstanding shouldn’t be fairly the identical, as a few of us may suppose. One a part of the Chong Mai is a central line, the opposite two are proper and left branches.

Central will all the time run by means of the centre of a physique, however it would additionally run to physique limbs and the top all the way in which as much as Baihui or Du-20. We all know that Chong Mai runs from the Baihui to Huiyin or Ren Mai-1. It runs underneath the course of Ren Mai extraordinary vessel and Kidneys meridians. This line may even open into the limbs, when sufficient of the power will likely be amassed in your system. Don’t anticipate this to occur with only a finger snap! These lateral branches of central a part of Chong Mai run to the limbs by means of the central line of the limbs, between the rear and entrance a part of the physique. I prefer to think about to steer Qi into the bones, which isn’t precisely the identical, however is in a means.

You will note that in future many sophisticated issues will likely be simplified and plainly understood. This may occur with observe and deepening of your expertise. Your expertise, time-effort or Gong is the prerequisite for understanding how the power Qi runs and with that understanding the character or Dao.

Left and proper branches

The opposite two branches of Chong Mai are left and the best. These two run on the left or the best aspect of the limb, physique, head. These two wrap up the central line from the edges and make the threesome sandwich in energetic sense.

Instance: If I take my arm, by means of the central line runs central department of Chong Mai, on the left and the best runs one of many lateral meridians embracing the central line and the bone on the identical time.

It’s the identical with head, neck, backbone, physique and legs.

Stated this, we are able to think about the power system composed from these three branches. This picture ought to be part of our psychological coaching, since you can be filling up these precise reservoirs.

Easy methods to transfer Qi

An important issues ought to be introduced merely and comprehensible, so right here’s an comprehensible rationalization: You need to deliver the power along with your inhalation downwards by means of the central line of your physique and central meridian, down the legs into the bottom to feed the roots. In the beginning simply evenly consider this a part of respiration and main of Qi. You’ll know if you find yourself prepared because it gained’t be overwhelming for you. Begin additionally transferring your consideration upwards whereas exhaling and main the Qi upwards. First you’ll fill the central meridian and then you definately’ll fill the lateral meridians.

Three key areas to deepen your physique leisure

Beside with the ability to breathe deep and correctly, there are three areas in your physique that may provide help to calm down even deeper. First one we’ve got already mentioned and these are your shoulders. Loosen up  your shoulders and test them sometimes in the course of the observe for inconvenient unrelaxed positioning. You need to calm down shoulders time and again till your observe turns into a behavior. This may be executed shortly and effectively by connecting mentally two factors representing the shoulders with lateral line going from one aspect to the opposite.

The second is belly diaphragm, which ought to be relaxed for optimum deep physique respiration. You’ll be able to think about two factors under the diaphragm; one within the stage of liver organ and the opposite within the stage of pancreas or left aspect of the physique and join them and breathe and calm down them. Your diaphragm will likely be very blissful about it.

Third space are Kua factors within the stage of hip joints. You’ll be able to think about two factors in groin, the place is the part between your leg and your pelvis. Join these two factors and calm down and open your Kua. Simply breathe in and they’re going to open. All these three areas are essential for passable ends in Yiquan observe.

What’s the subsequent step?

There’s all the time a subsequent step while you’ve determined to transcend your limitations that had been positioned earlier than you as boundaries in your life and on this marvelous expertise known as your life. Subsequent step when you’ve got come so far is to observe Yiquan day by day and see what occurs.

Right here, I would like to say two authors and nice lecturers who’re sharing some very invaluable and clear details about Yiquan observe, one is Bruce Okay. Frantzis and different is Mark Cohen. Mark Cohen’s guide about standing observe »Inside Zhan Zhuang« goes into depth and clears some misunderstandings concerning the observe. Additionally see Grasp C S Tang‘s guide about Yiquan. All three  talked about authors and lecturers are very educated and I respect them deeply.

Hope, I’ll see you on the opposite aspect. 🙂

To be continued…

Could the Qi be with you! Petar

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