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Wild Rose Bach Flower Treatment versus California Wild Rose Flower Essence

Wild Rose is on my thoughts tonight. I carry two Wild Rose flower essences in my store: the normal Bach Flower Treatment from the Rosa Canina or Canine Rose present in Nice Britain (above), and California Wild Rose, a North American flower essence (see beneath).

California Wild Rose

Copyright by Curtis Clark, licensed as famous, CC BY-SA 2.5 <>, 

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The 2 flowers look very related—5 pink petals, a white inside heart with an array of golden yellow stamens radiating out from the middle. California Wild Rose is a deeper pink and prefers sunnier places. British Wild Rose prefers shaded or partially sunny places. They each have thorns. They’re each in the identical household.

Roses, basically, are deeply related on this tradition and lots of different cultures with love. We give roses as an indication of our love for somebody, and rose tea (which I have been consuming lots currently combined with sassafras and cinnamon) is believed to assist enhance the immune system (enthusiasm and power for dwelling) and soothe the feelings (therapeutic the guts). 

As you may count on, each wild roses have related or a minimum of associated makes use of in flower essence remedy. Golden yellow is related to the photo voltaic plexus, the third chakra and the need. Pink is related to the guts (love, compassion). Each flower essences are for having the need to grasp one’s life on earth and love for all times. 

Let’s discuss that. 

Think about a rose bud that hasn’t unfurled. Anais Nin has a well-known quote:

“And the day got here when the danger to stay tight in a bud was extra painful than the danger it took to blossom.”

She goes on to say that life is a strategy of changing into, and that wishing to keep away from ache—to solely stay tight within the bud—is a type of dying. She believed that life is actually identified solely to those that are keen to threat struggling, shedding, and enduring adversity. 

It isn’t that life is nearly ache. It isn’t. However you must open absolutely to life, to be keen to expertise all of it. And each Wild Roses are nice examples of that. Once they unfurl from the bud they open all the best way. They are not like lots of the cultivated a number of petaled roses we usually develop in our gardens. Wild Roses open huge.

What are variations between the 2 Wild Rose flower essences?

I consider them as addressing associated themes. 

Bach Wild Rose prefers shadier areas and is pale. Consider that as an individual who needs to cover away, or who does not actually have the need to dwell absolutely. They won’t be really suicidal however they’re extra resigned to life than glad to be right here. The flower essence helps an individual regain their enthusiasm for all times. It dispels the apathy related to the detrimental Wild Rose state and replaces it with a way of function and love for dwelling.

California Wild Rose can be for taking maintain of life on Earth however the love concerned extends to loving the earth itself. The pink colour is stronger and the plant can be one of the vital vigorous roses, so I consider the essence as embodying extra power of function. It’s used for individuals who want to rekindle their enthusiasm for earthly life and human relationships, and the duties and obligations concerned with that. 

Might you utilize both one? In all probability. In case you really feel extra drawn to 1 over the opposite, maybe if you have a look at the pictures, go together with that.


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