Why we have to Fang Track…


An necessary ingredient of Chen Taijiquan’s coaching concept is the necessity to let go of bodily or psychological rigidity (fang music). Solely by attaining the right state are you able to be composed and secure. By eliminating bodily rigidity, the physique’s inner sensations could be higher enhanced while coaching. On the similar time by lowering psychological rigidity clear, instantaneous, and proper choices could be taken. Zhang Zong Jun, chief teacher of the Shandong department of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan College burdened the significance not overlooking this side throughout coaching: “To be clear, it’s essential to fang music earlier than, throughout and after your quan. Preparation is necessary. Many individuals come to do Taiji in a rush and, with out psychological preparation, go straight into kind observe. The thoughts shouldn’t be given time to quieten and calm now. Follow with a peaceful thoughts and the standard of Taijiquan will enhance.”

Accepting the necessity to fang music you could be capable of distinguish between the right state of looseness from merely being collapsed and weak with no energy to talk of. The creation of a state of music requires the cooperation of the emotion, intention, and the physique. This isn’t a passive course of. Many individuals make the error of turning into limp and collapsed when what’s required is an lively and alive sort of rest. You could mentally lead the method of enjoyable the thoughts and quietening the feelings. Following this course of, the physique inevitably begins to loosen. One key benefit of music power over stiff power is the flexibility to redirect a bigger pressure – looseness enabling the physique to show and deflect within the face of a robust incoming pressure. 

Attaining this optimum situation follows a long-term cultivation of an acute sensitivity to the feeling of what it means to really loosen the physique. Inside Taijiquan’s oral custom a number of sayings are actually admonitions to surrender the usage of laborious energy. On the similar time, they level to the tactic via which the loosening course of could be approached. For instance, 

“The muscle tissues go down and the bones go up.” 

“Hold the meat from the bones.” 

The underpinning philosophy and methodology of Taijiquan recognises the necessity for a person to be constantly conscious of the chance or potential for both motion or stillness. That is solely attainable if they’ll discard all preconceived concepts or plans for easy methods to reply inside any given scenario. As an alternative, any response should come up spontaneously primarily based on their sense at that exact second. Matching philosophy and concept we will take the instance of the push arms course of the place an skilled practitioner is ready to manifest the situation of wuji by remaining on this unplanned but prepared state. In touch with an opponent, responses arising solely primarily based on the suggestions supplied by heightened sense consciousness – in observe expressing both motion by attacking, or stillness by defending. Both choice solely attainable if the physique and thoughts are in a state of music.  

Zhang Zong Jun “…it’s essential to fang music earlier than, throughout and after your quan.”