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White Dew 白露 and Autumn Equinox September 22

Hope you might be doing properly! September has arrived and meaning we’re within the final quarter of the yr.

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White Dew handed on September 7th. It marks a shift within the yr as Fall is arriving and the climate is now getting cooler. Yin is growing (coolness, improve in darkness) and days are getting shorter. We are literally in “Indian Summer time” so I’ll give some recommendation for each “Indian Summer time” and Fall. The physique modifications from Yang to Yin. Lungs are first to expertise the change and could also be aggravated by late seasonal pollen. You need to use a neti pot or strive some eucalyptus oil to assist the lungs. To take care of the lungs from dryness, make sure to eat a correct quantity of water. Therapeutic massage the chest from the middle outward and the Lung channel from the entrance shoulder/collar bone right down to the nail of the thumb. Additionally useful is to put on garments that don’t overexpose the pores and skin because the mornings and nights will probably be cooler.

Indian Summer time rhythm is grounding and centering. A time of stability and making ready for the chilly winter and letting go of the playfulness of summer time, and transferring in direction of getting critical in regards to the requirements of life. The colour is yellow, so it’s a good time to cleanse the immune system with some fasting by having extra fruit and vegetable juices. That is additionally a good time to set roots for a brand new job or dwelling. Earth is steady and strong. Choices made in late summer time show to be helpful for one’s job or dwelling. The spleens is most lively in late summer time, so eat the recent fruits and cooked greens from summer time’s bounty to maintain the spleen at optimum efficiency. Proceed to keep away from uncooked salads and greens as this will hurt the spleen.

Fall or Autumn’s rhythm embodies completion. Peace and contentment circulate freely throughout this season. The colour is White and represents a void of judgement and acceptance of what’s. Steel is the factor of the season. “Robust as metal” finest describes the one that has mastered the steel factor. They’ve the flexibility to alter and endure the challenges that convey knowledge and perfection. Temperance is the advantage essential to grasp the thoughts and stability the spirit. The factors 22.01 (Chong Zi) and 22.02 (Chong Xian) are additionally very helpful for the lungs. They’re on the within the palm within the webbing of the index and thumb. Press and therapeutic massage them to help the lungs from widespread chilly, allergy symptoms, and sinus congestion. Eat apples, pears, and zucchini. In case you have entry to a Asian market, get some Nagaimo (Shan Yao in Chinese language) and recent Lily Bulb as properly that are good in your lungs. 

Qigong of the Month: Hun Yuan qigong*

Hun Yuan means “primordial”. It’s a qigong that helps you “return to origin” or your pure authentic state earlier than we had been born in our mom’s womb. The ancients felt this state was essential to return to in our life to assist restore our Qi and thoughts. The daddy of recent qigong Hu Yaozhen taught this and so there are just a few movies accessible on YouTube. I select this one for sufferers as a result of it doesn’t require particular respiratory and it’s good to concentrate on the actions in a gradual and flowing approach. It additionally has stillness in it to assist middle and clear the thoughts. Lastly I select this as a result of it’s easy, not very lengthy, and straightforward to be taught. It isn’t a alternative for medical consideration and in the event you do really feel uncomfortable doing it, simply cease and go for a stroll. 

This can be a primordial qigong so when starting, open the thoughts, permit it to broaden and see infinitely into the universe in all instructions, collect the life power of the universe, mix internally and externally with the universe because the work to purify and detox our shen (thoughts), Qi (vitals), and Jing (essence).

*our technique right here has some minor variation to the official Hunyuan Qigong of Feng Zhiqiang. Some simplification and modification is made.

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