Watch: Gratitude Letters: A Highly effective Classroom Train for Instructor Appreciation


1. Information college students by means of a dialogue on gratitude

Can anybody inform me what it means to them to really feel grateful?

Consider three issues or individuals in your life you might be grateful for.

[Sometimes this can be challenging for students, so you might offer some examples for them to think of: family members, friends, teachers, or other people that they see each day; their home, games, toys, the earth, their hands, or sense of smell.]

Who wish to share one thing that they considered?

2. Information college students by means of a mirrored image

[Pause briefly after each statement. With younger students, pause for a few seconds; with older students, you might give them 30 seconds to a minute to reflect on each statement.]

Let your eyes shut, or look down, or discover one thing within the classroom that you just respect …

and now think about all of these issues and other people that you just simply considered…

For those who considered an individual, think about that particular person is right here with you proper now…

For those who considered an object, think about you’ve got it right here to have a look at, or maintain, or play with…

For those who considered a spot, think about your self being there proper now…

3. Invite college students to note the way it feels to follow gratitude

I’m curious the way it felt to do this. Give me a thumbs up if it felt good to do this. Give me a thumbs sideways or down if that felt tough and even uncomfortable to do. Keep in mind, nonetheless it felt for you is okay.

What did you discover in your physique when you considered the issues you might be grateful for surrounding you? What feelings did you discover?

Take a second and take into consideration three different issues you may be glad about, after which share them with somebody subsequent to you.

4. Invite college students to jot down a Gratitude Letter

College students could write a gratitude letter to an individual or draw an image of an object (the earth, breath, their physique) expressing what they respect about it or them.

Invite college students to replicate on the way it felt to specific gratitude on this method. Did they discover something totally different about their feelings or ideas? Did it really feel tough or simple to specific their gratitude?