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Understanding Consideration Objectives in Music Remedy: Centered Consideration

Consideration is a generally addressed cognitive talent inside music remedy, however how can we outline consideration inside a scientific context? Is it specializing in one stimulus or process for a period of time? Is it specializing in a process regardless of distraction? Is it choosing vital info out of a bigger physique?  Is it switching focus between two completely different stimuli or duties? Is it specializing in a number of issues directly?

I may argue that any of the above is an correct understanding of consideration. Certainly, consideration is a broad and sophisticated talent set not simply outlined, and it may be onerous to know the place to begin when assessing and addressing consideration in music remedy. 

Defining consideration throughout the context of attentional fashions may probably assist music remedy clinicians higher isolate wants and design interventions to focus on these wants. Whereas finishing my grasp’s diploma at Colorado State College, I studied numerous fashions of consideration. Whereas it’s at all times important to emphasise that our shoppers don’t match neatly inside tutorial fashions, for me, these fashions have taken consideration from an summary cognitive talent to a spectrum of abilities that may be remoted. My 4 half weblog put up collection, Understanding Consideration Expertise in Music Remedy, will break down a generally used attentional mannequin and supply concrete examples of interventions and objective writing for a spectrum of attentional abilities. 

Medical 5 Mannequin of Consideration

Thaut and Gardiner developed a mannequin for consideration that breaks down consideration abilities into 5 particular abilities that sequentially construct on one another (Thaut & Gardiner, 2014). Half 1 of this weblog collection targets centered consideration. 

1. Centered Consideration: Specializing in a stimulus in gentle of distraction from different stimuli

2. Sustained Consideration: Sustaining consideration to a stimulus over time

3. Selective Consideration: Deciding on salient info from a bigger physique

4. Alternating Consideration: Shifting between specializing in completely different stimuli

5. Divided Consideration: Sustaining deal with two sources of data on the identical time

Centered Consideration

How do centered consideration abilities current in on a regular basis life? 

What’s your setting like proper now? Is there gentle coming in by the window? Do you odor dinner cooking? Are you able to hear your loved ones conversing within the different room? Is your canine curled up subsequent to you? Is your foot asleep? Is your physique telling you you’re hungry? You’re specializing in studying this weblog put up regardless of different visible, auditory, olfactory, tactile, interoceptive, and proprioceptive sensory stimuli chances are you’ll be perceiving round you.

What does your physique and mind want in an effort to accomplish this? 

For instance, whereas I’m penning this, I notice that I’m bouncing my foot. I do that as a result of as I sit in my lounge, my fiancee is doing yoga, I hear his exercise video, and my canine is darting across the room (play time!). Bouncing my foot pulls my consideration from these distractions, inward to my physique which helps me filter out stimuli to deal with writing.  That is an instance of an lodging I do for myself to enhance centered consideration. 

It’s fairly exceptional to consider all of the issues our brains should filter out from the environment in an effort to focus our consideration on what’s in entrance of us. Because of this centered consideration is probably the most primary and important talent in our mannequin. 

When is it applicable to handle centered consideration with shoppers in music remedy? 

For a neurodivergent one that perceives their sensory world in a different way from a neurotypical individual, filtering out environmental and inner sensory info to focus consideration could also be an enormous want. Since centered consideration is foundational to all different cognitive processes, this must be assessed earlier than different attentional or cognitive abilities. In actual fact, centered consideration is important in an effort to work on all different area areas: motor, speech/communication, social, and cognitive. 

Search for clues out of your shopper and ask them about their expertise. Is there a fixation or orientation to different environmental stimuli? Is there a fixation on self/physique? Is staying centered on an vital on a regular basis process inconsistent in several environments or instances of day? Generally a easy change of the setting like closing a curtain or having your shopper take a toilet break is sufficient to assist a shopper filter and transfer consideration to the goal stimuli. In case your shopper is persistently having problem specializing in robust goal stimuli, akin to a music therapist presenting a music intervention, then centered consideration could also be your shopper’s main want space. 

Interventions for Centered Consideration

In case your shopper isn’t focusing their consideration, change the stimuli. Music is a multi sensory expertise, so it gives a seemingly limitless toolbox of how to alter stimuli to tug consideration. First, use your music directionally by melody, concord, rhythm, dynamics, and tambre to redirect your shopper away from distraction and into a totally partaking musical expertise. Dramatic or sudden adjustments naturally draw consideration as nicely. 

If altering the music doesn’t work, notice what senses the distractor stimuli appear to have interaction, and current a musical stimuli that focuses on that very same sense. For instance, in case your shopper regularly turns to tug on the deal with of their metallic drawer, strive facilitating strumming on guitar. Maybe the feel of the metallic and stress of the metallic’s pull on the fingers will fulfill the identical tactile/proprioceptive want that the drawer was. So then if the necessity is met by the guitar, then the setting is extra conducive to deal with duties in music remedy. 

Purpose Writing for Centered Consideration

If centered consideration is a main want space in music remedy, it possible is in different environments. As mentioned above, centered consideration is foundational in an effort to deal with different abilities, so aims must be normal sufficient to be addressed all through a session at the same time as area areas differ. If a centered consideration objective is written in a means that it’s simply focused in a extremely most well-liked exercise, then the talents are much less more likely to generalize. I like to recommend training writing objectives to be music remedy particular AND from a multidisciplinary standpoint in an effort to be certain that generalization abilities are being addressed outdoors of particular circumstances.  

Purpose: Shopper will enhance centered consideration in 80% of classes.

Music Remedy Goal Instance:

 After attending to distraction stimuli, when the therapist offers a musically embedded consideration cue, shopper will refocus consideration on the music therapist in a minimum of 50% of given alternatives all through the session with no further verbal/bodily prompts per trial. 

Multidisciplinary Goal Instance:

After attending to distraction stimuli, when the therapist offers an consideration cue/directive, shopper will refocus consideration on the therapist in a minimum of 50% of given alternatives all through the session with no further verbal/bodily prompts per trial. 


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