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Udana Mudra (Gesture of Udana Vayu): Advantages and Steps

Udana Vayu

Because the title suggests, Udana Vayu mudra is supposed to stability the Udana Vayu.

Udana actually means ‘fly’ and Vayu in yoga means ‘wind’ that flows the Prana into varied areas of the physique.

Udana-Vayu, which accurately means “the wind that which carries upward,” emanates from the center and travels as much as the pinnacle, the 5 senses, and the mind. It’s positioned within the throat and circulates in a circle across the head and neck area. Udana Vayu governs speech, self-expression, and progress and serves to carry us up.

Acts like swallowing, making facial expressions, and talking are examples of frequent capabilities which might be managed by Udana Vayu. Moreover, it controls improvement and metabolism by way of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Imbalance in Udana Vayu arises within the type of voice difficulties, shortness of breath, disappointment, reminiscence loss, and cognitive incapacity.

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What’s Udana Vayu Mudra?

Out of 5 Prana Vayus, every Prana will be managed and balanced utilizing a hand mudra.

The aim of Udana Vayu Mudra is to boost Udana Vayu’s efficiency. Merely often known as Udana Mudra, it improves thyroid and parathyroid glands’ performance, in addition to speech and communication. It’s a therapeutic mudra in case of illnesses associated to the pinnacle and neck area space.

This mudra is often known as the “Hansi Mudra” as a result of it resembles a swan’s face. It’s shaped by becoming a member of the guidelines of the index, center, and ring finger to the thumb tip whereas the little finger is stretched straight.

Udana Vayu Mudra helps produce a particular hormone ‘serotonin’ within the physique which makes you content. Subsequently, additionally it is often known as the ‘inside smile mudra‘. By encouraging the upward motion of the prana, Udana vayu mudra follow paves the trail towards spirituality and higher consciousness.

It bodily energizes the mind by way of the movement of fine concepts and feelings, leading to a deeper sense of happiness and pleasure.

Allow us to see the steps to carry out the Udana Vayu mudra together with a few of its advantages.

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Learn how to carry out Udana Vayu Mudra

One ought to follow Udana Vayu mudra for 10 to fifteen minutes in a single stretch. On this manner, do it 2 to three instances a day. Folks with throat or thyroid-related issues ought to follow the Udana Vayu mudra for 20-Half-hour at the very least in a single sitting.

Nonetheless, folks with vata dosha ought to carry out this mudra in a managed method because the Udana Vayu might get imbalanced in such folks.

Beneath are the steps to carry out this mudra:

  • Sit in any snug meditative place of your alternative. The preferable positions are padmasana, sukhasana, and vajrasana.
  • Place your arms in your knees or thighs with palms dealing with upwards.
  • On each arms, be a part of your index, center, ring finger, and thumb on the ideas. Maintain your thumb in nearly the centre of those fingertips. The little finger ought to stay prolonged and comfortably straight.
  • Shut your eyes and produce your consciousness to your breath.
  • Slowly convey this consciousness in direction of the throat chakra the place the Udana Vayu resides.
  • Maintain this hand mudra utterly nonetheless for 10 minutes. Improve mudra holding period to twenty minutes with extra follow and time.

Concluding your follow by performing the prana mudra for 10 minutes will improve the consequences of Udana Vayu mudra.

Advantages of Udana Vayu Mudra

Along with balancing the udana vayu, practising this mudra throughout meditation can improve focus and advance your non secular follow. It removes obstructions and blockages within the throat chakra which can assist within the Ajna chakra receiving the Kundalini vitality.

Udana mudra improves reminiscence, respiratory system, immunity, and metabolism. It stimulates varied thyroid and parathyroid glands. It strengthens vocal cords and improves the voice.

Maintaining the above in thoughts, take a look at the advantages of udana mudra:

  • Chargeable for enhancing immunity by selling improved respiratory system efficiency.
  • Udana vayu mudra improves communication, speech, confidence, and the power to convey feelings, amongst different advantages, by bringing the throat chakra into stability.
  • Prompts the thyroid and thymus glands that are accountable for controlling the physique’s metabolism and making certain improved immunity, respectively.
  • Aids within the remedy of bronchial asthma, shallow respiration, and different respiration issues.
  • Provides one a robust sensation of inside pleasure, tranquillity, and love that’s unconditional.
  • Maintains allergens at bay by aiding in nasal cleaning.
  • Retains stress, pressure, and nervousness away whereas boosting the mind with wholesome prana movement.
  • Brings equilibrium between the 2 sides of the mind by serving to to boost and stimulate the inventive aspect.
  • This mudra enhances mind and prompts the kundalini on the next aircraft.
  • Sharpens reminiscence and will increase alertness, consideration, and focus.


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