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The right way to Use the Two-Breath Hypnosis Method with Shoppers to Cut back Stress


This can be a tremendous highly effective method to show purchasers to de-stress in lower than a minute. The extra it’s practiced, the better it turns into to take care of emotions of peace and happiness. An awesome method for anybody, together with kids!

Click on beneath to obtain the Two Breath Hypnosis Method Worksheet to benefit from your follow.


Download the Two-Breath Hypnosis Worksheet



So this is how the method works.

What I might such as you to do is choose a colour that for you, represents peace, tranquility, calm. Every little thing that you simply do need, simply think about what that colour is.

Now for me, it is normally like that tremendous, tremendous, tremendous mild blue colour, however I am feeling actually purpley right this moment, so I feel it is gonna be a light-weight, mild, purple colour right this moment.

And now what I might such as you to do is think about a colour that represents every part you now not need. These things is neither good nor unhealthy.

It is simply not for you On this second, it is like carbon monoxide.

After we’re executed with it, the timber and vegetation can use it. Not so helpful to us, so we simply exhale it out.

No exhausting emotions to the carbon monoxide. Similar to no exhausting emotions to something that you’re exhaling, that you simply understand you now not want.

Simply assign a colour to it and the colour helps us.

The colour represents sure issues that our unconscious understands.

So in a second, what I am gonna ask you to do is I am gonna ask you to shut your eyes, and I am going to ask you to think about inhaling that colour of every part that you simply do need, and I would like you to think about that it permeates each muscle, nerve, and cell in your physique.

After which you are going to exhale every part you now not want.

Similar to that carbon monoxide.

We’re gonna try this two instances in a row, and I feel you may be shocked how a lot better you are feeling, even for those who really feel nice proper now, simply in these couple seconds of centered consideration.

All proper, so go forward and shut your eyes.

And once you’re prepared, taking a pleasant deep breath of that colour of every part you need.

Think about that colour permeates each muscle, nerve and cell in your physique, swirling round, energizing, livening up each a part of you feeling secure and safe.

Now exhaling every part you now not want, symbiotic relationship.

And once you’re prepared for one more good and deep breath, take it in of that colour, peace, tranquility, calm, stabilizing that confidence deep down inside you.

And now as soon as once more, exhaling every part you now not want.

Excellent feeling, secure and calm, tranquil, opening your eyes.

Excellent job. It doesn’t take very lengthy to really feel higher, does it?

Good job.

In order that’s referred to as the Two Breath Hypnosis Method.

So for those who do not but have a default response, let that be it.

The following time you discover stress in your physique, simply take a second.

Does not matter what it’s.

Breathe that colour in, and exhale, breathe that colour in and exhale.

It provides you the pause, the pause, the very, very, very highly effective pause to have a considerate response.


That alone will serve you all.

Now you should utilize this type if you would like and put it up in your fridge and mark your progress because the weeks go on.

Make word of the way you’re utilizing it and when for much more progress.



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