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The Rabbit Persona in Rabbitbrush Flower Essence

Rabbit in a landscape with Rabbitbrush

It has been a longtime fascination for me: why are so many flowers named one thing associated to what they’re used for as a flower essence? It occurs A LOT. It is as if individuals have been as soon as in tune with the emotional/religious features of crops however in our trendy world we have overlooked it. If it may possibly’t be scientifically confirmed, it would not matter what individuals have famous over a whole lot or hundreds of years—it would not exist!

So whenever you search for “why is Rabbitbrush referred to as Rabbitbrush?” on Google you get the response that it comes from the looks of the leaves having tiny white hairs.” Oh, actually? Different sources say it’s as a result of rabbits like to cover underneath the crops and have been usually seen bounding out when individuals would experience by on horseback. Okay, possibly, however in addition they cover underneath Sagebrush and every other plant giant sufficient to sneak underneath! 

So hear me out. Let’s discuss rabbits and what Rabbitbrush flower essence is used for.

Wild rabbits are sometimes timid and fearful however they may also be fairly high-spirited. They’re very alert and watchful, prepared to leap away on the slightest indication of hazard. However they’re additionally simply overwhelmed and can hunch down and freeze if they’re too afraid to run. When really terrified, they may play lifeless or even have a coronary heart assault and die.

Individuals who want Rabbitbrush have a recurring response of overwhelm to what they understand as an excessive amount of stimulation. Simply ungrounded and jumpy, they try to cope by shutting down consciousness of the nightmarish large image and turning into hyper-focused or obsessed by small particulars. Conversely, this obsession can turn out to be overwhelming in itself or an individual might need a really arduous time focussing on particulars as a result of their consideration is taken away by one thing of their higher sight view. Both method, we’re speaking about the identical factor—being overwhelmed by stimulation and having bother utilizing one’s consideration in a peaceful but alert and versatile method.

Rabbitbrush flower essence helps such an individual settle down and never be so fast to energetically leap out of their physique. It helps them use their rabbit-like character to pay attention to each the small print and massive image so that they have extra capacity to multi-task or no less than shift their consideration forwards and backwards with ease. 


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