The Physique’s Highly effective Vitality Community: Meridians


What are meridians? Do they actually exist?

As a result of meridians are invisible, they hook up with the surface and the within of the physique. This connection permits the physique to have life.

You could have a visual, bodily physique. Are you able to think about you even have one other total physique that’s merged behind your bodily physique? This power physique is made up of invisible meridians. Your power—or Qi—runs by your meridians. The entire issues your bodily physique reveals relies on the well being and performance of your meridians.

Within the physique, meridians are the life community, the power community, the knowledge community. These invisible pathways enable your bodily physique to connect with Nature and to the Universe—to all invisible info. They hook up with all of our organ methods, permitting them to speak and performance harmoniously.

Meridians solely exist on a dwelling physique. If you go away, your bodily physique will nonetheless be there however your meridians will disappear. Chinese language drugs differentiates life and dying by power. Your Spirit takes your meridians out of your physique. However despite the fact that they don’t exist within the physique, they nonetheless exist within the Universe. Your story can nonetheless be accessed, even after you might be gone.

Historic Masters

In historic instances, masters gave college students workout routines to assist Qi to stream by the meridians, and to assist stimulate the meridians to turn out to be extra delicate. Individuals who might do that would be capable to develop psychic skills. The entire well-known docs have been Qigong masters and had developed a particular method to perceive the meridians. These Qigong masters found themselves by the meridians, and used their very own our bodies as a mural to grasp their sufferers.

Meridians can assist you uncover who you might be, the place you might be, why you might be, and if you find yourself. Use this community to find your self and to connect with every little thing round you.


Grand Grasp Lu Talks About Meridians

Pay attention to Grand Grasp Lu’s speak on the physique’s unbelievable power community of meridians.

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Then take into consideration this: When power is robust sufficient, matter can change. Which means your Qi and your bodily circumstances are interchangeable. How are you going to attain that stage?


  • As an power practitioner, how are you going to uncover your self by the meridians? How are you going to use your self as a mural to raised perceive your sufferers?
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