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The Physique By no means Lies: Thoughts-Physique-Spirit Messages

We obtain textual content messages on a regular basis. And as shortly as they arrive in, we ship a response again out. We’re so centered on all of those exterior messages, that we overlook to hearken to the messages which are coming from inside. Aches, pains, and signs are simply trapped vitality. Your physique is making an attempt to speak with you!

So what connects the bodily physique and the invisible spirit? Your thoughts.

Your thoughts isn’t just in your head. The thoughts is a broader idea. The whole lot within the Universe has a thoughts. The thoughts connects your coronary heart, feelings, emotions, consciousness, creativity—even your goals. Your thoughts turns into the reflection between your bodily physique and your spirit. So, via the thoughts, are you able to see the spirit?

We frequently say, “You’re the baby of the Universe.” However can we perceive how massive the Universe is? The Universe is limitless, so subsequently, within you is limitless, too. Can we use this standpoint to know our our bodies? It’s important to have a look at the physique’s interrelationships—have a look at the physique as distinctive.

Are you able to see how the physique is linked? For instance, ache in your index finger is expounded to the Lung and the Colon. Your tennis elbow might not be a sports activities damage in any respect. It could possibly be associated to constipation. Your headache could be related to stress, your ex-husband, or your job loss. Your ache, whether or not in your head, your elbow, or your finger, isn’t just a bodily ache. It’s associated to different issues. It might be an emotion that reveals in your physique.

When you find yourself joyful, you may snicker or smile. When you find yourself unhappy, you may cry. Now look to Nature. Are you able to see Nature’s rain as a smile, amusing, or a cry? Are you able to see it because the communication between Earth and sky? In case you can have a look at Nature from this angle, you may see issues otherwise. You could be extra receptive to your individual physique’s messages.

Each symptom carries its personal message. What occurs if you expertise hayfever or seasonal allergic reactions? You might be linked to Nature’s thoughts, simply because the seasons are. Nevertheless, as Nature’s vitality adjustments via the seasons, your physique isn’t making a clean transition. This ends in signs, like allergic reactions.

The physique is unbelievable in all that it does for us. However we regularly lose sight of the bigger image. We overlook that we aren’t simply bodily beings, however complicated beings with our bodies, minds, and spirits. We fail to notice our connection to Nature, and acknowledge that every one that occurs round us additionally impacts what occurs inside us.

“Do we actually perceive the physique? Can we? In my view, we don’t perceive the physique. If we perceive the physique, we all know all the pieces. As a result of the physique isn’t just materialized issues, physique is interconnections. Physique is vitality. Physique is consciousness. The physique is all the pieces.”

-Grand Grasp Nan Lu

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