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The Freedom of Groundlessness – Deconstructing Your self

Nondual Meditation with Michael Taft


Wow, acquired lots of people right here tonight. That’s nice. So let’s start just by checking in, not meditating, not doing something particular, simply tuning in to the way it feels to be you proper now, the ideas which are current, the feelings which are current, physique sensations which are current and easily permitting what’s ever there to be there. So we’re actually comprehensively simply noticing what it’s prefer to be ourselves proper now and accepting that fully. No matter it looks like is okay, irrespective of how terrible or let’s say explodingly too energetic, or one thing, no matter it’s, it’s all advantageous. However simply discover it. Be with what’s truly occurring.

And now, I need you to search out that almost all brokenhearted place inside your self, the saddest spot, and simply really feel that only for a second, the actually unhappy place, and simply let that be current with out making an attempt to alter it or management it or deny it. Discover that that’s there and that’s okay, and simply let which have its room, have its place.

Now, I’d such as you to start performing some deeper respiration, I’m gonna do some stomach respiration or no matter deep respiration works for you however the thought is solely that you simply do

a big in-breath after which a very lengthy exhale. So the exhale is for much longer than the inhale. That’s the essential half nevertheless it helps if it’s a pleasant stomach inhale to start with. Make it be just right for you, don’t wrestle, don’t make the out breath so lengthy that it’s tough or uncomfortable, however we wish to have a pleasant deep in-breath after which a very, actually lengthy out-breath. And so let’s be with simply that for some time collectively. 

If you wish to, if it lets you keep centered, be certain that, after all, that you simply’re feeling the physique sensations of that in-breath very clearly and feeling the physique sensations of that out-breath very clearly. How’s that really feel in your stomach? How does that really feel in your rib cage? How does that really feel in your perineum? How’s that really feel in all places? And noticing all of the sensations in-breath and out-breath. And if you wish to you possibly can label inhaling, ‘inhaling,’ for the in-breath, and respiration out, ‘respiration out,’ for the out-breath. So let’s simply be with that collectively for some time right here.

Really feel how good it feels to breathe. Physique actually likes to breathe. It would assist if you happen to really feel the start of every in-breath. Ensure you discover that second of the start of the in-breath and be sure you discover the second of the tip of the out-breath. They’re proper subsequent to one another however they’re completely different. Simply sink much more deeply into that breath.

It’d really feel beautiful. It’d truly really feel type of painful. It’d really feel a variety of alternative ways however simply let it really feel that means. Nonetheless the breath feels is the appropriate means for it to really feel proper now. Actually sink into that.

Good, now discover what’s noticing the breath, discover the noticing, discover this–the attention that’s current. and simply discover that that consciousness that’s current that’s conscious of the respiration could be very open, it’s very spacious, it’s boundaryless, it’s extensive, it’s free. And I need you to primarily simply relaxation being that consciousness whereas permitting the breath sensation to easily come up and move within the consciousness. So as a substitute of type of specializing in the breath, or specializing in the physique, we’re doing one thing completely different now, we’re merely resting as open consciousness inside which the wave of the breath rises and falls and consciousness notices that wave of the rising and falling breath with none effort, with none problem, it’s simply already conscious. So we’re nonetheless in a means meditating on the breath however within the lightest attainable means, primarily like 98% simply resting as consciousness with the breath merely rising and falling in consciousness. Let’s do this collectively now.

Should you like meditating together with your eyes open, that’s type of the normal solution to work it with this half, attempt to stay completely nonetheless, don’t transfer, don’t scratch, don’t shift, stay nonetheless. Discover that this spacious consciousness is already conscious. It requires no work to be awake. It’s already conscious of the sensation of the breath. So we’re simply resting in awakeness, feeling the breath, remaining uninvolved with pondering however not combating the pondering, simply being the open consciousness noticing the breath. Consciousness is awake. Keep awake. Should you’re having hassle staying awake, sit up, open your eyes. However, after all, consciousness is awake it doesn’t matter what. It’s simply the thoughts that’s sleepy. 

We’re resting outdoors the thoughts, merely consciousness itself feeling the breath, resting in wakefulness, feeling the breath. In a technique we are able to discover how spectacularly strange this feels, not a particular state, not altered, merely resting as the attention that’s at all times current. It’s simple to enter an altered state, we do it on a regular basis however that normally serves as some type of leisure or distraction from this that’s right here on a regular basis, however wow take a look at this factor that’s right here on a regular basis. Let it see itself, consciousness seeing consciousness, consciousness displaying itself to itself. Discover that it has no boundary, it’s completely huge, unconstrained, not cramped, open, free, as extensive because the sky with none effort. Discover that now. Relaxation in that vastness effortlessly now.

If it feels prefer it’s closing in or changing into cramped or tightening down simply calm down, discover it effortlessly comes again to openness, it’s at all times open. That is the pure state of consciousness and look, look proper now, not solely is it boundless–how lengthy has consciousness been right here? How lengthy has it been conscious? This endless consciousness has been right here since beginningless time. It has no starting, it’s unbounded in house and unbounded in time. Look in your personal expertise, when did it begin? When did consciousness begin? Not in your reminiscence, not in concepts, not in ideas, however proper now. Look! When did consciousness begin?

It has at all times been conscious. That is the pure state of consciousness, boundless and timeless, however look much more intently, now, proper now, look in your personal expertise. Consciousness has no harm, consciousness has no trauma, consciousness has no scars, it’s completely good and pristine at each second. Our ideas and feelings and our bodies and spirits can have problem and harm and scars however consciousness itself by no means does. Completely pristine, at all times good, at all times completely healed in each second, and completely indestructible.

Look now. Discover your personal utterly pristine, good, clear, undamaged, unsullied consciousness. Stay completely nonetheless, nonetheless means nonetheless, on this pure state, completely unaltered, completely regular state of consciousness. Discover the boundlessness, the timelessness, the perfection, the pristine high quality of consciousness. However look, proper now, in your personal expertise and see additionally the loving high quality of this consciousness which comes from its openness, rejects nothing, it accepts and welcomes every thing (partially as a result of it can’t be ever harmed in any means.) It’s completely welcoming, completely accepting, completely loving. Discover that now.

Its extensive open arms settle for each thought, each emotion. Every part that comes into consciousness is conscious, is seen, is seen. It’s deeply loving, that is the pure state of consciousness completely open, completely loving and accepting, rejecting nothing, greeting every thing. This consciousness is completely actual and but look, proper now, in your personal expertise. It’s not a factor. You can’t make a factor out of it. It’s not an object in consciousness. Noticing doesn’t make an object out of noticing, it’s what’s noticing. It’s not a factor, this consciousness which is completely actual and but not a factor. 

Discover now the place it comes from. The place is that this consciousness coming from? What’s the floor from which it springs? Look intently, you’ll discover there isn’t a floor. You may need concepts about the place consciousness arises from however these are simply ideas. Should you look fastidiously in your personal expertise, proper now, you’ll see clearly it has no floor, it has no supply, it’s not itself resting on something, it’s groundless. Look now at this eternal, timeless, good, huge, loving, groundless consciousness and spot now that it’s what’s trying.

Excellent. Now let’s let go of the meditation.

Dharma Speak, Q&A

Discover that we’re not breaking away from some particular state, the attention continues to be there. The attention itself hasn’t modified. It’s completely simply the way in which it’s been and the factor that may get in the way in which with the way in which we’re working on this meditation is that if we begin to consider it, for instance, if I say one thing like, ‘consciousness is boundless or consciousness is huge,’ we are able to begin to do exactly actually type of two issues, we are able to both give it some thought or we are able to begin making an attempt to do one thing. So lots of people try to make their consciousness large someway, like pushing or type of increasing or no matter, identical to feeling like they’re trying in several instructions and stuff like that. However that’s utterly pointless. Consciousness is already huge, it’s already extensive and if you happen to’re not noticing that, it’s simply since you’re paying consideration proper now in a slim means, however if you happen to calm down it simply comes again to openness. 

Or, if we’re fascinated about it, we are able to say one thing like, effectively, let’s see, your eyes are open, usually we might do a meditation like this with our eyes open, you don’t should however that’s type of conventional, you recognize, say one thing like, ‘it’s boundless,’ and also you’ll suppose, ‘however I see a room round me so it’s bounded by a room,’ or ‘there’s a flooring.’ That’s an apparent boundary however we’re speaking about expertise right here and so what’s actually there may be a picture of a ceiling arising within the thoughts or a picture of a flooring and that’s not a boundary in any respect. When it comes to my sitting right here expertise, proper now, it’s just a few picture arising, proper? Identical factor after I say, ‘it’s timeless,’ we are able to have concepts of, ‘oh, it began as a result of my mind assembled in my mom’s womb,’ or no matter, cells got here collectively after which in some unspecified time in the future there was a–then a miracle occurs and there was you recognize this these knock-on results and someway consciousness occurred however that’s an thought, proper? That’s a narrative, we’re telling ourselves about what occurred. And I’m not commenting about whether or not that occurred, or not. That’s not what we’re doing right here.

Moderately, we’re trying in our expertise, proper now, about what–to place it in a humorous means–how lengthy does it really feel prefer it’s been there? Or look like it’s been there? And if you happen to look, it feels prefer it’s been there both without end or that the query is unnecessary. These are type of the 2 solutions. They’re the identical reply, in a means, if you wish to name them a solution. It’s like a divide-by-zero error or one thing, it simply doesn’t make sense to even ask that. It’s simply both at all times been there or it’s timeless in your direct expertise not concepts about it, not in making an attempt to speak about, you recognize, the science of improvement or one thing, we’re simply trying instantly into expertise, the identical factor with the indestructibility of it, or the truth that it can’t be damage, it can’t be broken, that’s simply instantly noticeable. And naturally, human beings can have a variety of damage, a variety of wounding, a variety of scars, a variety of psychological points, trauma, and so on., however that isn’t within the consciousness. In order that’s not touching the attention. The attention is noticing that. The attention itself is at all times pristine. It’s by no means damage in any means. 

Don’t imagine me, take a look at the attention itself and spot that it’s boundless, discover that it’s timeless, discover that it can’t be damage, it’s indestructible. It’s one of many–if we acquired into some conventional language, we might say, it’s certainly one of its vajra qualities, it’s indestructible. That’s what vajra means, can’t be harmed. And similar with loving, I’d say it’s loving.

Generally you get a variety of pushback; however isn’t it impartial? How can it have a top quality? An emotional high quality? and so on. However I’m not speaking concerning the emotional high quality, though that’s associated to it, I’m speaking about its very openness, the truth that as a result of it might probably’t be damage, it’s not making an attempt to push something away. The truth that consciousness simply is conscious of every thing that arises. It doesn’t simply filter out the stuff it doesn’t like and solely lets within the stuff it likes, it’s all the way in which open, all the way in which welcoming, all the way in which accepting, on a regular basis. The ideas and emotions won’t be. I would actually be having some ideas and emotions about stuff however consciousness itself? Huge open, utterly accepting, no judgment, completely loving.

And simply look, once more, don’t imagine me, look in your personal expertise, you’ll see it’s like that. Then the truly actually bizarre stuff comes subsequent like the truth that it’s not a factor. As quickly as I begin speaking about consciousness, you attempt to begin discovering a factor referred to as consciousness, and we’re saying phrases about it, we’re making an attempt to level consideration on the factor referred to as consciousness. However, after all, it’s the place the ideas are arising, it’s what’s trying. You’ll be able to by no means make a factor out of it. Nothing is a factor however we are able to nonetheless make issues out of them, proper? Actually they’re by no means a factor however we are able to do this with our thoughts. However you possibly can’t make consciousness right into a factor, it’s outdoors of that, it’s by no means, ever, ever an object. Objects, if there are any, they come up inside it and move away from it. However, after all, they’re all fabricated from consciousness too. So actually nothing is a factor.

After which the very, very–possibly most difficult, most terrifying, most upsetting, however most deeply satisfying factor about consciousness is; there’s no floor. There’s no place to search out the supply of it. You’ll be able to’t get to the tip of it. You’ll be able to’t resolve it. It’s not going to permit you to curl up and relaxation in your little cat mattress, you recognize, curled in a circle, loud night breathing, your toe beans hanging out like you may have 15 legs. It doesn’t do this. It’s, in a means, at all times falling by means of house. It’s simply completely groundless. And that quantity of freedom is frightening, at first, to the pondering, feeling thoughts.

However finally, that quantity of freedom turns into the last word refuge, proper? The truth that it’s groundless, in that means, is what’s so fantastic about it. It’s not dependent.

When, you recognize–if we discuss in conventional languages about this high quality, they generally in English or western languages will use a phrase which means enlightenment however that’s not the phrase, that’s not the appropriate translation. The interpretation into English is freedom or liberation, and that’s the liberty we’re speaking about, that groundlessness, absolute timeless not thingness of completely pure, crisp, extensive open, loving, accepting consciousness.

Proper? That’s freedom and no matter ideas are arising, consciousness is okay, no matter emotions are arising, consciousness is okay. It’s not ignoring them as a result of it’s conscious, proper? However neither is it accepting and rejecting them or, lets say, they’re all accepted. It’s not grabbing onto or rejecting them. And once more, don’t imagine me, it’s not like a perception system. Simply look. I’m simply mentioning what’s there so that you can discover about your personal consciousness and as a substitute it’s–we’re not doing it by means of concepts, I’ve to speak in concepts to type of level to it however if you happen to attempt to do that with concepts you’re in doing the fallacious factor, you’re like going about it incorrectly. It’s slightly, simply take a look at the attention itself with the attention itself. It’s direct, okay? 

In order that’s what we’re as much as and that’s the, you recognize, freedom that’s accessible. Discover it’s not some type of particular state. We are able to do meditations and get in very altered states, that’s advantageous however altered states come and go. This doesn’t come and go.

So questions, feedback, reviews?

Questioner 1: So presumably an odd report, however I seen that I used to be like regarding you

as like an offended determine who’s gonna hit me if I transfer. Is that like–I had a variety of anger in the direction of you about it. 

Michael: Superior. So discover that consciousness is okay with that, proper? You’re projecting anger onto me, you’re feeling anger again. Clearly, I’m not offended at anybody for transferring. We agreed to all keep nonetheless earlier than we began nevertheless it’s not like I’m gonna come and hit you. On the similar time, we’re not in right here to have some good feelings and never different feelings, so if anger’s arising that’s fascinating, okay? That’s what’s occurring now. However after all, I’ll by no means hit you.

Questioner 1: I really feel like I truly did want that in order that was useful.

Michael: I would simply come over there and actually yell at you. Perhaps I’m taking that again.

Thanks on your report. I believe it’s fascinating to note that. 

Questioner 2: That is my first time in your class. I’ve by no means tried this method to  meditation earlier than, so once you instructed us simply to relaxation I used to be like, oh, what do I do? I don’t know what I’m doing. Perhaps I’m simply bored.

Michael: So the reply is; simply relaxation, don’t do something, and if you happen to’re bored then be bored. Okay? And there’s one thing that’s noticing the boredom, that’s what we’re actually right here for, okay? It’s not about, oh I must be in a state of doing one thing, as a result of we’re noticing the factor that desires to do. It’s not that, oh I would like to interact my pondering in order that I don’t have this emotion of boredom. It’s; discover that boredom is arising in consciousness, okay? Is that so dangerous? Be bored. However it’s; how are you aware you’re bored?

How are you aware you’re bored?

Questioner 2: I don’t know.

Michael: You don’t know. If you recognize it, okay. Properly, discover out, proper? Discover out whether or not you’re bored or not, and if you’re, how are you aware? Proper? Simply look. Once more, meditation shouldn’t be leisure—so we’re not making an attempt to not be bored. In truth, if we’re tremendous bored, that is perhaps actually, actually fascinating. Okay, we’ll simply sit with that and spot that urge that desires to fill the thoughts with new materials, what’s that protecting up? If we’re bored for quite a lot of minutes what would possibly come up that we’ve been avoiding? 

How are you aware something? I’m asking you, how are you aware something? Consider the phrase I’ve used about 600 occasions on this meditation, possibly 700, since you’re conscious of it, proper? The attention is central. So boredom is a state on the market that consciousness is noticing, that’s fascinating, okay? Whereas, if we tackle the ‘I’m the boredom’ that’s type of a misapprehension.

What else? Sure.

Questioner 2: Hey Michael, in my meditation follow however in my life, as effectively, I’ve

come throughout a typical theme of asking myself a query; when is motion acceptable and when is inaction acceptable? So for instance, in some meditation strategies, they have you ever growing an intense deal with the breath and in different meditation strategies, they really feel extra like this one, the place it’s type of identical to, settle into what’s at all times been there. What are sources I assume you suggest on like not simply in meditation however deciding, typically like, when it’s advantageous when every thing is okay, there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and so on., and when, you recognize, to hop on the proverbial like hamster wheel, I assume.

Michael: Let’s all be hamsters, collectively. Hamsters are cute. I like hamsters. I’ve a pleasant wheel, good secure wheel. Do you ever do any sports activities?

Questioner 2: Sure, Tae Kwon-do.

Michael: Okay, so you know the way in Tae Kwon-do you are able to do a roundhouse kick or you can do a sidekick, proper? Which one do you have to do?

Questioner 2: It is determined by the context.

Michael: Yeah, or, you recognize, which one do you wish to do? It’s not that one is true and the opposite one’s fallacious. They’re simply various things you are able to do. So in all places everyone seems to be claiming that they’ve the one proper meditation approach that everybody ought to do and I’m like, you recognize, that’s like saying my work all have the one true shade I take advantage of this good orange and the entire colours are banned from portray. Moderately, you recognize, every approach or every even non-technique is acceptable for what it’s acceptable for, okay? And so possibly that’s a non-answer by way of which one to do nevertheless it’s methods to method it and begin to work with which of them appear to be intuitively in tune with you, that they really feel extra acceptable, they really feel like, oh after I do this type of meditation I really feel a bit extra at residence, and so on., and so on., and that’s a great way to start. 

After which over time, you begin to get challenged with those that really feel rather less at residence however are value doing, and so forth, and little by little you develop your palette from simply this good orange. You get another colours in there and also you begin to have the ability to experiment. And so it’s on you, you recognize? And it’s when academics begin telling you that they know what you need to do this I might look out. Okay? Moderately, it’s like hey, right here’s entry to instruments, right here’s some stuff you need to use, right here’s cool methods to make use of them, right here’s the way in which I take advantage of them, and so forth, however nonetheless it’s your work with your self. Thanks. 

Questioner 3: Sure, so in my meditation at present after I seen that consciousness, I…

Michael: Who seen it? Or what seen it?

Questioner 3: I undoubtedly felt prefer it was nonetheless me. There was nonetheless a way of separation however like an appreciation for it and it felt like coronary heart opening and softening after which all these solutions got here in. It was like a really fruitful consciousness. After which I used to be experiencing a variety of bodily discomfort and I attempted to simply concentrate on that bodily discomfort. 

Michael: That’s what we do.

Questioner 3: And I may do it however then I felt like I used to be free falling.

Yeah, it was a bit bit terrifying 

Michael: Yeah! You’re doing it! That’s it! Bear in mind I stated it’s groundless, you’re falling, it’s terrifying, I used all of these phrases.

Questioner 3: yeah, it was terrifying after which after that, I began meditating with my eyes open, it was simpler to deal with someway.

Michael: Yeah, normally that’s what I say, on this type, typically it’s simpler to have our eyes open. However discover irrespective of how a lot you free fell by means of house or felt scared nothing dangerous truly occurred. You’re advantageous, proper? 

And so, that is simply the fear of a rooster that’s been inside a tiny cage for like its complete life and it comes out of the cage and it’s like, Aaaaahhhh, there’s no cage! for only a minute, after which it’s like, Oh! Proper? You’ve heard me earlier than, I talked concerning the animal movies on Youtube, the place the–like for instance cows which were caught in a dairy barn their complete life are abruptly let loose, and so they’re all at first type of, what’s that horrible blue factor up there? It’s so gigantic and at last, they’re like, Oh! They begin leaping round and, you recognize, you ever see cows bounce? Or gamboling, proper? They’re simply operating round and that’s the transfer. 

So at first, it’s scary and it might probably really feel like I stated, it’s groundless. You’ll really feel such as you’re falling since you’re used to imagining a floor however the consciousness is free! So what you’re feeling is free. And at first it’s simply scary however discover nothing dangerous occurs, so after a short while, you’re not scared anymore, and also you begin–the liberty a part of it turns into the actually salient half, but in addition it’s loving, proper? It’s actually tremendous secure. So yeah, so you probably did it! You’re getting there, proper? You seen it.

Questioner 3: Yeah, I imply being freed from that cage that’s completely useful.

Michael: Yeah, proper. So gambol once you get outdoors. Do some gamboling. Different reviews or questions?

All proper. Thanks for placing up with my completely irrational and super-intense want for you all to be nonetheless, and I hope to see you all subsequent week after we might be nonetheless collectively once more.

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