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The best way to Open Third Eye Chakra with Meditation?

Did you ever discover that you’ve got already sensed an end result earlier than the outcomes are introduced? Otherwise you already knew {that a} enterprise deal can be profitable? And despite the fact that you carried out properly in an interview, you simply someway knew that you wouldn’t get the place? That is generally known as clairvoyance, the power to understand issues or occasions sooner or later or past regular sensory contact. 

The ability ofclairvoyance is mostly accessed by means of the third eye, which is situated between your eyebrows.

The third eye is a religious and mystical idea that’s related to offering knowledge, instinct and seeing pastsensory notion. Additionally it is known as the “Interior eye” or “Thoughts eye” and symbolizes enlightenment & clairvoyance.

In Hinduism and yoga, the place of the third eye is known as the forehead chakra, the third eye chakra or the Ajna chakra.

Chakras are the vitality centres in our physique current alongside the spinal twine. The literal that means of “chakra” is spinning wheel. Their vitality impacts our psychological, bodily and religious well-being. There are 7 main chakras in our physique and the third eye chakra is the sixth chakra of this vitality system.

What’s Third Eye Chakra?

Often known as Ajna in Sanskrit, the third eye chakra is the intuitive vitality centre in our physique situated within the centre of the brow simply in the midst of the eyebrows.

Symbolically this chakra is represented by the indigo and hues of royal blue. Within the 7 chakras system, it’s essentially the most highly effective chakra. It’s related to notion, consciousness, instinct, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming and establishing the connection to the upper realms.

This chakra can be involved with the psychological well being side comparable to emotional judgement, thought course of, mind, sleep cycle, knowledge, and many others. It’s generally thought of to be one of the vital important senses and activating or opening it’s of utmost significance.

What does it imply to open the third eye?

Identical to the bodily eyes, the third eye has no bodily look. In line with perception , people had in far historic instances an precise third eye at the back of the top with a bodily and religious operate. Over time, as people advanced, this eye atrophied and sunk into what as we speak is named the pineal gland.

Subsequently the opening of the third eye in an individual is taken into account as psychic means and powers.

When your third eye is opened, it is possible for you to to see vivid colours and auras of individuals, animals, and vegetation. Your intuitive skills get enhanced and also you expertise improved focus. An opened third eye supplies you with psychological readability which helps in clear self-expression and seeing the larger image of your existence.

Individuals who have clairvoyance tendencies, their visions and insights to the upper realms will flourish. Other than insights, their different senses comparable to listening to and listening additionally turn out to be sharp. They’re at all times conscious of their environment and their consideration span additionally will increase. They turn out to be centered and their devotion, particularly in the direction of divinity will increase. 

Blockage in third eye chakra

An opened third eye needs to be stored in stability and clear from any blockages. A number of triggers, inner or exterior, may cause the third eye’s vitality to turn out to be overactive or underactive.

Imbalance within the third eye chakra could include signs like the will for materials issues, impatience, destructive ideas, disconnection from spirituality, confusion, indecisiveness, self-doubt, slender mindedness, and overwhelming emotions.

In case you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it means you’re obstructing your solution to opening the third eye.

The best way to open your third eye

Earlier than engaged on the opening of the third eye chakra, the decrease 5 chakras have to be aligned and harmonized.

When the third eye opens, to deal with that greater state of insights these decrease 5 chakras works as a robust basis to help the individual. In any other case, If they aren’t correctly aligned and balanced, third eye opening can be thought of harmful for an individual.

There are numerous methods of opening the third eye chakra together with:

Out of those numerous methods, Meditation is simplest for third eye chakra opening. As a result of not like the decrease 5 chakras (Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, and Vishuddha) that are linked to 5 parts of the physique, the third eye has no such materialistic aspect. It’s related to the aspect of “Gentle” (inside knowledge) and for activation of “Gentle,” no approach may work higher than meditation.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Meditation is a strong approach by means of which you’ll be able to flush out undesirable ideas and feelings in your thoughts. You possibly can obtain a way of peace and transcend to the next state of consciousness with meditation.

Although there are just a few meditation strategies that may help in opening your third eye chakra, allow us to first get into the final steps that each meditation entails.

Choose a quiet house the place you’ll not get distracted for at the very least half-hour. Sit cross-legged on the bottom or a cushion or a chair, no matter appears snug to you. Your shoulders needs to be pulled again, chest open, and backbone straight to sit down in an upright place. Along with your fingers positioned within the Gyan mudra, becoming a member of the ideas of your index finger and thumbs, maintain them on high of your knees.

  • In case you’re sitting on a chair, your toes needs to be firmly grounded to the ground.

Slowly shut your eyes and focus on your respiratory. Really feel your chest rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. Discover the rhythm of your respiratory and really feel it filling your lungs with oxygen. You’ll really feel your physique and thoughts get relaxed. Many ideas will come up, however allow them to cross as you carry your focus in your respiratory.

Now think about trying on the location of the third eye, between the brows. Visualize indigo or blue orb spinning clockwise. With every inhales and exhales, think about this orb rising. Settle for the orbs’ presence and take within the heat of this gentle.

Keep on this place in the course of the meditation session. If you need to come out of the meditation, slowly come again to observing your respiratory after which keep nonetheless for some time. When you find yourself prepared, open your eyes and get on along with your day.

1. Mindfulness Meditation

A slight variation to the above normal meditation approach is when you find yourself basking within the orbs’ heat, you permit ideas and pictures to return forth. You would not have to decipher their that means or react to them in any approach, simply observe them and allow them to cross. It’s also possible to depend backwards from 100 to 1 at an interval of two seconds. It’s known as mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is an effective way to get away from the chaos of the world and provides some to your self and declutter your thoughts. It doesn’t cease you from pondering, however as a substitute, encourages you to take a look at your ideas with none response or judgment. You’ll get to know the bigger perspective of life and also will be supported in opening your third eye.

2. Trataka


On this type of meditation, you retain your eyes opened to gaze on the flame of a candle. Additionally it is known as candle gazing, open eyes meditation, or Yogi’s gaze.

Trataka is taken into account to be one of the vital efficient methods to coach your bodily in addition to your psychological imaginative and prescient and therefore good for the third eye chakra. It would assist in calming your thoughts, bettering your perceptions, and provides a heightened sense of readability.

To apply trataka for the third eye chakra, the candle needs to be stored at a distance, usually, 2 toes, the place you may simply stare upon its flame with out bending or tilting up your head. You must sit in a snug place, as described above.

If you really feel your thoughts and physique relaxed, be nonetheless and repair your gaze on the steadiest level of the flame, it may be the tip of the wick or the place the flame originates. Maintain your gaze centered on the flame, to the purpose you’re feeling like blinking. The gaze needs to be stored for at the very least 15 seconds.

  • You possibly can slowly enhance the time, as much as 30 seconds or above, with common apply.

Slowly really feel the world fade away round you and let your thoughts escape. In case you really feel like blinking, calmly shut your eyes and see the flame behind your closed lids. When the flame is gone, open your eyes and repeat the process.

3. Transcendental Meditation

In this sort of meditation, that you must sit in a meditative place, with eyes closed for 20 minutes, and silently chant a mantra. It’s a straightforward type of meditation that brings calm and peace to your life. You are feeling current within the second. The mantra chanting helps in reaching a state of stillness.

Usually, you must seek the advice of an skilled and authorized transcendental meditation practitioner earlier than you start practising. This practitioner will provide you with the step-by-step instruction to apply the meditation approach and mantra that’s distinctive to you and can be confidential. The mantra is a Sanskrit sound that may aid you transcend right into a profound state of consciousness.

The overall steps are as comply with:

  • Sit on a chair in a snug upright place. 
  • Take deep breaths to loosen up your physique. Do not forget that you must maintain your eyes closed for 20 minutes to chant the mantra, so if you wish to alter your posture, that is the time to take action.
  • As soon as you’re prepared, shut your eyes and chant the mantra in your thoughts that has been given to you by the licensed practitioner.
  • Any thought that comes throughout this period needs to be let go and never be dwelled upon.
  • As soon as the 20 minutes are accomplished, slowly carry your focus again to the bodily world. Wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes.

On this course of, you’ll maintain assembly the practitioner usually for follow-ups or if any corrections are wanted in your approach.

How lengthy will it take to open the third eye?

No time restrict has been set by both the meditation practitioners or yogis. Opening the third eye will depend on the approach and time of the meditation you’re following. Each individual takes their time to regulate and are available to the extent of stillness and tranquility required for the third eye opening meditation.

It could take just a few days, months, years, or whole life for somebody to expertise the third eye opening. Nevertheless, don’t let this discourage you. You must maintain practising meditation usually to see the consequences by your self.

What does science say about meditation strategies?

Whereas mainstream science could not agree upon the religious idea of the third eye, nonetheless, the meditation strategies comparable to trataka and mindfulness meditation have been studied and confirmed to be efficient in some ways.

A 2014 examine confirmed the constructive results of trataka on bettering the cognitive skills of the aged.

Then in 2015 , analysis was performed on 37 college-level athletics group members to see the consequences of candle gazing meditation on their focus and reminiscence degree. They concluded that this meditation approach improved the above-mentioned variables.

Mindfulness meditation can be identified to extend self-awareness, reminiscence, and a spotlight span, which is a crucial a part of activating the third eye. This 2019 examine successfully exhibits how the 152 contributors diminished their feeling of loneliness and elevated their social contact with mindfulness coaching by means of an app for two weeks. 

One other examine performed on 90 undergraduate college students , who practiced 8-minute mindfulness meditation, confirmed enchancment of their visible short-term reminiscence.

Although there are giant gaps within the research performed for mindfulness meditation , just a few research do recommend that it helps in curbing ache, stress, and anxiousness. 

The best way to know that the Third Eye is opening?

You’ve been doing all of the required meditation strategies wanted to activate your third eye, however how are you aware that your third eye is being opened? Beneath are a few of the indicators to look out for:

  • You’ll discover strain between your brows or the top or expertise a tingling sensation. It will typically be adopted by frequent complications.
  • Your intuitive skills can be enhanced.
  • Lucid dreaming and visions will turn out to be frequent.
  • You’ll purchase telepathic skills and turn out to be clairvoyant
  • You’ll now begin to perceive the larger image of life and be extra linked to the divine. 
  • Gentle and coloration sensitivity will enhance.
  • The truth that all the pieces has a goal and nothing is a coincidence will turn out to be related.
  • Your consuming habits can also change.


Nobody is aware of how lengthy it takes for the third eye to be activated, nonetheless, individuals who have skilled it have discovered their calling and felt serenity. It’s identified to offer perceptive, intuitive, and religious skills, although there isn’t any scientific proof to show it.

All you must do is apply the meditation every day to attain peace, calmness, stillness, and fulfilment in your life!


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