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That means, Properties, & Use Information – Unconscious Servant

Have you ever ever questioned about Lemurian Seed crystals and the way they work? It is a crystal that may be very straightforward to acknowledge.

A really unique-looking stone, Lemurian Seed Crystal, might be present in many alternative sizes and colours.

You could find it in pink, apricot, blue, golden, and smoky shades.

It is a crystal that’s loaded with imperfections and inclusions.

Fairly than smash its look, these imperfections serve to make it way more stunning.

One of many attention-grabbing issues in regards to the look of this crystal is the ridges.

These are inclined to appear like bar codes and make the floor of the crystal have a cloudy look.

You will see that Lemurian Seed Crystal in Brazil, Tibet, Russia, Zambia, Colombia, and the US.

In the present day we’re going to dive into the which means behind this stone, why and find out how to use it, and extra. Let’s get began.

What’s Lemurian Seed Crystal?

What is Lemurian Seed Crystal?

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a type of quartz. In contrast to many different quartz crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystal has a characteristic that basically stands out.

This crystal has ridges or “barcodes, ” additionally known as progress traces or ladders.

Simply as you possibly can inform how previous a tree is from its rings, you possibly can inform how previous a Lemurian Seed Crystal is by these progress traces.

Early Lemurian Seed Crystals solely had traces or ridges on three sides. The opposite three sides had been clean.

All through the years, this stone has developed. Now, any or the entire sides might be ridged or striated.

In reality, many crystals recognized as Lemurian crystals do not need any striations.

Shapes and Types of Lemurian Seed Crystal

Mostly, we see Lemurian Seed Crystal in a wand form. Others seem like extra egg-shaped.

If you first take a look at these crystals, they simply appear like any common quartz crystal. However, there are lots of little variations you possibly can see as soon as you actually take a very good take a look at a bit of this crystal.

It’s the wand crystals that are inclined to have essentially the most variances. In some instances, they could be off-white with a tint of pink or brown.

You may actually see these colours when holding a bit of the crystal as much as a lightweight.

This crystal is known as the “golden healer” and might be present in numerous colours, primarily clear.

The place does it Come From?

Additionally known as Lemurian Quartz, Lemurian Seed Crystal was initially found in Brazil.

In the present day, it may be discovered in lots of different components of the world.

These crystals are very delicate and fragile. In reality, when rising in a cluster, it isn’t unusual for weaker items to fall out and hit the ground of the caves the place the crystals are discovered.

Utilizing Lemurian Seed Crystal for Well being and Therapeutic

Lemurian Crystal Healing Properties

In relation to highly effective therapeutic crystals, Lemurian Seed Crystal is unquestionably one to have in your assortment.

It’s mentioned that this crystal holds the sunshine of the person’s common life power. Merely holding it in your hand can ship the sunshine from the stone by your whole physique.

It will assist to restore any imbalances, in addition to clear blockages.

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a grasp crystal. It may well heal you on many ranges, together with physique, thoughts, spirit, and coronary heart.

#1. Highly effective Therapeutic Energies

Lemurian Seed Crystal is loaded with therapeutic energies. In reality, it might heal quite a lot of issues and diseases.

This crystal is very highly effective when utilized in mixture with Sodalite.

The therapeutic energies of Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help to deal with circulatory issues and points with the backbone.

It’s also used for detoxing.

Lemurian Seed Crystal can be utilized to assist strengthen vein construction. It may be used for eradicating uncommon growths as effectively.

When you endure from carpal tunnel syndrome, Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help.

Talking of nerves, this crystal also can assist those that have suffered from a stroke and support in mobile reminiscence therapeutic.

#2. Will increase Private Wealth

Not solely can Lemurian Seed Crystal assist you mentally, emotionally, and bodily, however you can too use it to attain your monetary objectives.

Lemurian Seed Crystal is named a companion crystal. It is because it affords a lot assist in so some ways.

You should utilize it that can assist you overcome disappointments, in addition to to rejoice your successes.

In relation to coping with funds, Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help to take away the issues which are blocking you from monetary success.

It is a crystal that can provide you power, even when you find yourself able to throw within the towel! It is going to re-establish your sense of self-worth and assist you to imagine in your self extra.

That is vital when speaking about monetary ventures. If you’re planning on beginning your personal enterprise, all the time carry a bit of Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Having this crystal on you’ll assist you see issues from all views, not simply your personal.

That is going to assist you to open your eyes to different concepts. In reality, you might provide you with concepts that others would by no means consider.

Even when your concepts appear unusual to others, don’t allow them to discourage you. Solely you possibly can create your personal success with the assistance of Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Lemurian Seed Crystal for Love and Relationships

Lemurian Crystal for love and relationships

Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help hold your thoughts clear, which is vital on the subject of relationships.

It is a crystal that can assist you take into accout how a lot love you’ve gotten inside you and the way related you might be to like.

If you’re within the course of of creating a giant love life choice, having Lemurian Seed Crystal in your particular person will assist you to have the ability to suppose extra clearly and make the fitting choice.

#1.Opens the Heart Chakra

If you want emotional therapeutic, Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help. It opens the guts chakra.

This makes emotional therapeutic simpler, and you can be higher capable of categorical your self.

It may well additionally assist when you should reduce emotional ties.

One of many nice issues about this crystal is that it’s loaded with energies that can assist to heal emotional wounds.

It may well assist to create an emotional steadiness following a trauma.

It is going to additionally assist you tune in to like energies and take away emotional stress out of your coronary heart.

#2. Helps you Break Free from Dangerous Relationships

Maintaining a bit of Lemurian Seed Crystal in your particular person may also help to take away emotional ties.

It may well additionally assist you to strengthen your personal self-love.

In case you have just lately damaged free from a nasty relationship, or if you’re in a nasty relationship that doesn’t get any higher, depend on Lemurian Seed Crystal to sever these ties.

However, for those who really feel the connection is value engaged on, this crystal may also help.

Use it for meditation that can assist you determine what you actually need to do.

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The best way to Use Lemurian Seed Crystal

How to use the Lemurian Seed Crystal

You should utilize Lemurian Seed Crystal in quite a lot of methods, together with visualization, meditation, and prayer.

No matter your intentions, Lemurian Seed Crystal can act as a conductor and can assist you ship your intentions out to the universe.

#1. Utilizing Lemurian Seed Crystal for Therapeutic Work

If you’re doing therapeutic work on another person, Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help. Merely maintain it in your dominant hand.

Subsequent, visualize a white therapeutic gentle coming from the supply.

It also needs to come by your physique and the crystal.

This therapeutic gentle will go to the particular person you might be therapeutic.

This system can be utilized even if you’re not with the particular person you are attempting to heal.

#2. Ask the Crystal for Recommendation

If you’re pondering one thing and want some outdoors recommendation, ask your Lemurian Seed Crystal!

All you need to do is place the crystal in a shallow bowl and canopy it with white sand. Then, place the bowl within the earth.

After just a few hours, flip the bowl in no matter path feels proper. Use a compass to mark the path.

Brush away a number of the white sand so you possibly can see the crystal. Whether it is pointing north, the reply to your query shall be constructive.

If the crystal is pointing to the south, the response is unfavourable. Whether it is pointing east or west, there isn’t a definitive reply presently.

#3. Meditate with the Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystals have enormous vibrations, and most of the people (even the skeptics) can sense these vibrations.

Whereas meditating, maintain the crystal in your hand and rub it along with your fingertips. Doing this will likely assist you to attach with celestial beings.

Whereas this crystal has “ladder” markings, some additionally say that they’ll see hieroglyphs inside the stone. This may be terrific for eliminating unfavourable karmic well being.

If you’re meditating to study previous lives, use Lemurian Seed Crystal together with White Heulandite.

Combining Lemurian Seed Crystal with Different Crystals

Crystals combined for meditation

You may mix the facility of Lemurian Seed Crystal with the facility of different crystals for even larger advantages.

Here’s a checklist of advantages and the crystals to make use of to get these advantages when combining crystals.

Combining with Excessive Vibrational Crystals

At any time when doable, attempt to mix this crystal with different excessive vibration crystals.

Some good choices are White Heulandite and Herkimer Diamond.

The perfect stone to mix with Lemurian Seed Crystal is Larimar.

This mixture will assist you to attach with the upper energy.

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Crystal Combos To Improve Your Spirituality

One other good mixture is Lemurian Seed Crystal and Moldavite.

This mixture helps whenever you need to strengthen your spirituality and improve your general good well being.

Crystal Combos That Can Assist Contact Your Angels

If you’re attempting to contact your guardian angels or spirit guides, strive combining Lemurian Seed Crystal with Blue Celestite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Satyaloka Quartz, Seraphinite, or Petalite.

Crystal Combos To Improve Your Personal Good Vibrations

Woman looking at the sea

If you wish to improve your personal good vibrations, strive combining Lemurian Seed Crystal with Prasiolite, Pink Kunzite, Amegreen, Morganite, and Rose Quartz.

Crystal Combos for Meditation

Lemurian Seed Crystal is nice for meditation, and you need to use it by itself or together with different crystals.

Combining the Lemurian Seed Crystal with Pollucite, Goethite, Chiastolite, Calligraphy Stone, Kammererite, and Hypersthene works greatest for meditation.

Advantages of Carrying Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystal is a superb possibility if you’re searching for a crystal to put on that can present many advantages.

To start with, it’s loaded with metaphysical properties. These properties will envelop you and convey about therapeutic in quite a lot of methods.

Many individuals suggest that this crystal be worn on a bracelet. It will assist to make sure that your energies are flowing properly.

#1. Emotional Therapeutic and Dream Consciousness

Woman meditating

Lemurian Seed Crystal is nice for emotional therapeutic.

Carrying it every day may also help if you’re having issues with melancholy and different emotional points.

That is additionally an incredible crystal to put on whereas sleeping.

It may well promote dream consciousness and assist you recall previous lives extra simply.

When you typically get up attempting to recollect a dream, this crystal will make it a lot simpler to take action.

#2. Talk with Celestial Beings

Carrying Lemurian Seed Crystal may also help you to have the ability to talk with celestial beings.

That is the best crystal to make use of/put on when attempting to open the channels of communication along with your spirit guides.

#3. Strengthen Your Instinct

We should always all the time depend on our intuitions as a result of they’re not often, if ever fallacious.

To have a good stronger instinct, put on Lemurian Seed Crystal in a bit of bijou.

A bracelet or necklace is right. Carrying this jewellery will assist you to grasp your insights simply.

#4. Improve Your Clairvoyance

Carrying this crystal can stimulate the third eye. It may well additionally assist to extend your psychic skills, together with clairvoyance.

Not solely will you be capable of grasp new ideas extra simply, however additionally, you will be capable of make connections between numerous sorts of information sooner.

Cleaning and Charging Lemurian Seed Crystals

Cleansing and Charging Lemurian Seed Crystals

#1. Cleaning Your Lemurian Seed Crystals

When working with crystals, it is crucial that they be cleansed of any residual vitality which may be left behind by others who’ve dealt with them.

Some crystals ought to by no means be soaked in water, however this isn’t the case with Lemurian Seed Crystal.

If you’ll use water, we suggest utilizing moon-charged water.

Or, you possibly can place the crystal in a container with some sea salt (you need to use common desk salt in a pinch).

Place the container open air and go away it below the total moon for just a few hours to cleanse away any impurities or unfavourable energies.

Different methods to cleanse Lemurian Seed Crystals are by inserting them instantly within the daylight or below the moonlight.

Place the crystals below direct daylight or moonlight for a number of hours.

Place crystals on a copper plate or pyramid in a single day.

Burn sage and move the crystals by the smoke.

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#2. Charging Your Lemurian Seed Crystals

As soon as the crystals have been cleansed, they must be charged or activated.

That is as straightforward as holding it in your palms and infusing the crystals with your personal energies.

Whereas holding the crystals, think about a white gentle radiating out of your palms.

Subsequent, place the crystal on the third eye and transmit your intention to the crystal.

Think about the facility of your intent surrounding the Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Proceed to do that and maintain onto the crystal for 2 to a few minutes.

Can Lemurian Seed Crystal be a Birthstone?

Circle of Lemurian Seed Crystals

Whereas it isn’t a standard birthstone, there isn’t a motive why Lemurian Seed Crystal can’t be used as one.

When you had been born below the signal of Taurus, you would possibly need to use this crystal as an alternative of the standard emerald that’s usually the Might birthstone.

On a Last Be aware

If you’re searching for crystals that can assist you with all facets of your bodily and psychological well being, Lemurian Seed Crystal is one to be thought-about.

It has so many metaphysical properties that make it helpful in lots of areas, from bodily to emotional therapeutic.

This crystal can be utilized with different crystals to extend its powers.

It is going to additionally assist to extend the powers of the opposite crystals.

You should utilize the crystals as they’re.

Or, you possibly can put on them in jewellery so you possibly can take pleasure in their vitality at any time of the day or night time, regardless of the place you might be.

Thanks, I hope you loved studying in regards to the which means of the Lemurian Seed Crystal and it’s wonderful makes use of.

Lemurian Seed Crystal: Meaning, Properties, & Use GuideLemurian Seed Crystal: Meaning, Properties, & Use Guide


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