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Tai Chi Vitality Facilities – Dragon Journal of Taijiquan

There are energy facilities within the physique and in the event that they lie dormant for too lengthy they may run into issues with their functioning. You might presumably fall in poor health, turn out to be weak and life pressure leak out of you. To maintain these facilities working you want solely to maneuver them, activate them, help their operate. Most of us most likely will not be even conscious of their existence and but they’re very important to life and being alive. To turn out to be conscious if these facilities of vitality, that are situated and correspond to places within the physique, we’d like solely to maneuver with the intention of feeling them. The motion should be aware, deliberate, purposeful just like the sort of motion you get from tai chi and qigong. Doing this will set you off on a journey of discovery. It’s an entry into the thriller of being human. A universe onto itself.

The gate lies inside my good friend,
And the angle of the attention,
The way it captures the solar and opens it…
rusty hinges will creak however rapidly loosen and swing,
For we’re born to see the way in which…
Why we don’t, we are able to solely marvel.

These posts are composed with learners and intermediate practitioners of tai chi and qigong in thoughts amongst whom I contemplate myself.


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