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Stillness & Curiosity – zen habits zen habits

By Leo Babauta

A lot of our lives are lived on autopilot.

We soar from one process to a different, one message to a different, one assembly to a different, one browser tab to a different. We react in routine methods to different folks, to conditions. And we justify this as the best way it must be.

Nothing flawed with that — however what would it not be wish to discover different potentialities?

What would it not be wish to pause and discover stillness in a second after we would usually be on autopilot?

Right here’s what I’ve been exploring …

Each impediment that we usually consider as an issue to be mounted … each “flaw” in ourselves or others that we decide as one thing to be mounted … what if we are able to pause, discover stillness, and get curious as an alternative of making an attempt to repair?

For instance:

  • Somebody is performing in a means that feels impolite or flawed — maybe my autopilot response is to guage them, complain about them internally or externally, and both attempt to repair the issue or keep away from the particular person. However I’ve been exploring getting nonetheless, and bringing curiosity to my response — what does it really feel like, why do I get triggered on this means? Then curiosity to the opposite particular person — how would possibly what they’re doing make sense to them?
  • If I’ve been procrastinating on one thing — my autopilot response could be to guage myself and really feel insufficient, or possibly to keep away from even excited about it. What if I get nonetheless, and convey curiosity to the way it feels to procrastinate on this, and what worry could be resulting in the procrastination? May I convey curiosity to why this process is even vital to me?
  • If I’m complaining about one thing or feeling burdened by one thing — my autopilot response is to simply get by means of it, feeling put upon and a bit powerless. May I get nonetheless and convey curiosity to my feeling of grievance, burden, powerlessness? May there be something to discover in what I really need on this scenario, and why I’m avoiding talking up for that?

On this means, each issue turns into a spot to discover with curiosity, and there’s development and studying and delight to be present in every thing.

This course of, for me, begins with stillness. After which deepens with curiosity.

What would possibly it’s like for you?


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