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Stillness and Actions – Violet Li Tai Chi

Not too long ago a pupil shared two work by artist OH Keehyung with me. The objects in each work possess the standard of being nonetheless in addition to dynamic and resonate with me and mirror my apply of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Artist OH Keehyung

OH Keehyung is a South Korean artist and lives in France. She does calligraphy, watercolor work, and sculptures with clay. Generally she attracts on her mobile phone. Since 2007, she has exhibited extensively in France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Vietnam, Belgium, China, Austria, Turkey, United States, Russia, and South Korea. Her father OH Sang Seok, an knowledgeable on Chinese language calligraphy, influenced her within the brush methods in addition to the free spirit. She realized Qigong in South Korea and continues to apply the therapeutic artwork. Her vital different is a long-time Tai Chi practitioner and has shared the philosophy of Tai Chi together with her.

“Movement inside Stillness” by Grasp OH Sang Seok

Grasp OH Sang Seok crafted a calligraphy piece with three Chinese language characters which implies movement inside stillness. “Inexperienced Mountain” is Keehyung’s latest creation. It speaks to me deeply. Oftentimes, we view mountains as stationary plenty of rocks and soil. Numerous poems and songs reward mountains’ quietude. However, mountains don’t stand nonetheless. There’s momentum inside. Earth continues to shift so do mountains. I used to be within the Nationwide Crimson Rock Canyon (Las Vegas, Nevada) a few weeks in the past. An indication tells a narrative of a frog life. Located within the desert space, Crimson Rock Canyon seldom will get rain. Every now and then tiny rain drops seep via the cracks of rocks and deposit within the crevices. With water, the frozen frog eggs come to life and grow to be tadpoles after which frogs. I used to be amazed by the actual fact. With easy brush strokes, Keehyung’s “Inexperienced Mountain” reveals the vitality and richness of mountains.   

Kidneys are the origin of life. They retailer the unique essence of life or Yuan Jing, which infants get from moms. The adrenalin is essential to generate the post-natal essence. In keeping with Chinese language medication, winter is the season that we must always nurture kidneys. For my winter Qigong program, the curriculum consists of Tai Chi, Qigong, self-massage, and meditation. All of them have a spotlight to nourish kidneys. The meditation could be executed sitting, standing or laying down. From the skin look, our our bodies usually are not shifting. Internally, we use reversed stomach respiratory approach with mindfulness to rotate Decrease Dan Tian and therapeutic massage kidneys. Like these inexperienced mountains in Keehyung portray, we’re immobile outdoors however lively inside.

“Zhan Zhuang” is one other portray by Keehyung. Zhan Zhuang is a Tai Chi routine and means standing submit or meditating whereas standing. Practitioners must loosen up thoughts and physique and focus their very own vitality and really feel they’re deeply rooted unto Mom Earth. Higher but, rooting just isn’t performed in a means like a nail caught straight into the bottom; as a substitute, it spirals into the bottom and grabs the earth tightly. Keehyung’s “Zhan Zhuang” is profound. I can sense the drilling vitality of rooting in her portray. Once more, we’re inactive with our bodily physique however proactively shifting the silk-reeling vitality inside. 

“Zhan Zhuan” by OH KeeHyung

Tai Chi 13 postures or Shi San Shi are an important rules for Tai Chi apply regardless which Tai Chi fashion individuals apply. They’re Peng (Ward-off), Lu (Roll Again), Ji (Squeeze), An (Shovel or Press), Cai (Plug), Le (Break up), Zhou (Elbow Strike), Kao (Shoulder Bump), Zuo Gu (Look Left), You Pan (Look Proper), Qian Jin (Step Ahead), Hou Tui (Step Backward, and Zhong Ding (Heart Equilibrium). There are eight completely different energies, 4 footwork, and Settling Down. Peng is the primary precept and likewise means buoyancy and ought to be omnipresent regardless of actions. Zhong Ding is the final one and likewise ought to be expressed in each transfer. One could ask how we calm down whereas shifting legs and arms. Zhong Ding is a mindset of settling down; a practitioner must be quietly listening to his personal physique and feeling his personal vitality. In contrast to standing meditation, bodily we’re lively however emotionally we’re rooting continuously. One other perspective is that we have now to be solemnly conscious on a regular basis. The Tai Chi image has two components: white and black representing the Yang vitality and Yin vitality. There’s a white dot within the black portion and a black dot within the white portion to crystallize the idea that there’s Yin inside Yang and Yang inside Yin. Nothing is absolute. 

We made a brochure for 2021 Chinese language Cultural Days’ Tai Chi & Qigong program at Missouri Botanical Backyard (St. Louis, MO). Somebody identified that the Tai Chi emblem on the brochure cowl is the other way up as a result of the white portion or Yang vitality is on the highest and never on the backside. The philosophy of Tai Chi is depicting the continual rotation of the universe and nature. The insignia ought to be turning continuously and never a nonetheless image. The two-D rendition of the image offers individuals an inaccurate impression of being mounted. Really, you’ll be able to flip the image anyway you favor. Practising Tai Chi teaches me to not fixate on sure issues as a result of they’ll simply be illusions.  

Tai Chi Emblem


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