Single Leg Stretch with Mychele Sims – Exercise 5599


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This exercise is called the single leg stretch. It’s a part of the app series of 5 and it really gets us to connect to our powerhouse. It challenges our hips. And it gives us coordination. We do about 10 reps of this exercise, and I’ll give you some variations when we hit the mat.

Let’s turn and go. Normally, this happens in a different place, but we’re gonna start right here rolling down. And we’re gonna hug one knee into our chest. This is my right leg. So the outside hand will go to the ankle.

The opposite hand will go right underneath, and it’ll extend that opposite leg long and maybe hover it off the floor. Here’s another option. You can also change the angle of that other working leg. Heck neck and shoulders will roll up, elbows stay wide, inhale here and hold, exhale switch. Hands also change opposite hand goes to the ankle.

Other hand goes right underneath, and we switch So as we go through this exercise, you are challenging the core. You feel that pull. If your head feels heavy, go ahead and let it down. Or maybe even change the angle of your legs. That is your single leg stretch.