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Roman Chamomile Hydrosol – West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy

Roman Chamomile Hydrosol is likely one of the hottest and most generally used hydrosols accessible.  Light sufficient for infants, with glorious analgesic and anti inflammatory properties than could be useful for a lot of challenges it doesn’t matter what the age.  It may be successfully used with pets too.

(Chamaemelum nobile) 

Household: Asteraceae

Plant Description:  Roman chamomile is a perennial herb which grows to a peak of as much as ten inches and has bushy, branching stems. The leaves are feathery, consisting of finely divided thread-like segments. The flowers, which bloom in the course of the peak of summer season, are daisy-like with white petals (the wild selection generally has eighteen petals) surrounding a golden-yellow heart. All the plant is strongly fragrant, having an apple-like scent.

Historical past/Folklore:  Roman chamomile has had a medical status, and particularly in Europe for over 2,000 years.  Historic Egyptians and the Moors alike used the herb, and it was one of many Saxon’s 9 sacred herbs, which they known as ‘maythen’.  It was additionally thought-about to be the ‘plant’s doctor’ as a result of it promoted the well being of vegetation close by.

Aroma and Style:  Suzanne Catty describes Roman Chamomile Hydrosol as having a particularly candy, honeylike aroma and style.  Lydia Bosson describes the style as being mushy, honey and bitter, whereas the aroma is mushy, heat, withi a slight be aware of apple.

Stability and Shelf Life:  Very Secure. Often lasts two years or extra.

pH: 3.0 – 3.3 (Suzanne Catty) 4.5 – 5.2 (Susanne Fischer-Rizzi)

Properties (Heading 5)

Roman Chamomile has antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericidal, balancing (to nervous system), calming, cicatrizant, decongestant, stimulating and uplifting properties.

Makes use of 

Jeanne Rose says that this hydrosol’s anti-inflammatory properties make it efficient for soothing irritated pores and skin.  Additionally it is emotionally calming.

Suzanne Catty says that is the primary alternative for child care.  It may safely be used proper from delivery, in bathtub water and as a soothing mist for bedding.  Moms can us it diluted to clean the breast space, and along with serving to forestall cracked and sore nipples, its calming properties will make feeding time extra enjoyable.

Lydia Bosson suggests utilizing this hydrosol as an air spray for child’s room to assist them sleep. Kids having tantrums relax rapidly when they’re sprayed with this hydrosol.  It’s a reward one ought to think about giving to younger moms.


I personally discover that by their very nature, hydrosols are significantly useful when used energetically.  I like to incorporate them in misters and sprays and discover that they will make a refined and efficient distinction.

In Dr. Bruce Berkowsky’s Religious PhytoEssencing, one of the important folkloric signatures concerning the soul-nature of Roman chamomile is the truth that it was used within the Center Ages as an fragrant strewing herb which was purposely planted in backyard walkways. When tread upon, Roman chamomile responds by strongly releasing its highly effective apple perfume. Curiously, plainly strolling upon the plant truly vitalizes it.  He additionally says that could be a theme of ambiguous loss related to this plant and its aromatics.  He says that

Ambiguous loss, generally referred to alternatively as ‘frozen grief’, is usually related to an absence of closure or clear understanding of the circumstances of an individual’s dying or disappearance. As an alternative of the acquainted type of grief which is characterised by the concrete certainty of loss and its ensuing penalties, ambiguous loss leaves companions, household and/or mates perpetually looking for solutions. The phenomena of ambiguous loss nonetheless is just not restricted to the aftermath of disappearance and/or mysterious dying. In truth, the expertise of ambiguous loss is almost common.  The problem for many who should dwell within the perpetual fog of frozen grief is to revive their resiliency of emotion and can regardless of this on-going ambiguity. Roman chamomile has specificity for quite a few types of ambiguous loss involving feeling of guilt, troublesome decisions and conflicted private management.

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