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Ram Dass – Right here and Now – Ep. 210 – A Love Invulnerable to the Winds of Change – Be Right here Now Community 2022

Within the Q&A session from the Nineteen Nineties, Ram Dass takes on questions on consuming animals and interior work, psychedelics, burnout in service, and coping with the demise of a kid.

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The Query of Consuming Animals

To start, Ram Dass takes a query about consuming animals and interior work. He talks about how that’s a query that everyone should reply by listening intuitively to their coronary heart. Somebody follows up with a query about coping with ecological considerations. Ram Dass solutions that at any time when we really feel trapped, it’s a chance to work on ourselves.

“As a result of so long as I keep mired within the drama of it, all I’m doing is digging all people’s gap deeper together with me. And so I see it as a spot to work on myself. It’s not unhealthy, it’s not good; in fact, we’re going to get caught, that’s why we took human incarnation. In case you weren’t ever going to get caught, you wouldn’t have taken beginning right here. That’s your work.” – Ram Dass

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The Guru and LSD (32:57)

Ram Dass fulfills a request to inform the story of what occurred when he gave his guru LSD on two separate events, and in addition provides his ideas on younger individuals utilizing these chemical substances. He then solutions questions on how he reconciles the Hindu idea of the One and Buddhist idea of no-self, coping with burnout in service, and dealing with AIDS sufferers.

“So far as younger individuals utilizing chemical substances, my reflections about it are, as I’ve seemed over the past 30 years, that it’s essential that you simply change into any individual earlier than you change into no one. And that individuals that attempt to change into no one too quickly lose their floor. That’s, they neglect their zip code.” – Ram Dass

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A Love Invulnerable to the Winds of Change (45:42)

Within the remaining query of the night, Ram Dass responds to a person who’s having bother coping with the demise of his son. Ram Dass talks about how the loss of a kid is the best phantasm to see via, and that grief must run its course. He reads a letter that he wrote to a different man who had suffered drastically after the demise of his son.

“There’s part of the love that (exists) that’s invulnerable to the winds of change, of coming and going. And it’s very exhausting while you’re lacking the shape a lot to listen to that different actuality that exists between the 2 of you. And but, that’s there.” – Ram Dass

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