Practice makes you …


I recently did a Udemy course on EFT (more on that topic in on of my next blog posts). And in that course, the teacher said something really interesting:

Practice makes you natural.

Actually, he said “practice makes you…” and I thought: perfect. But I resisted that thought immediately.

With to anything I have learned so far, I never felt like doing it perfectly. And I know that all the masters, of Tai Chi and Qi gong or any other topic, the masters are not perfect. They make mistakes, too!

However, that teacher said: “practice makes you natural”.

And that is totally in line with what I experience whenever I practice a lot of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. 

It seems as if my Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice transcends into my everyday life. My body moves more naturally. My mind flows more naturally. 

And that is what I think is one of the great benefits of Tai Chi and Qi gong: to become more natural in my body, mind and spirit. 

I do not aim at perfection. I am at being me. Being my true nature.

What about you? Just think about it: do you want to be perfect? Or do you want to be natural? There is no judgment, just explore yourself and figure out what you prefer and strive for!