Podcast Ep 4: Uncover the hyperlink between martial arts and Shamanism with Damon Smith


What’s Shamanism? And the way does it relate to martial arts? On this episode I meet up with my previous, buddy and instructor Damon Smith to reply a few of these questions.

Damon is an extremely skilled martial artist with a background in numerous Japanese and Chinese language arts together with Karate, Kempo, Xing Yi, Baji and Choy Lee Fut. And people are just some of the humanities he’s pursued to a really excessive degree.

However regardless of being an amazing martial artist Damon’s real love has at all times been Shamanism.

And whereas he’s no stranger to banging a drum, Damon’s shamanism isn’t the hippy dippy form of apply you may affiliate shamans with, as an alternative it’s a really right down to earth and sensible artwork, very like the martial arts he does.

On this episode we speak in regards to the hyperlink between martial arts and shamanism, and the place the crossovers lie.