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People and Vegetation are A part of an Interconnected Oneness


Not way back, I wrote an article making an attempt to elucidate how flower essences work when it comes to resonance between qualities of the flowering plant and the qualities of the one that wants it. I talked concerning the thought of persona manifested in type and the way the therapeutic we want interconnects. 

However if you wish to perceive how flower essences actually work, I don’t suppose you possibly can actually perceive it until you suppose holistically. Not mechanistically the place the whole lot is a machine — particular person soul-less automatons. You might want to think about—no, to see the world—as an interconnected complete. A complete we’re a part of and fabricated from! We don’t reside “on” the planet—we’re a part of it. We’re a part of the entire. Once we have a look at nature and see ourselves mirrored again, we aren’t simply anthropomorphizing, projecting human traits onto an animal or a plant or another pure factor within the atmosphere. We ARE that! We’re a part of the identical system.

A well-known non secular principle is “we’re one.”

So after we say, as flower essence practitioners, {that a} plant reveals the qualities we want in ourselves, we’re not making one thing up. We’re noticing how issues we name “human” are expressed by different elements of the pure world as nicely. We’re a part of the identical complete, like leaves on a tree. Once we see a “reflection” in a part of nature it’s as a result of we share a specific reference to its manner of being. And if we select the appropriate plant (or the appropriate animal) for meals, it impacts our physique/thoughts with its presence.

A few years in the past, once I got here to my acupuncturist with indicators of deep despair and anemia, she talked to me about needing to be robust like a bull. She requested me to eat meat and I used to be a vegetarian! However she requested me to make use of it like drugs—in small quantities over time to construct up my power. And, in fact, it labored as a result of any doctor will let you know that if you’re anemic you must get extra iron in your system and the very best pure manner to do this shortly is to eat meat. Moderately, in fact. And mindfully, should you’re a vegetarian or some other one who cares about their relationship with different creatures. I’m not going to get into the ethics of that—you might take iron dietary supplements. That’s not the purpose. The purpose is that inside a Conventional Chinese language Medication viewpoint (and different near nature viewpoints), what you ingest turns into a part of you. And also you turn into extra like what that entity has to impart to your system. An individual who wants extra iron and eats small items of steak, turns into extra just like the bull from which that steak was derived.

Flower essences work the identical manner. However we have to get near nature and spend loads of time connecting to the plant kingdom to know on any stage how they and we categorical the identical qualities. It’s simpler for us to see that in animals —to “anthropomorphize” our pets, for instance—as a result of we’re animals. We’re extra like them than we’re like vegetation. However we’re all a part of the identical stuff. The identical stuff is all part of us. We simply categorical it in a extra animated manner whereas vegetation develop and transfer whereas being “planted” in place—extra linked to the earth, the bodily floor of the planet—than we comprehend. And what occurs when a plant places its roots within the floor? It enters a symbiotic relationship with all that’s. With the micro organism and fungi and different microbes within the soil and air which turn into a part of its being and assist feed it, with the solar and rain, with the chemical compounds and minerals within the soil (for higher or for worse), and so forth. It’s a part of the whole lot. 

And we mistakenly suppose we aren’t.


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