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Peeling Eggs – Poise and Presence

Standing on the sink, hunched over a bowl of hard-boiled* eggs, I do battle with the shells, exasperated with the little bits sticking to my fingers. Thank goodness, I lastly ask, What would give me some ease?

For starters, swap on the fan above the sink. It’s humid this morning and I’m sweating. Having paused, or in AT phrases, Inhibited, I give myself just a few choices. I Direct. Head away. Lengthy backbone. Oh, and the way about slightly PMA? (Place of Mechanical Benefit, consisting of permitting the pinnacle/torso to stability flippantly over the legs, ever so barely ahead.)

For all of the years I’ve been using Alexander Approach practices in my each day life, there’s nonetheless the component of shock. Giant items of shell, as a substitute of these tiny bits, are falling off as my fingers flippantly information them. Arms launched from Downward Pull** are capable of transfer and palms can carry out their job with ease.

Wishing for you moments of ease and delight this very day—–

*Right here’s how I hard-boil eggs: Place eggs in saucepan and canopy them with water. Deliver to a boil, take away from burner and place lid on high. Go away for 20 minutes, then drain and rinse in chilly water. Eggs can sit for a bit in saucepan with chilly water and ice. It’s additionally useful to run chilly water over the eggs as you peel them.

**Downward Pull: an Alexander Approach time period describing a head pulled down and ahead, off its balanced resting place on the backbone.


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