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Myofascial Launch Bodywork – Therapeutic massage Remedy Heart Palo Alto, CA

A fascia is a skinny, elastic band or sheet of connective tissue that wraps most constructions inside the human physique, supporting and defending them. It attaches, encloses, stabilizes, and separates muscle tissue and inside organs and usually acts as a shock absorber by creating tissue areas. It performs an necessary function in mobile metabolism, respiration, elimination, and fluid and lymphatic circulate.

Myofascial Launch is a mild bodywork that evaluates and treats the fascial connective tissue system which may grow to be restricted by inactivity, overuse, trauma, or an infection, usually leading to muscle rigidity and ache. Fasciae are main areas of irritation, and dysfunction can have far-reaching results. The Myofascial Launch therapist applies mild, sustained strain into the route of the restriction by following the movement of the tissue, supporting the discharge of limitations. Relieving these restrictions promotes flexibility, full vary of movement, energy, aligned posture, and fluid motion.

At Therapeutic massage Remedy Heart Palo Alto, these therapists present Myofascial Launch bodywork.


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