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Feeling good feels good. In 1977, Ian Dury launched his single “Intercourse & Medication & Rock & Roll,” a phrase that may be adopted by popular culture for years to come back. Intercourse, medication, and music all have an effect on the areas of our mind that comprise our “reward system,” utilizing the neurotransmitter dopamine to speak and improve reward-related recollections. With right now’s onslaught of unfavorable media, alternatives like these to strengthen our synapses for good are definitely useful and helpful workouts.

I used to be talking to a studious-looking MD after a presentation I gave in Saskatchewan, Canada. An avid music lover, he had been sharing the well being advantages of music and causes to socially prescribe it for years. We went on to debate the advantages of listening to music continuously and deliberately and the truth that we’d each noticed how music helped our sufferers really feel higher. He mentioned, “I prescribe medication to ease the ache, and also you deal with with music to do the identical — they each have great profit.”

Generally life can throw you for a loop and what was as soon as manageable turns into tough or overwhelming. Within the discipline of neuroscience, it’s extensively acknowledged that emotional and bodily wellbeing are intently intertwined. Emotional misery and chemical imbalance in our brains and our bodies are intimately linked. Medicines may help to stabilize chemical imbalances and serve an essential position within the therapy of psychological well being problems. Nonetheless, it may be difficult to seek out the proper treatment steadiness and mood-stabilizing drugs typically include undesirable unwanted side effects.

Music provides another that may assist us faucet into our intrinsic mood-stabilization techniques which are mediated by hormones and neurotransmitters. As neuroscientist, cognitive psychologist, and best-selling creator Daniel Levitin places it, “The promise right here is that music is arguably cheaper than medication, and it’s simpler on the physique.

The time period “hormonal” is often related to our temper and the swings it may possibly undergo, however in actuality hormones play a job in virtually each bodily perform and might be influenced by exterior forces — with music as no exception.

That’s the reason we are able to say that, as people, we’re actually hormonious!

Like hormones, neurotransmitters play a vital position in bodily perform in addition to emotional and psychological wellbeing. You could have heard about them rather a lot – here’s a fast recap:


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that may additionally act as a hormone, by getting into the bloodstream and affecting areas exterior the mind. Relating to listening and interacting with our favourite music, dopamine is named the feel-good” neurotransmitter as a result of it stimulates our pleasure receptors and helps us really feel extra optimistic about life. These feel-good moments can result in larger focus and productiveness.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that’s essential to the regulation of our temper. Music is extensively thought to advertise temper stabilization by performing on our serotonin system. Dr. Teresa Lesiuk studied music listening for optimistic temper change. Lesiuk’s work validates what many people have skilled over our lifetimes — listening to music whereas we work helps us be happier and extra inventive.


My expertise has repeatedly proven that music is efficient and really environment friendly at fostering optimistic social interactions by selling belief and cooperation inside even probably the most various gathering of individuals. Dr. Alan Harvey places it this manner: “In a bunch context, music-related actions … encourage the formation of larger social networks, assist to outline cultural id, and will signify a ‘safe-haven’ wherein people can work together and share experiences.” In his analysis from 2020, he goes on to doc the hyperlinks between music and the hormone oxytocin and the affect they’ve on bodily and psychological well-being, the important thing roles they play in bonding and emotions of attachment, and their optimistic affect on social recognition and social reminiscence.


Our ranges of cortisol, the stress hormone, have been proven to drop dramatically after we hearken to enjoyable music. The decrease the degrees of cortisol, the much less pressured or anxious we really feel. In sufferers present process surgical procedure, music has been discovered to be simply as efficient as anti-anxiety treatment at decreasing pre-operative nervousness.

The proof right here is kind of clear — music acts like a drug.

Preserving that in thoughts, it will be significant we use it responsibly.


Excerpt from Wellness, Wellplayed


Grateful to all of the researchers on the market who make articles like doable.

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