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Know-how has been a saving grace for many people in the course of the pandemic by enabling many people to do business from home and join with our family members. Though there are a number of advantages to know-how, how we relate to it and permit it to eat us can turn into detrimental. Working from residence has compelled some to be related to their units far longer than pre-covid working expectations. Moreover, quick breaks all through the day are sometimes crammed with much more know-how, as we reflexively scroll by way of our telephones checking textual content messages, the information, and social media – very not often pausing and really taking a breath for ourselves. 

By means of using know-how, we’ve developed some dangerous habits –  to react to each sound and each vibration. Checking our units can set off the discharge of dopamine, making us really feel completely satisfied and triggering the reward system in our mind, which may make it onerous to place our cellphone down. Know-how has additionally turn into an professional at maintaining us awake. The blue gentle emitted from screens begins to shift our sleep rhythm, tricking the physique into believing it’s nonetheless meant to be awake. 

So how can we steadiness the professionals and cons of know-how whereas making a safer, extra aware relationship with it? Listed here are some tricks to take into account if you’re utilizing know-how: 

The “3 Gates”

Get into the behavior of asking your self these 3 questions earlier than you interact with know-how

  • Is it obligatory that I interact with it proper now?
  • Will the content material be useful or genuine? 
  • Will the content material embody self-compassion?

In case you have a hunch that turning on the TV or scrolling by way of your cellphone is not going to match this standards, maybe you don’t actually want it at that second. You may then dedicate that point to doing one thing extra fulfilling.

Social Media “Clear up”

Contemplate cleansing up your social media newsfeed by unfollowing accounts that don’t make it easier to foster a aware mindset. And don’t really feel dangerous if you’ll want to mute or unfollow a pal or member of the family who consistently posts issues that deliver up problem or anxious emotions. Bear in mind, we are able to’t management others however we are able to management how we reply to them.

Observe Psychological Noting & Open Consciousness

This observe is totally different from different kinds of meditations in that you’re merely noting what’s arising, not specializing in one particular factor. By working towards psychological noting frequently, it’s going to make it easier to to understand that there’s truly a alternative in between these moments, the place the stimulus (cellphone vibrating, receiving an electronic mail notification, and many others.) and our response (checking/responding instantly) happens. Slightly than merely following these notifications by reflex, you may take a second to pause, step again, and interact with intention.

Reduce Know-how Earlier than Bedtime

As an alternative, attempt working towards a physique scan, sleep meditation and even writing down three issues you’re grateful for. This might help you to wind down and tune out noise from the day. The Centre provides numerous proof based mostly mindfulness packages corresponding to MBSR that may assist enhance your sleep, decrease blood stress and result in fewer worries. 

As we proceed to reap the advantages of know-how, it’s vital to be grateful whereas additionally studying to be extra intentional and rather less reactive when partaking with our units.