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Yin, Yang and the 12 Meridians

There are 12 common meridians. The meridians are organized into six Yin and Yang pairs.

Meridian Pairs of Chinese language Drugs:

1. Yin: Lung
2. Yang: Massive Gut

3. Yin: Spleen
4. Yang: Abdomen

5. Yin: Coronary heart
6. Yang: Small Gut

7. Yin: Kidney
8. Yang: Bladder

9. Yin: Pericardium
10. Yang: San Jiao (Triple Hotter)

11. Yin: Liver
12 Yang: Gallbladder

Yin-Yang Taiji Symbol

What’s the distinction between the Yin and Yang Meridians?

In comparison with Yang, Yin is dense whereas Yang is hole.
All Meridians are extensions of Organs.
The Yin Organs are extra dense in comparison with the Yang Organs.  Discover that the Yang Organs are hole – the intestines, bladder, and gallbladder are tubes or sacs.  That is in distinction to the Yin Organs which can be dense in construction.

However what concerning the Coronary heart?

The Coronary heart is Yin however has chambers, so shouldn’t it’s Yang?
Not all Yin Organs are alike.  Each Organ has its personal explicit nature.  Among the nature or traits of an Organ come from the Ingredient that it’s related to. The Coronary heart is related to the Fireplace Ingredient, which is essentially the most lively of all the 5 Components.  Discover that the Coronary heart is denser than its Yang companion, the Small Gut. So regardless that the Coronary heart could be very lively, it’s a Yin Organ.

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