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Mat Magic with Misty Lynne Cauthen – Class 5288

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Hello, I am Misty Lynne Cauthen. Welcome to Mat Magic. This can be a newbie degree mat class that takes us again to the fundamentals and rejuvenates our exercise. Our props are the sliding discs and two hand towels which can be utilized interchangeably. And you may hold a pillow close by for the seated sequence simply in case.

We’re gonna begin on the ground at the moment. So be part of me on the mat. I am coming down onto my abdomen, and I am gonna take my props and simply place them off to the facet as a result of I’ll determine to swap props in between. A variety of it is gonna come all the way down to what strikes comfortably in your ground, what feels higher in your physique. I am gonna begin with the disks.

So that you wanna begin along with your head up near the ahead fringe of your mat, and produce your arms into this cactus place. So not extensive within the arms and never too slender, however consider your wrists and your elbows being in a straight line. My legs are prolonged lengthy behind me, and I am pondering of rotating my armpits ahead. That is gonna permit my chest to raise just a bit bit and I am nice with it. So from right here, I am gonna begin with arm extensions attempting to maintain my elbow on the mat for so long as potential.

And once I deliver my arm again in, I am occupied with getting my elbow down as quickly as potential. And as I do that alternating sides, what I am actually, actually occupied with is rotating my armpit to face the ground. So when you had been to make a sweat mark on the ground along with your armpit, you would wish to consider rotating your armpit ahead and stretching your arm. Let’s do another on all sides right here. And here is the opposite.

Now sticking with one arm, we’ll slide it ahead and maintain. Now, protecting that rotation of your armpit, you will open your arm out to the facet, and produce it again up. After which from the armpit, pull the elbow again in. Second facet, you will attain up, you will open, you will deliver your arm ahead, and you may pull again in. As you’re doing this once more, do not get low cost on the breath.

Use your breath to assist hold you buoyant right here within the chest. And we’ll pull each elbows in, reestablish that connection in your cactus, and decrease again all the way down to launch. If you should launch your hips right here, give it a wiggle. However the objective is to not really feel it within the low again. So from right here, I am again into my place and we’ll wax the ground, to cite Mr. Miyagi.

So that you’re gonna come ahead right here. Elbow keep on so long as potential, no pressure within the again, each arms are gonna open out to the facet, each arms attain again up, after which getting the elbows down as quickly as potential to return to the cactus. Let’s do three extra like this. I am reaching, I am opening, I am reaching, and I am drawing again in. So it is not only a bend, it is a resist.

And open. And attain. And discover the ground and draw it again in. Final one. Attain, and open.

And attain, and pull in, discovering the ground, and let’s launch this once more. For our subsequent motion, we’re gonna deliver the elbows in. You could want to slip ahead somewhat bit. So now you are in a sphinx place. Your armpits are rotated ahead and your chest is up.

If that is uncomfortable for you, you possibly can deliver your elbows somewhat bit extra ahead. However all the time consider the ribs being buoyant into the again versus schlumping down like this. So from right here, I would like so that you can consider rotating from deep within the shoulder joint. So I will rotate. Take into consideration rotating that armpit ahead towards the wall in entrance of you.

Then deliver it again in. Second facet. I am rotating. I am letting my shoulder blade go the place it goes. I am not occupied with pushing it down.

As a substitute, I am pondering of turning my higher arm bone. And that is going to affect the shoulder blade. Another all sides. Conserving the neck lengthy right here. So you know the way your mother informed you to maintain a ebook in your head and stroll round and that is gonna enable you along with your posture?

Do this right here. Now, each arms are going to rotate. How broad can you retain your chest? Now you might discover as you rotate right here, your breast bone might need to prolong up somewhat bit larger. And that is good too ‘trigger the thought right here is we’re creating quite a lot of size by rotating the higher arm, we’re decompressing the center again.

Let’s do two extra as a result of it feels good, and perhaps somewhat bit torturous, relying upon what your factor is, and let’s do another. Rotate, extensive chest. Deliver it again to the middle, return to your cactus, and launch. You possibly can take a break right here by sliding into a toddler’s pose, after which we’ll come up. So for the following one, you’ve gotten a alternative, you possibly can both stick along with your discs or you need to use a towel.

You will make the choice primarily based on what sort of flooring you’ve gotten and the way a lot friction you possibly can tolerate. The friction’s gonna make it somewhat bit more durable to slip your legs ahead and again. So you will be mendacity in your again. I would like for you to pay attention to the place you place your arms. The arms are going to be straight however they do not need to be pinned into your facet physique as a result of they really need your higher physique to be free right here.

So select your poison, select it correctly. Your heels are gonna be within the middle of your disc or towel, and your neck is free. So we’ll begin with one leg, and we’re simply gonna let it slide away. And on the very backside of that, consider flexing by way of the ankle as if somebody is pulling you by the heel. Now, since you need your heel again, you are going to withstand.

And that particular person’s pulling you that means, however you’re in charge of your leg, you are drawing your self in. And then you definitely’ll go to the opposite leg, sliding, lengthening out of your sits bone all through, finally, by way of the heel, after which dragging the heel again in to return to middle. Once more, beginning with the primary facet, reaching away, reaching by way of the heel, stretching. Now, this time as you are available in, I would like you to consider getting the ball of the foot to the ground. So your focus right here is outline the ground with the entire ball of the foot.

And that modifications the way in which the leg prompts. So let’s play with that on the second facet, stretch, stretch, stretch. On the very finish of that, I will attain by way of my heel, hopefully, with out displacing my pelvis. Now I wanna return, so I am gonna push by way of the ball of the foot. As my leg is coming in, I am looking for the ground with the ball of my foot and my toes.

And when you get a foot cramp, hey, congrats, it is not a nasty factor. Now another on every leg. We’re reaching away, we’re stretching and we’re flexing. Maintain, and exhale, drawing the leg in as if it weighs quite a bit. And also you’re attempting to dig a groove into the mat as you go.

Final facet. Attain it away, and stretch by way of, and discover the ground, the ball of the foot as you are drawing in, and maintain. Knee sways facet to facet. And that is only a clearing sort of motion. I am probably not occupied with how they get there, I am simply letting my knees sway as a result of it feels good.

And since I’ve extra enjoyable forward. We’ll do another all sides. Now observe in my knee sways, I am protecting my pelvis impartial. That is all I am actually asking you to concentrate on right here. We’re letting the 5 bones change within the hip joint.

For the following, you are gonna flip your legs out into this frog place. I like a flexed ankle, however you do not have to flex if that is uncomfortable for you. Now from the again of the legs, identical thought. You are reaching by way of your sits bones all through the again of the leg with out displacing the pelvis. After which exhale, draw the legs again in as in the event that they weigh 237 kilos every and also you’re attempting to make a groove into the ground.

Let’s do three extra like this. From my seat, I am urgent away, I am lengthening, I am dragging my legs away from my hips, after which I am exhaling and I am pulling them again in. This time, I am actually permitting my knees to rotate however not a lot that I lose my connections. Two extra. Push and slide and attain and pull in, in, in.

And let’s simply do another right here. Push and slide and maintain. Now, flip your legs parallel, and with resistance, exhale, draw your legs in, really feel your underneath butt and your interior thighs working in peace and concord, and I am staying flexed in my ankles right here. Opening, urgent, getting each inch, turning parallel, drawing again in. And I wish to exhale there as a result of I actually really feel my abs and that makes me pleased.

I rotate, I press, I flip in, I drag. And let’s do another. Press, stretching by way of your interior ankle bones, flip in and drag. (Misty exhales) Loosen up the balls of your toes to the ground, and now let’s simply straighten one leg. Push it away.

We’ll open it away from the midline of the physique. And as I am opening, I am not pondering of my foot opening my leg, I am pondering of my outer hip pulling my leg out to the facet. And each time I do this, I am actually, actually being conscious of what is occurring in my pelvis. Am I capable of hold my pelvis nonetheless? Or is it sloshing about?

I am hoping I am not sloshing. However day by day is completely different. So when you’re having a sloshy day, ah, personal it. It’s going to get higher subsequent time. Second facet.

Reaching the leg away, protecting the pelvis balanced. I wish to prove just a bit, after which I am gonna open my leg and I am pulling it again in. Three extra similar to this. Inhale. Exhale, pull.

And two extra. And as I am pulling in, I am not combating it too onerous, however I’m remembering that I want my interior thigh to do the work, not my foot. I am dragging the leg in and I am holding nonetheless. So from right here, simply to clear our minds and our our bodies for the following place, I would like for us to take a impartial bridge up. So impartial bridge means my backbone just isn’t curling, it is not arching, it is staying flat like a Murphy mattress.

So I will raise my pelvis up. Discover my toes are on the ground. That is necessary and it is on goal. So be like me, it is enjoyable. Let’s simply do another.

We’ll go up right here. Yep. And take into consideration urgent on the fuel pedal frivolously with the balls of your toes. After which sitting again down. Good.

Now you possibly can come up any means you want, however I am gonna make this alternative. I am gonna deliver my knees into my chest. Inhale right here, rock my pelvis towards my nostril. After which exhale, attempt to roll up and discover your steadiness. No shoulders, simply verify in along with your stomach.

Is it coming to the celebration or have you ever left it behind? Now place your toes down. We’ll lay on our bellies. And I would recommend that you simply use the towels fairly than the discs for this. Tremendous straightforward cause why, the friction of the towel goes to be lower than the disc and it will be extra comfy.

And you will additionally have the ability to hold the discs, I imply the towels beneath your toes somewhat bit higher When it comes to your higher arm place. Higher physique place. You are going to rotate your armpits ahead. See how that lifts me? This fashion, I am not cranking, I am simply hovering delicately.

Stacking my arms right here and rotating my armpits ahead. Now, if that is uncomfortable for you, be at liberty to place your brow on the mat. From right here, permit your thighs to be heavy, and simply take somewhat little bit of a wiggle facet to facet, and take a rock ahead and again. Now discover that you simply use completely different methods on each of these positions and that is okay. However after we come again to middle, the objective is that your pelvis is evenly balanced, proper to left and ahead and again.

So it’s best to really feel nothing in your low again right here. If you happen to do, please take the brow down place. From right here, that is decrease physique consciousness. What I would like for you to consider is reaching by way of your large toe knuckle to straighten your leg right here. Now to deliver your leg again down, consider pulling the entrance of your thigh all the way down to the ground.

It feels somewhat bit unusual. Let’s do 4 extra on this facet and lean into unusual. So stretching the entrance and the again of the leg away from the seat with out over-gripping in anyplace. After which gently deliver the leg down. Once more.

Reaching lengthy, stretching. maintain. The place’s your power? It is within the large toe nevertheless it’s additionally by way of the heel. And pulling ahead. See if as you pull ahead, you possibly can hold your pelvis balanced.

So you are not pulling ahead, you’re dragging the thigh towards the ground. Let’s do another like this. Stretch away, power by way of the heel. Really feel the entrance of the leg and the again of the leg working evenly, after which drawing the leg in. If you happen to’re propped up, take a brief break.

Break is over. What pleasure? This is the second facet. Once more, discovering the width of the foot. So I am making a footprint on the wall behind me as I slide my leg away.

After which I am dragging my leg again in. Once more. From the seat by way of the heel, and returning. Once more, it is a very delicate motion nevertheless it speaks. In case your tendency is to roll your hips or to arch your low again, you are very conscious of it right here.

Strive to not overwork your glutes. So your underneath butt is firing however your entire butt just isn’t squeezing. And pull down. And let’s decrease down right here. A bit of wiggle is all the time factor.

After which we’re gonna come again up. So your arms are gonna come again. This can be a modified cactus. So we’re not all the way in which extensive. I am pondering of my interior elbow being on the closest on the inside fringe of the mat.

So I am lengthening right here. And that is one other place the place a towel might be good underneath your brow when you want it. Working to elongate by way of my legs, I will raise up, let my gaze observe alongside the wall as excessive because it’ll go. There isn’t any weight in my arms ‘trigger it is magic. After which I will lengthen again down.

Consider rotating your armpits ahead as you lengthen up. Nonetheless magic. After which come again down. Can we do another? Lengthen up.

Maintain it right here. Keep. Nonetheless magic. Each legs are going to open. Each legs are going to return in.

And take into consideration as you are opening and shutting, are you utilizing equal effort between each side or is one facet dominating this motion? Additionally, equal effort out, equal effort in. Another. Open. Resist as you draw it in.

Let’s press. Now we’re urgent into the arms. You are developing. No collapsing into the shoulders. Rotate your armpits ahead.

Maintain it right here. Though I am utilizing my arms, I am nonetheless mild in my palms. ‘Trigger you already know what mother stated, “Put the ebook in your head for higher posture.” My breast bone leads me ahead. And we’ll do another right here. My gaze lengthens technique to the ahead wall.

I am lifting up, up, up. However no compressing. What are you doing along with your butt cheeks? Don’t squeeze them too onerous. To come back down, consider drawing your triceps to the wall behind you and your breast bone ahead.

I get my elbows to the ground, after which I decrease rib by rib, bone by bone. And now I’ve earned a toddler’s pose. So once more, curl your toes underneath, press again, sit into your heels, stretch right here. Nicely achieved. Now you’ve gotten the choice once more, towels or disc.

I am gonna swap to the disc as a result of for this one, the resistance is definitely factor. It retains me from splattering on the ground, and it additionally requires me to work my armpit somewhat bit extra. I am going to present you what I imply. So I’ve my palm planted on this disc. My hip might raise, however my objective is to maintain it seated like so.

My free arm goes up, however earlier than that, I am occupied with rotating this armpit ahead. So if it is rotated again, I’ve a schlumpy shoulder which makes me really feel unhappy. However once I rotate my armpit ahead, I really feel pleased. So my arm goes up, I’ve a pleasant lengthy backbone, and from right here, I am simply going to slip away. Consider it being a hinge, not a facet bend.

As I am going to return again in, I am occupied with this armpit, sustaining its rotation ahead. And actually, if it helps, you possibly can deliver your hand behind you, pull that tissue ahead, and preserve that rotation as you hinge in and out. Now when you’re comfy, deliver the arm again up. But when not, you possibly can keep proper there. And pull up.

For the following two, we’ll add rotation. So first, you are gonna slide out with a pleasant lengthy backbone, maintain. Then you are going to thread the needle. Your high arm goes to return underneath and attain towards the again fringe of your mat, maintain the rotation. After which come again up, let the arm attain forward, attain up, after which pull up.

Let the arm come down only for flare. After which identical factor, arm reaches out, you hinge, lengthy backbone, power by way of the crown of the pinnacle. Cease when your physique tells you to, thread the needle. Rotate, attain for the again fringe of your mat. Palm up on the arm that is reaching.

As you come again round, verify again in with that armpit. Arm comes up and are available in, and we’ll take a counter stretch right here. So come over, attain for the shin, stretch your backbone away from the shin, and it’s best to get a pleasant stretch by way of the again of the shoulder on this facet. Glorious. Now we have now to go to the opposite fringe of the mat as a result of we have now to do the second facet as a result of I do not wanna go away you lopsided.

That is my reward to you at the moment. So once more, your hip, your inside hip goes to roll down, as down as you possibly can go. And by the way in which, if this place is uncomfortable for you, be at liberty to take the leg out to the facet. It isn’t harming anybody. And actually, it will offer you time to prep for bending the knee in.

Free arm goes up, and we’ll attain. Hinging ahead, armpit rotates ahead, staying lengthy, rib to hip right here, after which coming again up, up, up, up. (Misty exhales) I really like this. Three extra. Reaching, reaching, reaching.

And on this facet, it is quite a bit tougher for me to not sink. So I am actually pondering of somebody holding me at my ribcage, they usually’re pulling me out to the facet. (Misty exhales) After which as I come again up, they’re lifting me up. They are not letting my ribs sit on my pelvis. Two, thread the needles.

So we’re hinging first, attain, attain, attain, after which we’re reaching by way of. Rotate, discover the again of your mat. In case your hip rolls up somewhat bit, ah, it is okay. Unwind, and pull up with a tall backbone. Taller, taller, tallest, power up.

Final one, power continues to achieve up. Maintain the rotation of this down, armpit rotate, twist, and attain for the again of your mat. Unwind, attain up, and also you come up as effectively. Counter stretch time, arm comes throughout. After which spherical your backbone away from this leg.

Let the shoulder pull and stretch within the again, breathe into this lung. It feels good. I find it irresistible. And then you definitely’ll return to your middle. All proper, we’re within the house stretch however we’re not achieved but.

So I would like so that you can seize your disc or your towel. We’re gonna return to the opposite facet of the mat right here. And for this one, I would like to provide choices. When you have any wrist or hand points, you really might wanna use each the towel and the disc. I am gonna use simply the towel, however the discs are good right here too.

And the rationale why I am simply utilizing the towel is as a result of I’ve wrist stuff. So I want the added help of the towel. I am going to deliver my heels of my arms ahead and let my fingertips simply observe alongside the ground frivolously. And we’re on all fours. Now, your ribcage just isn’t hanging out.

I would like you to regulate this. So it is as if there is a painted fence underneath your ribs and you do not wanna damage your shirt. Choose your ribs up and away, and we’ll discover this flat again place right here. So we’re gonna begin the way in which we began the lesson. One arm is gonna slide ahead, after which that very same arm pulls again.

After which the opposite. And as I am doing this, I am attempting to make it possible for I’m controlling this motion by protecting it remoted to the arm and its supporting buildings, not letting my ribcage take over right here. As I am sliding, I am reaching from the again of my arm. As I am bringing it again in, identical thought. On the alternative facet, reaching lengthy, and attempting to not wing my shoulder blade or shrug my shoulders as I come again in.

Now holding it right here. In case your arms are too slender, go forward and open them up a bit. Conserving the ribs collected, we’ll rotate the armpits ahead and we’ll simply dip the torso. So my elbows are aiming towards the again fringe of my mat. And as I come again up, I am occupied with protecting my backbone angle lengthy.

If you happen to had your favourite meal in your again, I do not know why it will be there. However what you are occupied with doing as you bend and prolong right here is attempting to not disturb your meal. Two extra. As you come again up, consider firing by way of the again of the arms to straighten up. And final one, hold the armpits rotating ahead to return up and maintain.

If you happen to want a break to your arms, please take it now. Let’s proceed bending the elbows and holding. Good lengthy backbone. One arm is gonna slide out to the facet, the fingertips can rotate to prove, after which pull again in. 4 extra on the identical arm.

Pay shut consideration to what you’re doing along with your legs right here. Have you ever fallen again? Have you ever fallen ahead? Are you protecting your weight balanced between each knees? Two extra. Slide.

And pull. Another. Armpits rotated ahead, and pull, and are available up. To stretch right here, we’ll take one arm ahead off of the towel and stretch again into a toddler’s pose and admire the ring in your hand. And if you do not have a hoop in your hand, simply fake.

It is enjoyable. Second facet. So rotating your armpits ahead, ensuring you are balanced between each knees. Bend your elbows, maintain. The opposite arm slides out to the facet and pulls again in.

Consider rotating your armpit in order that the palm activates the mat. Discover I stated rotating your armpit and never rotating your palm. The rotation comes from the shoulder joint. And drag it in with resistance, use the ground. Another. Out.

And in. Rotate and press up. Second facet, stretch. Sitting again, admiring your ring that you could be or might not have. After which come again up.

That was enjoyable. I really like arm work, it feels good for me. However afterward, I’ve to provide my wrists and arms a second. So let’s do this now. Take one hand to the opposite, stretch the arms ahead and provides simply slight traction onto the wrist.

And whilst you’re giving that traction there, put somewhat little bit of strain from this hand into the opposite. So I’ve received opposition right here and I am creating house in my wrist. And I am holding and I am respiration. Different facet. Identical thought.

I’ve received motion up, motion in, and I am holding. 5 to 10 seconds is greater than lengthy sufficient. However we have gotta hold the shoulder down, after which deliver it again in. Prayer place, let’s swap the cross of our legs. And from right here, you are going to take the arms up only for a second, and press the fingertips into one another.

This can be a onerous motion right here. We’re staying actually energetic right here and really feel as if the fingertips are urgent into one another however the palms are doming. And launch. Another time right here. Carry up, press.

Robust, extensive again. Respiratory, verify. It is all right here doing all the great issues. I do know I stated another time however I actually meant another time this time. So we’re up.

Discover that power. Dome the palms. Breathe. Do not move out. And chill out.

Another factor right here. Make fists ‘trigger you are tremendous robust. Deliver the fists collectively. Maintain that power inward, each fists are energetic. Flip your elbows down.

And as you are turning your elbows down, you feel a stretch within the wrist. Now see how my large knuckles have come away from one another. Flawed reply. I am actually attempting to maintain these collectively. So that will restrict the quantity of wrist flexion I get.

However that is okay as a result of I am nonetheless feeling the stretch the place I want it. And again up, and let’s launch it. Thanks a lot for becoming a member of me at the moment.


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