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Males’s Well being Mat Class with Andrew Aroustian – Class 5154

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Hey all people and welcome. My title is Andrew Aroustian, and we’re right here in the present day to do a Males’s Well being Mat Work Class. Becoming a member of me in the present day, we’ve Michael and Sally, who’s right here to indicate us that whereas it is a Males’s Well being Mat Work Class, it might be finished by completely all people. I hope you guys take pleasure in it and if you would like slightly bit extra details about the Males’s Well being Program, you may simply watch my overview on the platform itself. Okay, let’s get began.

So what I would such as you to do, is you are gonna stand to the again of your mat right here. Okay, we’re simply gonna begin with a few roll downs. What I would such as you to do first, you simply take a pleasant roll down. So simply decrease the pinnacle and simply roll the physique. We’re simply gonna begin with the roll down to start with.

Delicate knees. I would such as you to simply take a pleasant deep breath into the low again right here, simply good and massive as you breathe out, utilizing the heels to attach the again of the pelvis and roll again up. Let’s simply do yet another like that. As you breathe that, let the pinnacle come down. That is it, Michael, good.

Simply get that good size by your complete again, to begin with. Take a deep breath into the low again, join the heels onto the mat and roll your self again up. Let’s add on to that. So what you will do now’s once more, roll your self down as you breathe out. This time, take your fingers and stroll 4 steps out to a entrance assist.

As you maintain this, raise your head consistent with your again, however maintain the hips good and excessive. As you breathe out, stroll your fingers again once more in direction of your toes. Soften the knees, use the heels to attach, and roll your self again up. Ribs on hips, shoulders on ribs. Head on shoulders.

Good, let’s try this once more. So roll your self down. You are gonna take 4 steps out to the entrance, assist one, two, three, and maintain. As you breathe in, you lengthen the backbone by lifting the pinnacle. As you breathe out, strolling again 4 steps, soften the knees, join the heels, and roll your self again up.

Let’s try this yet another time. As you breathe out, rolling your self down, lengthening the backbone. Take 4 walks out. Maintain this this time. So simply maintain it right here and take a few breaths right here, simply connecting into the again line.

What I would such as you to do now, is simply decrease your knees down in direction of the mat, Stroll your fingers again a couple of steps in order that your hips are above the knees and shoulders are above the fingers. Simply gonna begin with slightly cat stretch right here. In order you breathe out, push the ground away from you and spherical your backbone. Now as you are pushing that flooring away, I would like you to maintain that depth of the push and as you inhale, lengthen your chest ahead, raise the tailbone up, however nonetheless push away into that flooring as your exhale around the backbone. It is obtained a beautiful good connection by your complete again right here.

As you breathe in, press into the ground. Now that is gonna activate the again chain right here by the thoracic backbone particularly. So actually give me that raise. Final one, exhale, around the backbone. That is it.

As you inhale once more, pushing the ground away, displaying me slightly bit extra of that thoracic extension. Implausible. From right here, going into your thread the needle. So discover your impartial backbone, as soon as once more, it is the traditional pure place right here. We’ll begin with the proper hand right here.

In order you inhale, raise the proper arm up. Have a look at your hand as you go. As you exhale, roll the hand by, palm on the ground, stroll the hand by, maintain the opposite arm good and straight. Inhale, arm up in direction of the ceiling. As you come by, simply maintain the palm on the ground, stroll it by.

That is it, good. Getting some good rotation right here. Another time on this aspect. Inhale to raise. As you breathe out, maintain that different arm good and straight and that is gonna provide help to with that rotation.

Implausible, let’s do the opposite aspect. So beginning with the left arm this time, you will inhale, raise up. That is it. Exhale, roll it by. Use that hand that will help you come by like slightly spider strolling down.

As you inhale, raise up, smile to everybody on the market. That is it, exhale, roll it by. Excellent. Another time on this place. Inhale to raise.

That is it, and as you exhale, attain by into your thread the needle. Superior guys, thanks. So laying down onto your proper aspect, that is it. Knees consistent with the hips. Heels may be form of consistent with the knees in that good 90/90 place.

Fingers will go behind your head this time, however sideline rotation. So elbows are down, deliver them fairly shut to one another. You are gonna begin, as you inhale, I would like you to simply to raise the highest elbow up first. Simply raise that elbow up. Set the shoulder into the ribcage.

As you breathe out, you are going to rotate your backbone. Now let your head be good and heavy. Take a deep breath in right here to offer your self slightly bit extra stretch. After which as you exhale, deliver your self again round. Superior, let’s try this two extra instances.

Inhale, high elbow. Exhale, rotating round. That is it, take your inhale to offer you simply that little bit extra. Exhale, come again round. Stunning, one final time.

Inhale, raise the highest elbow. As you deliver your self round, consider that backside elbow urgent into the mat as properly to offer you that little bit extra suggestions to rotate. Inhale to carry. Exhale, deliver all of it the best way again round. Good.

Let’s go the opposite aspect. Okay, so identical factor, identical deal right here. So knees consistent with hips, heels consistent with knees, fingers behind the pinnacle. Okay, inhale, high elbow. Set the shoulder girdle.

Exhale, rotate. Let your head be good and heavy on the mat. Take your breath into stretch after which exhale, come again by. Implausible, good. And two extra instances.

Inhale, raise the elbow. We’re working by this physique prep class right here. So we’re actually interested by all of the completely different positions of the backbone. Working by flexion, extension, rotation, simply getting that physique prepared to maneuver. And final one you rotate, let that backside arm offer you that good suggestions to rotate round.

Good, after which coming again to the beginning. Great work, now simply lay onto your backs, please. That is it. Legs, good and lengthy. Fingers behind the pinnacle.

We’re beginning with a few chest lifts right here. So now we’re gonna work slightly bit into the abdominals, getting slightly bit extra world with our activation right here. So maintaining the calves on the ground, that the toes may be flexed or they are often relaxed. Nevertheless it feels higher for you. In order you breathe put, raise up right into a chest raise.

Try to take into consideration letting your ribcage take you up. Your eye gaze shall be sort of over your toes after which come again out. Good, as you breathe out, raise up into that chest raise. Now use this chance to offer you that good size by the thoracolumbar junction in order that middle a part of your again, so you may really feel this traction right here. So we have got the legs lengthening out that approach, however as you come up, you’re lengthening that approach.

So we get a pleasant little bit of decompression right here. Good, let’s do 4 extra right here. As you exhale, so we are able to begin to decide up slightly little bit of tempo right here. 4 and again. That is it, and three.

The physique’s beginning to heat up. The blood’s beginning to pump. Final one. Come up and maintain this time, take a deep breath into your higher again as your exhale, rotate to in direction of your proper hip in your hula. Inhale, again to middle.

Good, exhale throughout. We’re solely gonna do 4 on either side. Now bear in mind, it’s essential come down simply barely so that you’ve someplace to go each single time you come up into your hulaveer. Good, yet another time on both aspect. And also you guessed it.

What’s arising subsequent? Our all time favourite, we’re going into the set of the hundred. You possibly can maintain your self up into your chest raise. Michael’s going to do a distinct variation in the present day with bent knees and beautiful Sally is gonna do the standard hundred. Right here we go, so begin pulsing these arms.

In for 5 beats, slightly bit extra. Exhale, two, three, 4, 5. Breathe in. Good, so what we’re doing here- Exhale, good. Bear in mind we’re activating all of that blood and all that oxygen into the physique, utilizing your breath to attract in that oxygen and flow into that oxygenated blood by the physique.

Good. I feel that is 4. In two, three, 4, 5, and out. We’re gonna have all of these lovely cues that you simply all know so properly. So draw the legs away from you.

Six, in, two, 4, 5, and out. Glorious. That is seven. Doing fantastically properly, Michael. 4, 5 and out.

Two, three, that is eight. Solely two to go. So quick. All proper, yet another time. And in, three, 4, 5, and out.

Good, and simply because I am good, you may hug your knees into your chest and have slightly relaxation. Oh, how wonderful. All proper. What I am gonna get you to do, is we’re gonna rise up, we’re gonna do some little bit of a transition right here. It is nearly like a reverse rolling like a ball.

Okay, so what I would like you to do is, you are going to draw your knees in direction of your face, however attempt to maintain your head up. Strive to not let your head rock backwards. So that you’re simply gonna do some rock again and ahead and again and ahead, a few instances, nonetheless many instances it’s essential. After which standing all the best way up right into a standing place. Bang, and we’re able to go.

Okay, properly finished. So transferring on to the following a part of this physique prep. I do know we’re nonetheless there. So mat, you are within the middle of the mat, going to the upright frog. So I am gonna place your fingers behind your head, elbows barely ahead of the ears.

You are within the Pilates V place. Let’s not go too extensive, okay? So simply deliver them like a pure place right here. And I would like your head to press again into your fingers and also you’re gonna really feel that whole again chain activate. What you are going to do from right here, is I would like you to bend your knees, however as quickly as you bend your knees, your heels will raise.

Maintain these heels collectively. Come down so far as you need to. Vary will not be vital right here. Then as you breathe out, press your heels into the bottom as quickly as you may to face, helps to activate the again of these legs. Right here we go.

In order you respiratory, take it down, press the pinnacle again into the fingers, exhale to return up. Now it is vital right here to notice that you simply need to attempt to not hinge your physique ahead right here. Attempt to maintain your self good and straight. Maintain the shoulders, ribcage, proper above the pelvis there. So couple extra right here.

Let’s do two extra. So now we’re getting slightly bit extra decrease physique activation into our work right here. Stunning work. Alright, now let’s play with tempo. So we do some little bit of e-centric management, a little bit of energy work right here.

So, what you will do is, you are gonna take three counts to bend down so far as your physique will enable. So three, two, after which straight up good and quick on one. And down, three, two, one, and up! And three. So taking that good robust raise. Two extra.

Three, two, one, and up! Final one. Let’s reverse it. So fast down, Halt, up, up. There’s that e-centric management. Good.

So management the unfavorable. And up. Two to go. And down. Good.

Final one, and down. Stunning work, Michael. And exquisite work everybody. So now flip round. Face the stunning dolphins.

We noticed lovely dolphins this morning. We’re very fortunate. We’ll cross the legs to squat and simply sit again down onto the mat. Glorious work. So laying down onto your again, transferring on now into the integrative coaching part of the category.

So working right into a pelvic curl place, I simply would possibly deliver your suggestions ever so barely. That is it. So what I would like you to do right here, you ought to be having slightly little bit of a puff happening proper now. A little bit of cardiovascular endurance is beginning to kick in. So right here I simply need you to raise your hips up, the off the mat, what, nonetheless which means for you, whether or not it is a curl or a raise, no matter works.

I would love you, nonetheless, to as you breathe out, roll the pelvis down. Simply to get that size by the again. And exhale to raise. Maintain. After which exhale to decrease.

Good. And exhale to raise. Now as you are doing this, you are going to really feel the again of the legs activate, which is gorgeous. In any case of that work we simply did in direction of the entrance of the legs. This time I would like you to consider whereas your again of your legs are activating, take into consideration that stretch within the entrance.

Good, we’re gonna do two extra of those. On the final one you will maintain. So raise and decrease. Implausible, final one, right here we go. Exhale, raise the hips and maintain it there.

Now we had slightly little bit of energy work right here. So press your left foot down, raise your proper foot up right into a tabletop place. Decrease that proper foot again down, exhale, raise the left foot up, and decrease. And also you’re gonna do 4 on either side. It is vital to notice that you really want to have the ability to stabilize that reverse non-working leg, earlier than you decide up the opposite aspect.

Good, final one on the left leg right here. That is it. After which if you’re finished, roll all the best way again down. Alright, good. Now you have had slightly relaxation.

Let’s work slightly bit extra. So deliver your knees as much as a tabletop place. You possibly can maintain onto your knees. Chest raise for single leg stretch, little stomach collection right here, ‘cuz you may’t do with out that. So proper leg ahead, maintain that place, come up into your chest raise.

Good and excessive, Michael. Do some larger variation right here. As you exhale, you alter the legs. We obtained 10. And alter, 9.

And alter, eight. Now I would like you to push ahead. I do not need you to kick the leg excessive. So 4, push. Three, two, draw each knees again in in your double leg stretch.

So arms again, legs excessive or lengthy. Circle and draw it again in. We have now six, inhale, Exhale her out. Good, inhale, lengthen. And round three to go.

And round, superb, two to go. Maintain these ears- These arms behind the ears. Final one, circle round fingers behind your head, crisscross, right here we go. Rotate to your proper knee first. We have now 10, 9, and eight, seven.

Consider like a bow and arrow with the legs. 5, 4, three, two, final one. Hug the knees into your chest and you may decrease the pinnacle down. Oh, it is best to see the look of reduction we have got right here. It is beautiful.

Okay, we’re gonna get you to roll onto your abdomen now. Maintain your head at that finish. Implausible. So we’re going right into a little bit of inclined work. So we’re gonna have a look at the again chain of the physique right here.

Arms down by your aspect. Brow on the mat. So simply maintain this place, only for a few breaths. Recenter. Get again into the- into the mode right here.

Toes are about hip width aside. So do not be too married to legs collectively or legs extensive. Let’s simply maintain them good and good and pure right here. Arms lengthy, palms up. What I am gonna get you to do, is you are gonna begin off by lifting your head.

So simply the pinnacle. Give it some thought lifting consistent with your again. If you happen to’re wanna consider slightly marble on the tip of your nostril, you are sort of lengthening the marble to the tip of the mat. So just a bit excessive with that head. Good.

From right here, raise your shoulders off the mat, deliver them consistent with your again. And from right here, raise your fingers off the mat, deliver that consistent with your again. Attempt to do all of that with out lifting the backbone any larger. After which as you breathe out, let all the pieces come down. Shoulders on the mat.

Brow on the mat. Good. So simply raise the pinnacle. That is it. So raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise, raise.

Then deliver the shoulders again. Then deliver the arms again consistent with the shoulders. You are gonna really feel that thoracic, these thoracic extensions actually kicking in there. As you breathe out, decrease it down. Implausible, we’re gonna do off fairly a couple of extra right here.

Let’s do 4 extra. Inhale, now begin considering of integrating that head, shoulders, arms, that each one form of come up collectively. Exhale, decrease down. So I would like you to attempt to keep away from working into the lumbar backbone right here. Assume extra that thoracic extension.

So we wish that dart form. And down, good. Three extra. And head, shoulders, arms. Good.

Two to go. Shoulders all the best way down so you have obtained someplace to go. Head, shoulders, arms, raise. Inhale. I prefer to inhale on the extension right here.

Your selection, no matter you resolve to do right here is ok. Now simply maintain this final one right here. We’re going into nearly like slightly arms pulling straps on the reformer. So it’s essential have slightly little bit of peak right here. So Michael, just a bit larger for me.

What you will do is, you will deliver your arms again, elbows up, after which attain your arms overhead. Exhale. After which simply pull them again like an arms pulling straps and size. Now we have got 4 right here, solely 4. And convey it ahead.

So working into the endurance half now of the higher again extensors. Additionally getting some lumber extensor work right here too, which is equally as vital in our work. Good, final one. And press it ahead. Eyeline good and lifted.

And convey it again. Maintain it there, arms open to a ‘T’. Palms face the ground. Now you are gonna deliver your- Exhale, deliver your pinkies proper again to the gluteal fold there. Inhale, open.

Three extra. Exhale, press it by. Two to go. Inhale, open. Exhale, press it by.

Good, final one. Inhale open and press, maintain, Maintain, maintain, maintain, maintain. And you may relaxation. Ah, unbelievable. Going to slightly relaxation place now sit again down onto your heels.

That is it, and stretch ahead. Good, so come all the best way down and have a pleasant stretch. You’re taking your time with this as properly. We have simply finished numerous postural work right here, into the again muscle groups. These holds are unbelievable to maintain up these postural paraspinal muscle groups to get them good and dealing.

Implausible. Alright, transferring on. Let’s go right into a 4 level kneeling place. So chances are you’ll, what I would such as you to do right here, simply raise your head up consistent with your again. That is a pleasant little cue, I feel that I discover works very often, once we’re looking for these lengthy strains, is if you happen to keep- Take into consideration the again of your head arising consistent with your backbone.

You are gonna be in a fairly good place there. Perhaps barely larger, relying on the physique. Now what you are gonna do from right here, is I would like you to maneuver your fingers additional ahead previous your shoulder. So that you’re gonna be in nearly like a kneeling plank place. From right here, deliver your shoulders over your fingers.

Maintain this place, tuck your toes below, after which as you breathe out, simply lengthen your legs into a pleasant entrance assist place. Good. Now raise your head up consistent with your again. Decrease the hips down right here, Michael, for me. That is it, lovely work.

Little little bit of an isometric management and endurance work right here. I do know, we’re working by, Sally, you are doing amazingly properly. Very, very lovely. Alright, so from right here, your left hand goes into the middle of your, the place your sternum is. You are going to roll your toes on the aspect, raise your proper arm up.

Consider thread the needle, deliver your self a proper up into that aspect assist. Deliver your proper hand again down, transfer the left hand up, pike. Pike the physique, hips up, and have a relaxation right here. Have a stretch. Good, we’ll try this on the opposite aspect.

Prepared? So decrease down, raise the pinnacle consistent with the again. Proper hand comes within the middle, left hand lifts. Implausible work. Deliver the left hand again down, raise the pinnacle and are available into your pike.

That was so good. I feel we’re gonna do one other set. I am loving it. Deliver it out, left hand in, proper hand up. Flatten those- lovely.

Attain, attain, attain, attain. After which deliver it again down, different aspect. Implausible, proper, and go into your pike. That is proper. After which proper hand up.

Nevertheless you need to do that, you may have the little break in between or you may simply roll by it. That is getting slightly little bit of that endurance work as properly. Stunning holding that there. Simply have a couple of breaths right here. Give your self that point.

Good shoulder working in a pike right here. Every thing’s nonetheless on. Every thing’s nonetheless working. Alright my buddies, simply decrease your knees again down onto the mat. Let’s have slightly relaxation place right here.

Why not? Why not? Take a breath. Take a minute. Let’s examine what occurs.

Really feel that stretch within the again. Generally it is good simply to get that little little bit of strain right here. Simply to help in that stretch. Alright, good. Let’s transfer on to slightly bit extra torso strengthening.

Slightly bit extra torso operate management. So going into the kneeling tilt. So what you will do is come to the middle of your mat. Face forwards for me. That is it.

Toes are flat behind you. That is it. Fingers will come behind the pinnacle. Good. Discovering on this place.

I would like you to seek out that little little bit of that power closure of the pelvis. So interested by abdominals and hamstrings, how we power shut the pelvis. In the event that they weren’t working in these positions, we would fall ahead like that. So take into consideration hamstrings, abdominals, giving us that assist that we want right here. Good approach to discover that assist and that energy by the again line.

Identical to with the upright frog, give your self slightly press into your fingers and resist that along with your fingers as properly. Offers your backline one thing to do. Okay. From right here, what you will do is as you inhale, lean to your proper aspect. Inhale, take it over.

Exhale, come again to the middle. Inhale throughout. Good, take your time with these. Again to the middle. Now as an alternative of considering of lifting the ribbon laterally, flexing an excessive amount of, I would like you to assume extra like a palm tree within the breeze.

So you have obtained a pleasant steady base and the remainder of the physique is transferring away from that base. Implausible, let’s do two extra. As you go to the proper, press left knee down. As you go to the left, press your proper knee down. Good, let’s add some rotation to the proper.

First, two little rotations. Two, one, after which again to middle. Good, two, one, again to middle. We have 4 of these. Let’s do 4 on either side.

Two, one. Attempt to maintain the hips as sq. as you may as you are doing this rotation. Another set. Two, one. Final one, two, and one, again to middle.

Now I am gonna flip this subsequent train round on the aspect. You do not want to try this as you are instructing, however only for demonstrations sake in the present day, we’ll flip this one over to the aspect. We’ll a thigh stretch. Okay, so we’ll actually discover size by the entrance of the hips and the thigh. So arms are sort of come ahead.

Simply barely larger than the shoulders shall be wonderful, if that does not give you the results you want, genie place, even fingers behind the pinnacle or hips work as properly. So, no matter works for you and your purchasers. Now, simply deliver your toes barely aside. That is it. A very powerful factor about this subsequent a part of the train is I would like you to seek out that deep imprint.

Okay, in order you are going to hinge again, in order you inhale, hinge the physique again, imprint, solely go so far as as your physique will enable. Exhale, press the toes down and up you come. Implausible. Inhale, size and out. Sternum to the ceiling.

Consider that good proud chest. Two extra. Inhale size and get them proper by the entrance of these hips. And up, final one. Inhale size and out.

Now what I would such as you to do, exhale and are available again for the following half. I am gonna add slightly stretch to that. So Michael’s gonna present you one variation and Sally’s gonna present you the development. So sitting down onto your heels, go round and place your fingers onto your heels there. Now the primary, the primary variation is simply lifting the chest up in direction of the ceiling, staying seated on the heels.

Or in case your physique permits it, let’s raise these heels up and provides your self that good additional stretch. You possibly can see how this entrance line is simply loving this stretch. Another breath right here. After which sit again down onto your heels and you’re finished, Good. Implausible work.

Shifting on now to the ultimate a part of this, of the category, the useful stretch. So sit going through forwards, like I stated, you do not have to sit down in these specific positions. No matter works in your class, works in your class. What we’ll do is sit cross-legged. So simply decrease that foot in entrance of the opposite one and simply make it possible for your toes are wider than your knees.

So you will have to maneuver the entrance leg ahead barely to attain that place. And simply make it possible for the toes are wider than the knees. We’re going into slightly hip stretch right here. Place your fingers ahead onto the bottom in entrance of you and decrease the pinnacle. That is it, so you do not have to go too far to begin.

Simply discover your vary, no matter that’s for you. Actually vital to simply enable the pinnacle to be good and lengthy, opening up by the again of the hips, into the low again. Good. I do three extra breaths. On the inhale, enable the tissue to maneuver and stretch.

On the exhale, is extra of a launch. Good, two extra breaths. Inhale, enable that to stretch and launch, with yet another. Inhale and launch. Implausible.

Stroll your self up good and slowly. Fingers go behind your again. Swap the legs over to the opposite aspect. Good, so toes wider than the knees. Good.

We’d deliver your knee this fashion a fraction. That is a pleasant place. So we have got a pleasant little sq. place of the thigh bones in addition to the pelvis. So, fingers ahead, strolling down. Let the pinnacle simply calm down.

And you will find that with that head relaxed, you may solely get that stunning ligamentous stretch right through the backbone. Proper from the occiput, so proper from the very high of the backbone. Taking a couple of extra breaths right here. Inhale. Exhale, launch.

Two extra. Stunning, inhale. Discover all that tissue stretching along with your inhale. Good. Offers us this lovely alternative right here simply to stretch.

And strolling all the best way again up. Implausible, alright. Let’s rise up, we’re nearly there buddies, I promise. So standing at this finish of the mat, going through this fashion, simply do some roll down for me. Going right into a pike place.

So simply rolling the physique, stroll out right into a pike, no matter’s snug for you, so it would not should be too far or too shut. No matter works. Making an attempt to attract the heels down and lengthening the legs as a lot as you presumably can. You are gonna begin with some prances. So only one heel lifts.

One heel comes down. After which swap. And swap and swap. So we’re getting, not solely are we getting slightly little bit of stretch right here, however we’re getting that fixed motion circulation. Motion circulation.

So it is not too static. It isn’t holding. Three extra and two and one. Implausible. Maintain this pike, stretch these heels down, discover a little bit of size.

Stroll your fingers again in direction of your toes right here. Now this subsequent half, it doesn’t matter the place you maintain on. If you would like to carry behind the calves, like Sally’s obtained right here. But additionally I would like Michael simply to indicate you that it is okay to face with the fingers up larger as properly. It actually would not matter.

We’re going into slightly sciatic nerve stretch, which I am certain is absolutely gonna really feel very nice for lots of our male purchasers, and for everyone as properly. So begin with one leg straight, one leg bent, after which simply swap over to the opposite aspect. So the heels keep on the bottom right here and simply transfer backward and forward. Good. And alter.

So simply getting slightly little bit of that nerve stretching taking place, additionally helps to open up the again right here. Good. Maintain this final place. Let the pinnacle go lengthy. Let your arms simply go.

Simply cling. Let gravity give you the results you want right here. Let gravity do its factor. Take a deep breath in, as you breathe out, join the heels. Rolling all the best way again as much as standing.

Maintain that place. I would prefer to say thanks so very a lot to Michael and Sally. Thanks for becoming a member of me in the present day. Thanks a lot for becoming a member of us for our Males’s Well being Mat Work Class. I hope to see you all actually quickly.


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