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Madison Margolin – Set and Setting – Ep. 21

Madison Margolin and Govind Das discuss mixing apply and psychedelics on this episode of Set and Setting.

Govind Das is a California-based kirtan singer, yoga instructor and as his religious title suggests – “servant of the divine”. He’s the co-director/proprietor of Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica CA. Govind Das’s dedication to Bhakti yoga and the beliefs of affection, service, and devotion is the essence that’s mirrored and transmitted by means of his music and teachings. His intention is to share yoga within the spirit of celebrating life and creating a private and intimate reference to Supply. He leads evenings of kirtan, bhakti yoga workshops, presents at festivals, and leads transformative retreats all through the world.  Govind Das and his spouse Radha reside within the hills of Pacific Palisades, CA overlooking the Nice Pacific Ocean with their son Malakai and daughter Ruby Jaya. Sustain with Govind Das on Instagram

The Doorway of Psychedelics

Govind Das explains his religious path to self-embodiment. For him, it began through using psychedelics in school. Govind Das feels that psychedelics opened a doorway to one thing a lot greater, extra sacred, and extra inventive. He was launched to meditation and yoga after school and this revived his reminiscence of being on psychedelics and connecting to one thing giant. This then led him to hearken to Ram Dass on a cassette tape whereas driving from Florida to New York. Ram Dass’ teachings actually resonated with Govind Das. That is how he came upon about Satsang and kirtan. 

“Psychedelic journeys, for me, revealed (for the primary time) oneness. The interconnectedness of the entire. And that my life, my actions, my ideas and my phrases are an element, like a thread of the material in the entire.” Govind Das

Religious Opening (19:15)

There are lots of younger folks at present utilizing ayahuasca. Govind Das doesn’t explicitly frown upon this, however he says that having a religious context to grasp a visit might be actually useful. Ayahuasca is a strong and historic plant medication. Govind Das says that he’s very glad that in his first ayahuasca journey, he already had information of yoga, meditation, and so on. This helped him to combine his psychedelic expertise into his life. He couldn’t think about having such an unlimited religious opening and missing the information to grasp it or give it route.

“It’s a scary prospect to have an expertise that might blow you broad open after which you don’t have any idea of methods to make sense of it.” – Madison Margolin

To hearken to extra on psychedelic crops, tune into Ep. 242 of Mindrolling: Sacred Medicines with Nick Polizzi
The Legacy of Be Right here Now (35:19)

Madison asks Govind Das how he applies Ram Das’ legacy of ‘being right here now’ to his life. He says that the apply of being right here now permits us to function from a special place. Slightly than being above actuality and considering with our judging, dualistic thoughts, being right here now provides us the reward of presence. Once we are within the second, we’re accepting the whole lot simply as it’s. We’re loving the whole lot with out boundaries.

“From right here, we’re not in duality. The soul loves.” – Govind Das

Hearken to Ep. 96 of Right here and Now to listen to about how Ram Dass got here up with the thought of Be Right here Now.


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