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Lung: Grasp Distributor of Qi

Within the 5 Aspect Consciousness Framework, the organ methods work hand-in-hand to create final stability within the physique. The Lung is the organ system in command all through the autumn season. Once you eat, the Spleen takes the essence of the meals and sends it as much as the Lung. The Lung’s accountability then, is to distribute this Qi in a method that helps the general operate of the physique.

The Lung assumes the function of the grasp distributor of Qi. On this capability, it reacts to 2 issues: one is the request from every organ for a specific amount of essence or power; the opposite is a type of “bonus” Qi. The Lung can direct this Qi to the organ in want of further assist. The Lung should additionally reserve sufficient Qi for its personal operate and to maintain the physique’s capabilities in movement.

Like a very good counselor, the Lung listens to every organ’s request. If the physique is just not functioning nicely, the Lung could not have sufficient completely different sorts of Qi to distribute sufficiently. Then it has to reorganize and reallocate no matter it has to work with. Primarily based on relationships with different organs, it decides the place this energetic frequency ought to go. Your physique is extremely sensible!

Deal with your Lung kindly! Listed here are just a few ideas for final Lung well being:

1. Pores and skin: The pores and skin is the tissue organ related to the Lung. The Lung disperses Qi to the tissues between the muscle tissues and the pores and skin. Radiant, wrinkle-free pores and skin is an indication that your Lung Qi is wholesome. Retaining your pores and skin lined in chilly or windy climate helps assist your Lung operate.

2. Giant Gut: The Lung and Giant Gut are companion organs. This pair always helps each other in letting go and releasing. If Common bowel transfer,ents are an indication that your Lung and Giant Gut are in stability. Embody honey as a part of your each day weight loss program so as to add moisture to your colon.

3. Meals: Spicy flavors are related to the Lung. Strive meals similar to Daikon radish, horseradish, and chili peppers. As well as, almonds, pears, and honey assist wholesome Lung operate. Strive baking this trio for a scrumptious deal with!


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Wholesome Metabolism Perform by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky.

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