Launch and Grow Your Music Therapy Biz With This NEW E-Course


This Spring,  I was invited to give a two-part business presentation to music therapy graduate students at University of Miami.

It wasn’t until I started preparing this these talks that I realized…I love sharing about business ownership.

I realized I not only have a wealth of information to share on this topic, but I also really enjoy putting the information into easily digestible nuggets.

Starting a music therapy business can be extremely overwhelming.

There are taxes, licenses, insurance, and different business structures.

There are NPIs and EINs and everything varies by state!

But owning your own business is so worth it (in my opinion!) when you have time and financial freedom to do what you love, and when you can create your own schedule and be your own boss.

MT business ownership has it’s challenges, but I believe the benefits far outweigh those challenges.

Every time I can attend a field trip at my childrens’ school, go sledding with them on a snow day, or have slow summer mornings with them, I am so grateful I have my own business.

Every time we get to travel together and go on adventures throughout the year (we’ve gone parasailing, horseback riding, rail biking, snow tubing, zip lining, and mountain coaster riding), I am so grateful I have my own business.

Every time I look at my schedule with a mix of business tasks, music therapy session planning, creative resource development, and assignment grading, I’m grateful I have my own business.

If you are looking for time and financial freedom, and the power to create a business and life that you truly love, then stay tuned.

I created a brand new E-Course (available for continuing ed credit of course 🙂 that is just for music therapy business owners starting out.

The course is called MT Biz 101: How to Launch and Grow a Successful Music Therapy Business.

Whether you want to leave your employee position and start a full fledged business or start a side hustle, this course will show you the exact steps to take to launch your business.

Join the wait list here so you will be the first to know when the course is released, and have access to bonus material and a discounted rate.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the course now – editing videos, creating Business Brainstorming Worksheets, and creating a Pro tier where you can consult directly with me as a business mentor.

As the owner of a successful music therapy business with a team of 15 that offers services across three different states, I can’t wait to share my knowledge and help you create a business that you love.

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