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Is Life a Holographic Projection?


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Is life a holographic projection?

That’s an opinion I got here throughout not too long ago on Fb from an individual attempting to place phrases to a profound religious awakening expertise she had which was much like what I skilled a few years in the past. Neither one in every of us was looking for enlightenment. I meditated and did yoga however just for stress discount. She was simply mendacity on her mattress. However her description was virtually an identical to my very own.

My expertise:

Early in our relationship, once we lived in two completely different states, my companion Paul despatched me an extended distance therapeutic with my permission, and I felt a rush of Kundalini come by me like a freight practice from the bottom of my backbone. It was a shock, however I knew he was sending it and let the vitality transfer all over and out the highest of my head.

After which I had essentially the most superb awakening. My consciousness adopted the vitality till I could not really feel my physique anymore and as an alternative skilled myself as infinite, free and at peace. It was nothingness, an infinite void, and I hung on the market for awhile,  having fun with it, till I grew to become frightened that I won’t be capable of get again to my physique. As quickly as I had that thought, I traveled virtually immediately by a skinny cone of sunshine—the broader finish being infinity and the purpose being my physique. It occurred in seconds—simply barely lengthy sufficient to register the transition— after which out of the blue I used to be in bodily kind in my room, feeling cramped and constricted. I may really feel tight areas and ache that I knew I lived with on a regular basis however by no means actually observed earlier than. I had simply been accepting that as my regular bodily state. However now I did not prefer it in any respect and wished to get again to the expanded state . . . and I immediately did.

I spotted then that the distinction between my regular life expertise of being in what we collectively agree is bodily actuality and the equally real-feeling expertise of being an infinite being was merely a shift in consciousness. I used to be amused— this factor I had beforehand been so terrified I would expertise in meditation was no huge deal. It was peace. It was infinite nothing. And but in that state all I wanted to do was intend returning again to bodily expertise and I used to be again once more. I practiced going backwards and forwards again and again till I fell asleep.

My good friend didn’t trip however in any other case the expertise was related. And he or she later had many different awakening experiences. I barely had the phrases to elucidate what occurred to me, however she described the expertise of going from the infinite to the bodily as a “holographic projection.” 

I really feel prefer it’s not precisely that—it feels far more actual than Princess Leia semi-materializing to name ObiWan Kenobi her solely hope. However I can’t consider a greater analogy that is smart from a gift day perspective.

And that is additionally much like my expertise of every part on this actuality. It feels actual and prefer it couldn’t presumably be something however actual. However I really feel prefer it’s like dwelling inside a multi-dimensional holographic fractal. Atoms appear to be photo voltaic programs on this model of “actuality;” bigger tree branches are replicated fractally within the construction of smaller ones on the identical tree. And our fingerprints look surprisingly like these tree rings.

I often attempt to clarify how flower essences work by speaking about how the gesture of a plant—the way it presents on the planet, the way it grows, the way it interacts with different features of the setting—displays one thing that’s true for the one who would most profit from it for therapeutic. It is a idea that goes again to historical occasions. It’s been referred to as—and denigrated by trendy science—because the Doctrine of Signatures. A basic however overly simplified instance of this in motion is the concept walnuts are good for mind well being as a result of the nut within the shell seems just like the human mind in a cranium. There’s scientific proof at present that walnuts may very well be helpful for human cognition and mind well being (and to forestall ailments that result in cognitive decline). However healers who used the Doctrine of Signatures got here to the identical conclusion centuries or millennia in the past.

From our purely bodily perspective, that historical perspective makes NO sense! It’s amusing folkloric “superstition.” However when you’ve had the precise expertise of shifting from infinite potential to some extent on this life expertise and again once more merely by intention (and studying that it’s potential) . . . nicely, your world view will get turned the other way up. You possibly can return to life in bodily actuality—and even get utterly caught up within the trauma/drama of it (together with all of the attendant human feelings of anger, worry, grief and despair)—however you actually can’t “neglect” the profundity of that religious awakening and what it would imply.


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