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Is It Solely Pores and skin Deep? SALIVA VS L’OREAL

Magnificence – Is It Solely Pores and skin Deep?


What’s magnificence? It’s one thing that draws us to somebody or one thing and makes us be ok with them. Despite the fact that most individuals would agree about magnificence in regard to human seems to be, form, hair, tooth and so on., it nonetheless is a relative factor. It isn’t solely what we see (though essential and for a lot of – most vital) but in addition what we hear, odor, contact, style and really feel.

For instance, we like somebody much more, due to the best way they converse or sound, or we merely be ok with somebody for no obvious motive. Or reverse to that, we don’t like somebody due to the best way they converse, sound or odor. Simply take into consideration a few of your favorite singers who may not look that nice (or not that nice anymore) however you like to see them and take heed to their music or obsess over them.

Identical can apply to film stars, sure politicians, docs, legal professionals, and so on. You see magnificence even of their crooked tooth or daring patch. That is the case when internal magnificence takes over the looks. In China, it’s categorised as “yang” or “religious seems to be” and it consists of an individual’s character, behaviour, habits, beliefs, degree of schooling and every little thing else that we’re not born with however obtain later in our life. It is one thing that we’ve the facility to alter to an incredible extent. As an example, we are able to determine to be very nice and pleasant in the direction of an individual, or be actual bastards in the direction of them.

The “materials seems to be” or “yin” nevertheless, is fairly decided earlier than we’re born. It is the best way we glance, the color of our pores and skin, hair, eyes, the form of our face and tooth, the sound of our voice. It is our physique, our materials look or who we “are” as seen via the eyes of different folks. We are able to nonetheless dye our hair, develop or shave it, have cosmetic surgery however those that know us can nonetheless see us somewhat modified, however the general change is minor. These two (yin and yang) are the 2 features of 1 entire, they help and affect one another and can’t exist with out one another (i.e. not in the identical type).

Being developed the best way it’s, Chinese language medication’s strategy in the direction of magnificence may be very totally different to western medication (say with cosmetic surgery, liposuction, breast implants). Firstly, it is primarily based on chi and never anatomy (i.e. the fabric physique) the best way western medication is, so it doesn’t deal with the “illness” however the “power imbalance” after which within the technique of rebalancing it, the illness can be handled. Secondly, it is wholistic, so it doesn’t solely see all our diseases as one chi imbalance, nevertheless it sees the issues with our seems to be as a part of that entire too. In different phrases, Chinese language medication, if utilized correctly, corrects the core of all issues, thus, not solely treating no matter illness is current, however is a wonderful magnificence remedy on the identical time.

When you have issues together with your pores and skin, whether or not it is too dry, flaky or has pimples, in Chinese language medication, it is at all times an indication of power imbalance contained in the physique and the therapy can be to repair the “inside” (or “root”) with a purpose to change the “outdoors” (or “branches”). It’d contain some dealings with the surface to strengthen the outcomes, nevertheless it would not be to masks the surface.

One doesn’t should be a genius to see that “well being” typically is “magnificence”. When you’re wholesome, your pores and skin is lustrous, hair shines, nails are robust and there may be brightness in your eyes. However if you find yourself sick, your pores and skin would possibly flip uninteresting, pale or yellow, you would possibly begin to lose hair, your nails break, you get darkish circles underneath your eyes. To not point out some extreme circumstances the place you would possibly get swollen throughout, drastically shed pounds, get muscle atrophy, goitre, all joints deform. You’ll positively not name that lovely. It isn’t quite common to listen to issues like, “You’ve got acquired such a stunning beard rash, good boils and chilly sores”. Based on Chinese language medication, pores and skin is ruled by, or has one thing to do with lungs; hair, bones and tooth with kidneys; eyes, tendons and nails with liver; mouth, muscular tissues and fats tissue with spleen; tongue, blood and senses with coronary heart. Meaning if somebody has untimely greying or lack of hair, in Chinese language medication they’d deal with the kidneys to repair the issue. And it isn’t uncommon to see the hair develop again or acquire it is unique color, in some instances after years of “baldness” and “greying”. Most instances improved attributable to practising Qigong but in addition on account of natural therapy or acupuncture. The particularly good kinds are 5 Animals Play or Aromatic Qigong. Despite the fact that in some instances it would take years for that to occur.

Other than important stream Chinese language medication wherein all ailments are categorised inside the system and handled accordingly, there are various easy sensible strategies in China that may be very helpful, each as a therapeutic methodology in addition to a magnificence remedy, that don’t require any particular data of Chinese language medication. Reminiscent of doing headstands or handstands day by day to deal with any issues on the pinnacle and face, e.g. lack of hair, gray hair, pimples, wrinkles, sinuses, throat, even sight and listening to issues. Or tea and meals remedy, reminiscent of Wu Lengthy tea for losing a few pounds, hawthorn for decreasing ldl cholesterol, black sesame and black soy bean for gray hair, figs for vitiligo. Or self therapeutic massage for higher pores and skin and hair and to cut back wrinkles, tapping tooth for wholesome tooth and gums.

Some strategies that deliver wonderful outcomes may appear a bit bizarre, such because the squeezing testicles (for longevity, higher sight and listening to, higher pores and skin and hair, stronger bones, impotence, insomnia to call just a few) or utilizing saliva (to deal with each inside and exterior imbalances) and plenty of different related strategies. Right here, we’ll introduce the wonderful properties of saliva. As you understand, saliva is the clear liquid that’s produced by the salivary glands that protects our mouth, gums and tooth, assists chewing, swallowing and digestion and might do many different wonders. In Chinese language medication, it’s described as a “valuable liquid”, or “golden fluid” and is understood to bolster Yin (referring to the fabric facet of our physique, together with blood, muscular tissues, bones), cease thirst, extinguish internal warmth, nourish the pores and skin, cease itchiness and cut back swelling.

For hundreds of years, it has been utilized in many various methods. Reminiscent of to cleanse the physique by both fasting just a few days in a row or sooner or later each week the place the physique burns any deposits of meals and saliva (that will increase throughout these intervals), when swallowed, assists the cleaning course of. Usually, throughout Qigong observe, the secretion of saliva will increase considerably, which is an excellent signal, so by rinsing the mouth and swallowing it, it might probably assist in treating and stopping ailments of tooth, gums, throat and internal organs.

Other than that, it may be externally utilized on cuts, burns, insect bites, pores and skin rashes and plenty of different pores and skin circumstances. It’s higher than many disinfectants and antibiotics and it is at all times available. The one factor is, for sure circumstances, it must be utilized many instances a day and it needs to be given in beneficiant quantities each time. For mosquito bites and related circumstances the place the pores and skin is itchy and swollen, it may be rubbed in till it stops being itchy. Amongst many instances handled by saliva in China, there was an fascinating considered one of a person with extreme pimples and boils on his face. His situation neither responded to western (antibiotics) nor Chinese language medication therapies (herbs and acupuncture). In the long run, somebody recommended he strive saliva. After he utilized it day by day for a few months, his face cleared utterly, not even leaving any scars. Not a very fairly factor to do, nevertheless it was well worth the hassle in the long run.

In Shao Lin Qigong, after meditation and self therapeutic massage, it’s regular to spit accrued saliva into the palms and rub it onto the face. When you acquired the possibility to see the Shao Lin monks, you in all probability observed how clear and easy there pores and skin was. And when you’ve got a cat you may see the way it’s performed “correctly”.

Trendy analysis has confirmed many useful properties of saliva: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, even anti-cancer, plus it aids digestion (as a result of enzymes it possesses) and, as a result of it is alkaline, it protects tooth and gums. Researched for tens of millions of years in God’s Institute of Magnificence and produced within the human physique, it is so protected that not solely can or not it’s taken orally however will be exchanged with others, activating a few of its magical properties.


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