How To Make Meditation Simpler In 3 Easy Steps


Lots of my meditation college students ask me easy methods to make meditation simpler. And I fully perceive that. Generally, it’s laborious to focus. And it’s good to take some steps to make meditation simpler. Particularly if it’s your first time meditating.

Fortunately, you can also make meditation simpler as soon as you understand how. 

If you meditate, there are three components you want to concentrate on. 

The three components of meditation

  1. Firstly, your thoughts and your degree of focus.
  2. Secondly, the item you might be meditating on. Some objects are simpler to concentrate on than others. 
  3. And at last, distractions. These could possibly be exterior distractions akin to sounds. And so they may be inside distractions, akin to ideas, emotions, and bodily sensations  

You might want to monitor these three issues as you meditate. 

Your thoughts is the core factor. The stronger your focus, the simpler it is going to be to meditate. Nonetheless, it’s not all the time straightforward to extend your focus. 

The meditation object is the factor you might be meditating on. As an illustration, the breath. Some objects are simpler to concentrate on than others. As an illustration, it’s simpler to concentrate on a mantra than it’s on simply the breath. 

Distractions are the principle drawback. We wish to get rid of as many distractions as doable.

By engaged on these three elements, you can also make meditation straightforward. 

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How To Make Meditation Simpler

In addition to the following tips, I like to recommend studying my information to mindfulness for newcomers. 

1: Cut back Distractions 

Distractions are the principle enemy of any meditation observe. Nonetheless, they’re additionally comparatively straightforward to eliminate. 

If you meditate, what distracts you?

For most individuals it is going to be environmental elements. As an illustration, for those who’re meditating at house there’s in all probability a level of noise. And that noise pulls at your thoughts, why is why it’s laborious to meditate generally. 

One other type of distractions is your ideas. Are you all the time pondering once you attempt to meditate? In that case, you will have to take steps to scale back ideas. You are able to do this by utilizing sound. As an illustration, for those who him to your self whereas meditating, you’ll discover that the sound of your buzzing masks a variety of your ideas.

After which there are bodily distractions. These are sensations occurring in your physique. 

Listed below are some pointers to scale back distractions whereas meditating. 

  1. Meditate in a quiet room or someplace peaceable like a public park.
  2. If you’re distracted by ideas when meditating, strive meditating along with your eyes open whereas going through a clean wall (be aware that this can be a method historically utilized in Zen meditation)
  3. You can even scale back distracting ideas by buzzing to your self once you meditate.
  4. End any work or chores it’s good to do earlier than you begin meditating.
  5. Take away distracting sounds by listening to stress-free meditation music. 
  6. If bodily sensations distract you and make it laborious to meditate, stretch earlier than you begin, and ensure you are utilizing correct meditation positions. 
  7. Don’t use an app. Why?  As a result of a) being on a telephone is distracting by itself. And b) you can be distracted by the voice of your guided meditation instructor (which is ironic). 
  8. Listed below are extra tricks to deal with ideas throughout meditation. 

2: Select a better meditation object 

Many individuals wrongly imagine that once you meditate it’s good to focus in your breath. This merely isn’t true. You may concentrate on something when you meditate. All that issues is that you just focus. 

Some meditation objects are simpler to concentrate on than others. 

Attention-grabbing, the breath isn’t a sensible choice. Why? As a result of the breath is elusive. You may’t see it. You may not often hear it. It’s not a simple factor to concentrate on. 

If you would like need do a respiration meditation, make it simpler by buzzing. If you hum, it’s simpler to each hear and really feel your breath. And this makes it simpler to focus. 

You can even use bodily objects for meditation. As an illustration, you possibly can concentrate on a meditation crystal or a candle (as is finished within the yoga method Trataka). 

Basically, to make meditation simpler you wish to select an object that’s straightforward to concentrate on. 

3: Enhance your focus 

That is the toughest half to work on. As a result of it requires both way of life modifications or psychological train (which isn’t straightforward for those who don’t have a very good diploma of focus to start with). 

Nonetheless, there are some steps you possibly can take to extend your focus.

  • Cut back caffeine consumption 
  • Drink inexperienced tea 
  • Train 
  • Get off social media (and different sources of data overload)
  • Take walks in stress-free locations 
  • Eat a nutritious diet 

And now we’ve got our 3 step course of to make meditation simpler. 

Here’s a recap:

  • Cut back distractions, each exterior and inside 
  • Select a simple meditation object to concentrate on (buzzing is an effective alternative) 
  • Enhance your focus by making fundamental way of life modifications 
  • Ensure you are additionally utilizing a fundamental newcomers meditation script.

If you want assist meditating, ebook a web-based meditation lesson with me at present. 

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