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How do Thai Therapeutic massage And Western Therapeutic massage examine?

differences between western and Thai Massage

15 areas the place western and Thai Therapeutic massage are totally different

Earlier than you determine to be taught Thai Therapeutic massage, you will need to perceive what makes it totally different from western therapies.

Thai Therapeutic massage research isn’t just about studying a distinct set of therapeutic massage methods. As an alternative it’s a completely totally different strategy to therapeutic massage remedy with a completely totally different mindset.

It has a robust cultural background which western therapeutic massage lacks. It’s a part of the social material of Thailand and has an extended historical past behind it. 

Here’s a record that compares numerous features of the 2 methods. Remember that that is considerably generalized and that there are exceptions to lots of these gadgets. However for probably the most half, the comparability holds true.

1. Spacial dimensions in therapeutic massage

2-dimensional vs 3-dimensional massage

Western desk therapeutic massage might be described as a two-dimensional therapeutic massage system because the consumer doesn’t transfer and at all times stays in the identical aircraft. 

In distinction, you might have a look at Thai Therapeutic massage as a three-dimensional system because the consumer is moved round ceaselessly with out staying in a single aircraft.

2. Mapping out the physique in therapeutic massage

anatomy vs energy lines in massage

How do you discover your manner across the physique? What markers do you employ? Here’s a vital distinction between east and west.

Western therapeutic massage is primarily primarily based on anatomy and physiology and makes use of these as a map for the physique.

Thai Therapeutic massage is primarily based on the vitality line strategy and makes use of these as a map for the physique.

3. Common strategy to bodywork

medical vs holistic approach in massage

Western therapeutic massage is leaning in direction of a medical strategy primarily based on medical rules.

Thai Therapeutic massage makes use of a distinct mindset which relies on a extra holistic strategy.

4. Localized remedy versus vitality circulation remedy

localized vs energy flow

Western therapeutic massage goals to work out issues with a localized strategy by engaged on particular areas the place the issue happens.

Thai Therapeutic massage goals to appropriate and re-establish vitality circulation within the physique as a substitute of simply engaged on the spot the place the issue manifests.

5. Undressed versus totally clothed

dressed vs undressed massage

Western therapeutic massage is usually finished proper on the pores and skin with the consumer undressed. This brings up privateness and moral points.

Thai Therapeutic massage is finished totally dressed, and due to this fact the entire strategy to it’s rather more relaxed – no draping wanted, and privateness shouldn’t be a giant concern.

6. Laws versus cultural integration

regulations vs culture in massage

Western therapeutic massage is extensively regulated and legislated. Licensing is usually required.

Thai Therapeutic massage is a part of the Thai system of pure therapeutic. It’s a part of the social and cultural material of life and its observe is quite common, accepted, and considered pure.

Till pretty just lately, a therapist’s popularity was thought-about extra essential than official credentials. Historically, there was a lot much less formality and regulation, though that is slowly altering.

7. Science versus precise expertise

science vs experience in massage

Within the western world, therapeutic massage advantages are sometimes defined in scientific phrases.

In Thailand, no one cares a lot about scientific explanations so long as the therapeutic massage feels good and is helpful. That’s why Thai Therapeutic massage is usually not offered in scientific phrases, however extra as a holistic and helpful system.

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8. Authorized considerations and paperwork

paperwork and legal issues in massage

Particularly within the US, therapists might need to cope with authorized points and even run the danger of getting sued. That’s why consumption types, consent types, and insurance coverage are sometimes part of therapeutic massage remedy.

In Thailand, no one would even dream of suing a therapeutic massage therapist, even when they’re doing one thing fallacious. Paperwork is usually not concerned in therapeutic massage work, and therapists don’t have and don’t want insurance coverage.

9. Personal versus public setting

private vs public setting in massage

Within the western world, therapeutic massage is usually finished in a personal setting behind closed doorways, and in devoted areas.

Thai Therapeutic massage is usually finished in rather more public settings in Thailand, and folks don’t care a lot about privateness. For instance, you’ll find it in parks, markets, conventions, occasions, and on the seashore.

10. Value of classes – Thailand vs western world

Massage pricing differences

Therapeutic massage within the western world is considerably of a luxurious merchandise that always requires a considerable monetary outlay for high quality therapeutic massage work.

Thai Therapeutic massage in Thailand shouldn’t be a luxurious merchandise. It’s largely priced fairly cheaply. You may nonetheless discover therapeutic massage for $5 per hour, and in some native settings for as little as $3 per hour. 

11. What’s the Therapeutic massage making an attempt to perform?

massage objectives of western and Thai Massage

Western therapeutic massage kinds are primarily seen as a methodology for enjoyable (with helpful results) though there are kinds of therapeutic massage which might be extra therapeutically oriented. Basically, spas are largely seen as locations for pampering your self.

Thai Therapeutic massage on the native (not touristy) degree has at all times functioned as a therapeutic system for coping with aches and pains and ailments. There’s a bigger share of people that wish to get their well being points remedied when receiving classes.

12. Bodily therapeutic massage settings

Western vs Thai Massage setting

Western therapeutic massage is virtually at all times finished on a therapeutic massage desk.

Thai Therapeutic massage is historically finished on a flooring mat, though these days within the western world, many Thai Therapeutic massage therapists are adapting it to the desk.

13. Which physique elements do therapists use?

working style western versus Thai Massage

In western therapeutic massage, therapists use primarily their arms, and to a lesser diploma forearms and elbows. This may result in carrying out of the arms, or to accidents like carpal tunnel syndrome.

In Thai Therapeutic massage, therapists make intensive use of many physique elements – arms, forearms, elbows, knees. and toes. Particularly when doing sturdy work, they’ll simply change their arms with different physique elements. That is higher for the well being of the therapist.

14. Physique mechanics

use of body in western versus Thai Massage

Western therapists use extra muscle energy of their work which may end up in again and shoulder issues.

This muscle use can’t be eradicated since therapists can’t at all times be proper on prime of their purchasers due to the therapeutic massage desk. Particularly for lengthy stroking methods they should use muscle energy to a point.

Thai Therapeutic massage therapists rely totally on their physique weight which reduces stress on their our bodies and prolongs longevity of their careers.

Engaged on a flooring mat vastly facilitates the usage of body weight and good physique mechanics. It’s because therapists can simply place themselves above the consumer. As an alternative of stroking methods, Thai Therapeutic massage makes use of leaning methods that require little or no muscle energy.

15. Therapeutic massage software strategies

Western therapeutic massage makes use of oil with largely stroking and kneading strikes.

Thai Therapeutic massage doesn’t use oil and makes use of a a lot wider vary of functions – kneading, stretching, traction, rocking, percussion, and leaning strikes.

Extra variations

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive record. There are extra variations because the cultural settings in Thailand are very totally different from the western world. Anybody who visits Thailand will see this shortly.

For instance, the Thais are happy with their Thai Therapeutic massage system which has been awarded UNESCO cultural heritage standing. No western remedy type can declare such a distinction.

Inflexible distinctions versus mixing

This comparability shouldn’t be meant to be a judgment on the deserves of both system. It simply factors out among the variations between the western strategy to therapeutic massage and the japanese strategy to Thai Therapeutic massage in Thailand.

These variations aren’t inflexible, after all. Western therapists usually use components from the japanese system and even mix the 2 kinds. Or they could add holistic features to an in any other case extra medical or science-based system.

Due to this fact this comparability can solely function a basic guideline that doesn’t match each single western therapist.

Studying Thai Therapeutic massage remedy on-line

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Shama Kern, founder of Thai Healing Massage Academy

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