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Gayatri Mantra with 32 Gayatri Mudras: That means and Its Advantages

The Gayatri mantra is taken into account to be essentially the most highly effective mantra talked about within the Vedas.

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The Hindu goddess “Gayatri,” who stands for the relentless quest for knowledge, is the inspiration behind the naming of the Gayatri mantra. Gayatri is depicted in Vedic literature because the solar’s radiance in female type.

Thus, the Gayatri mantra is the supply of the solar’s vitality chanting which prompts the photo voltaic vitality or Pingala Nadi within the physique. It needs to be chanted going through the east path within the morning and afternoon and in direction of the west within the night.

What Are Gayatri Mudras?

To boost the facility of the Gayatri mantra, there are a set of 32 mudras which might be carried out earlier than and after chanting this mantra, generally known as Gayatri Mudras. The physique receives life-giving vitality when the Gayatri Mudras are carried out repeatedly as a result of this retains the physique’s constructive and unfavourable cells from combining.

The 32 Gayatri mudras are symbolic representations of the 32 vertebrae columns of the backbone. The backbone is the focus of the 72000 Nadis that additional branches to the remainder of the physique. The 7 chakras are additionally current within the spinal column in our refined physique (Sukshama Sharira).

When the blood circulates by these channels, it provides energy to the physique, destroys the dangerous cells, removes blockages, and gives us immunity.

As soon as all these mudras are carried out, it’s best to chant the Gayatri mantra not less than 10 instances along with your fingers within the Gyan mudra.

These 32 Gayatri mudras are divided into poorva mudra and uttara mudra. Allow us to find out about them intimately. 

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Poorva Mudras

The primary 24 mudras out of the 32 mudras, often known as Poorva Mudras, are carried out earlier than chanting the Gayatri mantra. These mudras needs to be carried out in entrance of a divine image or the statue of Gayatri.

Out of the 24 mudras, the primary 17 are centered on Pancha bhutus or 5 components of the physique. They cleanse, stimulate, and stability the panch tattva or 5 components which additional activate the Nadis and chakras.

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1. Sumukham Mudra

This hand gesture signifies the formation of life. It displays the vitality of Iccha (need) and a state earlier than nature is fashioned (ekam)

Steps to carry out

  • Face your palms in direction of one another.
  • Be a part of the ideas of all of the fingers to the ideas of the thumb in each fingers.
  • Now be a part of each fingers collectively by touching the ideas of all of the fingers.

2. Samputam Mudra

This hand gesture represents the formation of a “bud”. It represents the formation of absolute data in a human’s soul.

Steps to carry out

  • From sumukham, straighten all of your finger until the pads of your fingers are touching one another. 
  • The thumbs are stored subsequent to one another, touching on the sides whereas the bottom of the palms needs to be touching.

3. Vitatam Mudra

This mudra signifies the blossoming stage of the bud. It’s the conversion of the vitality of iccha to the vitality of kriya.

Steps to carry out

Maintaining the identical formation of the fingers as in samputam, separate the fingers barely until there’s a small hole between the palms. None of your fingers or the palm needs to be touching one another.

4. Vistrutam Mudra

The bud is able to bloom absolutely. This mudra additionally signifies the growth of the universe or cosmos.

Steps to carry out

Straighten your fingers whereas widening the hole between the palms. Your fingers ought to now slant away from one another.

Whereas performing above 4 mudras, this mantra is chanted.

Athaha Param Pravakshyaami Varnaa Mudraaha Kramenatu |
Sumukham Samputam Chaiva Vitatam Vistrutam Tatha ||

5. Dvimukham Mudra

In Sanskrit, dvi means two and mukham means faces. This mudra is a reminder of the twin faces of brahman- prakruti and purusha.

Steps to carry out

Unfold your fingers and be a part of the ideas of the ring and little fingers. The remainder of the fingers and thumbs are away from one another.

6. Trimukham Mudra

Tri means three in Sanskrit. Thus, this mudra denotes the mixed vitality of iccha, gnana, and kriya. It additionally represents the three natures of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh or Shiva. 

Steps to carry out

Whereas making the dvimukham, be a part of the ideas of the center finger as properly.

7. Chaturmukham Mudra

Chatur is 4 in Sanskrit. This mudra is symbolic of the 4 Vedas – Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda. It additionally denotes the 4 purusharthas (object of human pursuits) – Dharma (righteousness), Ardha (economics), Kama (pleasure), and Moksha (liberation).

Steps to carry out

In continuation with the above mudra, be a part of the ideas of index fingers as properly.

8. Panchamukham Mudra

Panch means 5 in Sanskrit. This represents the panch tattvas or 5 primary components that make up each dwelling being – area or ether, air, hearth, water, and earth.

Steps to carry out

Be a part of the ideas of the thumb such that every one the fingertips of each fingers are touching one another.

9. Shanmukham Mudra

This mudra is devoted to Lord Shanmukam or extra generally generally known as Karthikeya or Subramanya. He’s the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and it’s mentioned that they needed to carry out severs tapas for him. Thus, this mudra helps us perceive the significance of tapas and in addition displays the youngness of nature.

Steps to carry out

Maintaining the above mudra intact, solely separate the ideas of each little fingers.

10. Adhomukham Mudra

Via this mudra, you might be reflecting on the jnanendriyas (sense organs) and karmendriyas (organs of motion). It additionally exhibits the downward path of nature’s course of.

Steps to carry out

Bend your fingers such that they’re pointed in direction of you and preserve the thumb prolonged upwards. Convey your fingers collectively in order that the again of the fingers are touching one another.

11. Vyaapakaanjali Mudra

Right here, you might be reflecting on the growth of nature. Additionally it is the gesture of all-pervading providing or invocation to the divine.

Steps to carry out

From the above mudra, roll your fingers to the entrance in order that your fingers are laid flat subsequent to one another, fingers are pointing straight, and palms are going through upwards. Preserve them collectively by putting the perimeters of the little fingers collectively.

12. Sakatam Mudra

This hand gesture symbolizes the chakras together with the actions within the physique.

Steps to carry out

Curl the fingers of each fingers right into a fist apart from the index finger and thumb. Be a part of the ideas of each thumbs whereas conserving the index fingers straight and pointing to the entrance. The formation ought to appear like “I_I” with palms going through down.

13. Yamaapasam Mudra

This mudra denotes loss of life or to cease. Additionally it is mentioned to stability the Ida and Pingala Nadis whereas instructing you the cycle of life and loss of life.

Steps to carry out

Curl your fingers, besides the index fingers, and barely relaxation your thumb on the highest of curled fingers. Interlock the index fingers to type a series or hyperlink that’s pulling at one another.

14. Granthitam Mudra

This mudra signifies the approaching collectively of all of the panch tattvas and the second you lastly unite into God.

Steps to carry out

Place your palms collectively going through one another (namaste formation). Bend every finger by the gaps to interlock your fingers.

15. Sanmukhonmukham Mudra

This gesture additionally represents the unification of jeevatma into the paramatma.

Steps to carry out

This mudra finger formation would be the similar as sumukham. You’ll then flip your fingers in a method that the best hand comes on prime of the left hand. The palm of the left hand ought to face upwards.

16. Pralambam Mudra

This mudra represents the trail you undertake or the numerous lives you undergo to realize moksha or liberation, which is extraordinarily lengthy.

Steps to carry out

Each the palms of the hand needs to be going through down. The fingers needs to be stored straight and pointed to the entrance. The fingers needs to be positioned subsequent to one another. The formation is much like the gesture when a Hindu priest or an grownup provides aashirwad (blessing) to the one touching their ft.

17. Mushtikam Mudra

Via this gesture, you may be eliminating ignorance.

Steps to carry out

Curl your fingers to type a fist with the thumbs positioned on the facet of the curled index finger. Be a part of the hand on the center phalanges with the thumbs joined on the sides.

18. Matsyam Mudra

Matsya means fish in Sanskrit. The fish can also be thought-about to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It helps with psychological stability and forgetfulness.

Steps to carry out

Place the best hand on prime of the left hand, each palms going through down. The fingers are stored straight whereas the thumb is prolonged sideways. This hand formation seems like a fish.

19. Koormam Mudra

Koorma means turtle, that withdraws into its shell for restoration and security. Equally, this mudra encourages us to show inwards and self-awareness. It provides us the braveness to deal with tasks and tough conditions.

Steps to carry out

Curl the center and ring finger of the best hand whereas conserving the opposite fingers straight. Place this hand on the left palm such that the thumb is positioned on the center of the left wrist. 

The index finger of the best hand needs to be positioned on prime of the left thumb and the tip of the best hand’s little finger ought to contact the tip of the left hand’s index finger.

The remaining fingers of the left hand needs to be wrapped across the fringe of the best hand.

20. Varaahakam Mudra

This mudra exhibits you the best way by troubled and complicated conditions. It provides you the arrogance to deal with inconceivable duties.

Steps to carry out

Place your fingers within the matsyam mudra. Barely bend the index, center, and ring fingers of each fingers down. The little finger and thumbs needs to be prolonged straight and unfold sideways.

21. Simha Krantam Mudra

Steps to carry out

Convey your hand close to your ears and face the palms to the entrance. Preserve your fingers straight and pointed upwards. The forearms needs to be parallel to one another with elbows pointed down.

22. Mahakrantam Mudra

This mudra exhibits the attainment of immense data after ignorance is eradicated.

Steps to carry out

From the above mudra, flip your fingers in order that the palms are going through the again.

23. Mudgaram Mudra

This mudra signifies the weapon of destruction of the universe. Bodily it helps eradicate diabetes and its associated illnesses.

Steps to carry out

Type a fist in your proper hand and produce the hand at eye degree in entrance of you. Place the best elbow on prime of the left palm. The correct forearm needs to be straight and the best palm needs to be going through ahead.

24. Pallavam Mudra

This mudra is one other identify for abhaya mudra which is practiced to decrease fearlessness and develop braveness. It invokes security, safety, peace, and reassurance throughout difficult instances.

Steps to carry out

Maintain the best hand at shoulder top with palms going through ahead and ring and little fingers barely bent.

Uttara Mudra

These 8 mudras, in accordance with rigveda and yajurveda, are carried out after sandhya upasana (non secular apply carried out throughout the night) and after the poorna mudras. These mudras activate nerves and provides peace of thoughts.

Upon getting accomplished performing these mudras, take some water in your proper hand and allow them to seep by the gaps between the fingers whereas chanting tatsat brahmaarpana matsu.

1. Surabhi Mudra

The fingers used within the Surabhi Mudra characterize the cow’s udders and are titled after Surabhi, the daughter of the sacred cow Kamadhenu. It’s moreover known as the “wish-fulfilling” mudra.

Steps to carry out

  • Be a part of the left hand’s little finger to the best hand’s ring finger on the tip.
  • Be a part of the little finger of your proper hand and the tip of your left ring finger.
  • Convey the center fingers of the opposing fingers collectively in order that they contact the index fingers.
  • Pointing within the path of the center, transfer the thumbs away from the fingers.

2. Gnanam Mudra

Gnanam or gyan mudra is the gesture of intuitive data. It improves focus and reminiscence, brings consciousness, and relaxes the nervous system.

gyan mudra

Steps to carry out

Be a part of the ideas of the index finger and thumb. With this formation, place your proper hand, palms going through inwards, on the middle of the chest. The left hand shall be stored on the left knee, with palms going through up.

3. Vyraagya Mudra

This mudra will provide help to come out of a state of trance. It signifies detachment from worldly and materials affairs.

Steps to carry out

The hand formation is much like the gnanam mudra with the distinction of putting the fingers on the thighs as an alternative of the thighs.

4. Yoni Mudra

5. Sankha Mudra

The conch shell horn, which is used to proclaim the opening of temple doorways within the morning, is represented by the mudra. The Shankh Mudra purifies the physique and the soul and is a mirrored image of illuminating the inside temple with divine mild.

Steps to carry out

  • All 4 fingers of the best hand needs to be curled across the left thumb.
  • Join the left hand’s center finger with the best thumb.
  • Preserve the left hand’s fingers comfortably prolonged and collectively in order that while you be a part of them, they resemble the conch shell form.

6. Pankajam Mudra

This mudra targets the crown mudra which is represented by a thousand-petaled lotus. It helps in producing data of earlier life.

Steps to carry out

Convey your palms in namaste formation. Maintaining the bottom of the palms joined together with the perimeters of the thumb and little finger, unfold the remaining fingers away from one another. The hand formation ought to appear like a blossoming flower.

7. Lingam Mudra

This mudra represents the facility of Lord Shiva. Lingam or linga is the Sanskrit phrase for phallus or penis. Lord Shiva is commonly depicted and worshipped within the type of Lingeshwara and is an indication of masculinity. It often goes with yoni mudra and can also be a logo of rejuvenation. This helps in uniting with the shakti that flows from the foundation chakra to the crown chakra.

Steps to carry out

Interlock your fingers with palms collectively however preserve the best thumb prolonged upwards.

8. Nirvaanam Mudra

The calming serenity of realization is achieved by the Nirvana Mudra, often known as the mudra of liberty. This mudra particularly aids within the letting go that’s vital to realize liberty. This can be very useful for ego launch.

Steps to carry out

Convey your palms to face one another conserving a slight distance between them. Now cross your fingers in order that the best hand is on the left facet and the left hand is on the best facet. Flip your fingers inwards and be a part of the palms.

Verify the video under to see how Gayatri mudras are carried out in sequence.


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